Chapter 2:

Rubbing his eyes, Percy squinted through the brightness. Yesterday's activities came rushing in his head, and he groaned, pushing himself up onto he was propped onto his elbows. He may be immobilized in a wheelchair, but his strength never left him. He slowly gathered himself up and settled himself comfortably in his wheelchair. Abandoning his daily activities, he wheeled himself down the ramp leading to the kitchen. Percy made toast and some scrambled eggs for breakfast, quickly scarfing it down. With a mouthful of eggs and toast, he heard the doorbell being rung, a startling sharp sound that echoed through the vast room. He glided across the wooden floor, the wooden boards creaking under the weight of the silver machine.

"Good morning," Percy nodded towards the woman, trying to recall her name.

"Ah, it is a good morning. Aannabeth is here and I'll be off my way to work. Have a good day you two!" she chirped, her voice sounding cheery and phony. She walked away on her beige high heels, a clip-clop sound that brought both pleasant and painful memories. His hands curled into tight fists, anger welling up inside him. How dare she just saunter up to him with those sounds? How can she leave like that, the devil of a woman. He hated it, he detest how people see him with sympathy, he despised how lawyers and psychologists think they can just help him like that. The girl, Annabeth, jabbed lightly at his arm, jarring Percy back to reality. "A penny for your thoughts?" she inquired, her voice matching her features, delicate and soft.

"Leave me alone," Percy just grumbled before pushing himself towards his bedroom. However, it seemed as if Annabeth had a different idea of what Percy's actions were trying to show. She stalked behind him, her footsteps light against the hardwood floor.

"I'm suppose to take care of you," she said, adding air quotation marks with her pale hands.

"Sorry, but I didn't pay for this crap," Percy brushed her off brusquely.

"You do realize that this wasn't my choice to be here. In fact, I could be off hanging out with my friends, or up in my room reading a novel. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here with you." she uttered, seemingly annoyed by his blunt answer.

Percy studied at the young blonde in front of him for a moment, taking note of how stormy her eyes looked at the moment. Not wanting to irk her anymore, he sighed simply and apologized through gritted teeth. Annabeth just smiled in triumph and skipped away, her ponytail swinging behind her.

Later on that day, Percy found Annabeth sitting on the couch, her hands dancing on top of the smooth surface of her phone. He smirked to himself, thinking of how technology took over everyone's life right when the iPhone was invented. Curiously, though, he leaned over to see what she was doing. Annabeth, being Annabeth, was too focused on her writing to pay attention to the peeking tom. Percy smirked as he saw what, or who she was writing about.

Huskily, he whispered in her ear, "So you find me annoying, but hot?"

She shot of the couch like a rocket, shocked to find Percy behind her, even more surprised that he actually had the courage to read her diary entry.

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" she hissed, her eyes narrowing.

He chuckled, not the least bit scared. "Just checking to see that you're not watching anything dirty."

Annabeth mouth fell open, certainly not expecting that as a reply. She had always thought Percy as a strict, boring person who couldn't define the

Author's Note:

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