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"Chapter 2- Mystery Man" Hera read, her voice smirking around the words. She suddenly seemed brighter and more relaxed than any of the council had seen her in millennia.

(Five Years Later)

The demigods looked up sharply when they realised that they were reading about life a year in the future. Apollo looked interested. His Oracle could catch glimpses of things yet to come but even The Fates could not write a detailed account of the future-things were too easily changed. A butterfly wing beat causes a tornado 1000 miles away and all that. The senders of this book must be incredibly powerful he surmised.

Five years since anyone had seen the Hero of Olympus. Poseidon was in a deep depression, the seas had been restless for over three years.

The god himself looked a little ashamed. His feelings weren't supposed to affect how he ruled but they clearly were.

Everyone believed Percy would return on his own. They thought he would travel, kill a few monsters to blow off some steam, then return to camp. But after a year and no word, people began to worry.

"People have always worried about Perce, he's a weird guy…" said Travis Stoll. The camper's chuckled in agreement, and Hermes looked at his son clearly for the first time in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to get to know him the god thought.

After two, Zeus sent the Hunters of Artemis to track Percy down, simply to check on him.

"The first time your Hunters have failed hey sis?" Apollo said, but shut right up when an arrow impeded itself in his throne about 3 inches below his crotch.

Since his disappearance, most of the gods had let go of their grudges toward Percy, realizing his heart and intentions were pure. After the third year and no luck in tracking him, people began to worry about his safety.

Thalia and Nico leaned forwards, hoping this would give them some idea of how he was. Thalia had lost both her two old friends to the titans side (one was now dead while the other-she didn't like to talk about the other) and Percy's disappearance meant that she only had Nico and the hunters left.

Hades assured the council that Percy was still alive, but people still worried. After the fourth year, people began to think he would never return. He was immortal; but after no contact, it seemed Percy was cutting himself off from the godly world.

"Why would he want to do that? He's…like…the best hero ever!" said one of the younger campers, a daughter of Aphrodite.

"He never wanted to be a hero, really. And after everything…Well you can't blame him." said Jake Mason. The son of Hephaestus had never really known Percy-he'd inherited his fathers social skills-but he respected him.

Despite losing hope, the hunters continued to search for Percy. It was mostly because Thalia had never been the same after Percy disappeared. She knew Annabeth's betrayal had hurt Percy the worst but losing him made the loss that much tougher for Thalia.

The readers automatically looked at the huntress, a noticed the slightly darker shadows under her eyes. She clearly hadn't been sleeping and looked quite ill. They hoped the book would help her relax her endless mad search. Zeus decided to get Apollo to have a look at her later.

Artemis was also furious a demigod had managed to evade her hunters for so long.

Apollo laughed again, and an arrow landed above the last one, 2 inches from his crotch.

They had never failed a mission.

He snorted again. 1 inch.

Until Percy Jackson that is. It was as if he had vanished from the face of the Earth. Close, but not quite.

Nico looked straight at the queen of the gods and she winked. For a minute he thought he was seeing things, but she smiled and read on. Even Ares seemed to have caught on to his mothers strange behaviour and was thinking the same as everyone-why?

Two years after Percy's disappearance, demigods began showing up at Camp Half Blood seemingly by themselves. The demigods said they were found by a man who helped them travel to camp but refused to go into camp with them.

"It's got to be him…" said Will Solace hopefully. The campers muttered in agreement but Phoebe and the other older hunters snorted. Jackson didn't have the stealth to get into their camp unnoticed.

People had hoped it was Percy but when the demigods described the man, they said he had brown hair and brown eyes, crushing the hope that Percy was around.

Most of the room frowned again, but Chiron gave the smallest of smiles. Now he thought about it was it that surprising that he had the look of Hera herself?

After the first half dozen demigods showed up at camp accompanied by this mysterious man, the gods began to wonder who he was and why he was rescuing demigods. The man had even managed to bring girls into the hunter's camp unnoticed, vanishing before the hunters noticed a new girl had entered their camp; something that infuriated Artemis immensely.

The goddess scowled at this. The man was rude and clearly everything she hated in men to sneak up and leave the girls. She was so tied up in this she was unaware that most of her brothers were laughing quietly at her and Hestia was chuckling amusedly.

When Artemis questioned the girls, they would explain their stories, usually horrific tales of abuse both physical and sexual.

The campers frowned muttering curses. They hated hearing about the creeps who did this to innocent girls.

They said the man would show up and rescue them while dealing horrific fates to their abusers.

The campers stamped there feet on the ground and cheered, the Ares campers loudest. The war god himself looked up from where he was polishing his sword. Would there we some blood now? he thought.

When asked about the man the young girls would smile and say that he was nice and caring, like a big brother who came to their rescue.

3 of the newer hunters smiled widely and the braver one Diana said "We miss Blake! When can he come back some time?" Artemis was overwhelmingly shocked at hearing their obvious love for him.

When they described the man, the girls gave the same descriptions as the campers, brown hair and brown eyes. The only clue to his identity was the name Blake. Despite how angry Artemis was that the man managed to sneak into her camp unnoticed, she couldn't help but hold a small amount of respect for the man.

"Respect? For a man? Are you sure you're feeling okay Arty?" said Apollo, but the goddess just ignored him.

From the young girls' stories, the man dealt with abusive men in a way that was just as, if not more brutally than Artemis did.

Zeus ordered the man be found and brought to Olympus so his identity could be revealed. Despite their best efforts, neither the hunters nor any gods sent could find this man. He was an enigma.

He appeared when needed by demigods but vanished before his identity or origins could be discovered.

Hera let out a genuine smile as she thought of him. She understood that it was likely he'd be revealed in this-especially if there was another war coming-but was happy that maybe the other gods would understand why she changed.

The hunters were currently tracking Echidna and the Chimera and were currently a little ways outside of Chicago. As they travelled, they were ambushed by a small army of monsters consisting of Cyclops, Dracaena, Empousa and Hellhounds. A number of hunters were injured when they were caught by surprise.

Artemis looked worriedly at her hunters. She didn't want to see them hurt.

The remaining hunters tried to protect the wounded ones but were starting to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of monsters.

Thalia was firing arrows and fast as she could but the monsters were closing in fast.

Nico looked worriedly at his cousin, hoping they got some help somehow.

As she fired, she didn't see a Cyclops sneaking up to her left. Artemis noticed but couldn't reach her in time. Thalia turned just in time to see the monster's club raised to strike her down. As she braced herself for the impact, she closed her eyes.

Zeus stared horror stuck at his daughter and she blushed and glanced away at the attention. She wasn't used to her father caring but she couldn't deny she liked it.

The strike never came. She opened her eyes to see and arrow imbedded in the Cyclops's forehead before it crumbled to dust. What shocked her was that the arrow was not silver, it was black.

Hestia smiled widely from hearing about her champion using the bow she gave him, but nobody noticed as they very rarely did notice Hestia. Nobody but Chiron who was looking closely at all the gods. Apparently not only Hera cared for this man.

Thalia turned to see monsters begin getting picked off by black arrows as soon as they came within ten feet of the hunters.

She looked to her right to see a man firing arrows at speeds and accuracy that rivalled even the best hunters.

Nico frowned. "It can't be him then, he can't hit anything with a bow." The other campers looked equally disheartened. They had been hoping this was Percy, but they all knew how horrific his archery was.

The monster army finally seemed to notice the man and a sent a wave of monsters toward him.

Instead of defending himself the man strapped his bow to his back. He calmly pulled out two golden hunting knives and when the monsters were ten feet away from him, the blades lit on fire.

Athena frowned. No demigod had that power. A fire user could set themselves alight but not other objects.

Thalia and the hunters watched in awe while they continued to fire arrows as the man charged into the monster ranks.

Ares grinned, a proper fight at last. Whilst his children leaned forward ready to hear about his fighting style.

They were stunned at the speed and grace at which the man fought. His technique was flawless as he sliced from monster to monster, wasting less than a second before moving to the next monster.

"Man, he's good," said Connor, looking awed.

The hunters began to think he was a god who had come to their aide.

"No god that I have ever heard of." Zeus muttered. His curiosity for his identity grew, though his mind couldn't comprehend the thought that this was his nephew.

After decapitating the last Empousa, the man sheathed his knives and turned to the small number of monsters who still fought the hunters. He lit his hands on fire before sending two massive fireballs into the centre of the monsters.

"Awesome!" cried Travis, "why do we never get the cool powers?"

The Olympians however looked more confused than ever. They could only think of one person with that power. The glanced at Hestia who smiled in an almost mocking way before gesturing her sister to continue reading. Hera was struggling to keep the grin off her face-her champion certainly was incredible.

The few that survived were quickly picked off by the silver arrows of the hunters.

As the final monster dissolved, the hunters turned their bows toward the man who dropped to a knee bowing.

"That's appreciation for you, right there. He just saves your lives and you turn your weapons on him!" Nico said, smirking at his cousin and ducking the knife that flew past him. Hestia smiled. The tension between the demigods and their parents was already evaporating.

He knew what was coming. A flash of silver appeared in front of him and the goddess Artemis stood with her hunting knives out. She was surprised to see the man already bowing.

"Who are you?" She yelled at him.

The man kept his head down, "I will tell you but it is not for your hunter's ears." He said respectfully.

The hunters expressions turned from frowning to looks of absolute hatred. He was belittling them! Hera glared at them, much to the shock of the council. Nobody seemed to remember the books title.

Artemis narrowed her eyes, "And why is that?"

The man kept his head down but extended his arm for the goddess to see. "I seek the company of Lady Diana for this conversation and your hunters may not understand where I come from." He said in a respectful tone.

Artemis was surprised. She looked at his arm and saw the SPQR tattoo along with the bars for each year of service.

"He's a Roman…" muttered the council while their children looked confused. Malcolm and the Athena cabin looked as though they were doing some very fast thinking.

She only saw one bar which was odd for such an old demigod. But what shocked her most was that instead of one symbol of his godly parent, he had two. And they were the symbols of the two least likely goddesses to have a demigod other than herself. The symbols of Vesta and Juno were clearly tattooed on his arm.

Zeus turned to his wife. "You had a child!" he said, outraged at the thought.

"Think, husband!" she snapped back. "I am the goddess of marriage, I can't have affairs-not that I don't have every right too after all the ones you have had-What is the book called?" she asked, showing him the cover.

"You took on a champion without-" he started.

"I'm sure the book will explain if you would but let me read!" she said. Slight anger laced her words from her husbands accusation, but she calmed herself and continued down the page.

"Why do you have the symbols of Juno and Vesta tattooed on your arm?" She asked suspiciously.

The man sighed, "They are my patrons. I have not spoken to my father in many years." He said in a sad tone.

Chiron hoped and prayed his theory was right. It would do for the boy to have people looking after him.

Artemis wanted to question him more about it but decided to wait until later.

"Why are you here?" She asked.

"I was bringing a young maiden to your camp when I saw the monsters ambush your hunters. The girl is hidden in the branches of a tree in the woods one hundred yards to my left. I told her to wait until the monsters were gone and for me to come get her." He answered calmly.

"Blake!" cried the newest hunters and a couple of the campers. They really wanted to see more of their surrogate brother who had rescued them.

"Show me your face!" Artemis demanded, realizing this was probably the man she had failed to locate.

He looked up at her with brown eyes and brown hair.

"You're the man who has been rescuing demigods while avoiding the gods. How dare you enter my hunter's camp without my permission?" Artemis hissed in outrage.

"He jut saved your hunters lives and you talk like that to him! That's appreciation, right there" Apollo said smirking, but really he was happy that his sister wasn't looking for another Orion.

The man looked directly into the goddess' silver eyes, "I meant no disrespect Lady Artemis. I simply wished to provide the girls with a home they would feel safe in. Their lives were not good when I found them. I did not want to bring them to Camp Half Blood as they would not be comfortable around male demigods."

Zeus laughed lowly at how well this man could deal with his daughter. That was a textbook answer. Hera smiled once more-incredibly proud of her champion and son.

Something about his face seemed very familiar to Artemis for some reason but she couldn't think of where she had seen this man before.

Nico leaned forward hopefully. The man-Blake-did seem like is cousin. He was certainly caring enough, and obviously knew the gods if he knew how to deal with an angry Artemis. The only thing was the archery…

She narrowed her eyes at the man but saw no deceit in his words. She decided she would take him to Olympus as her father ordered where the council could question the demigod.

The king of the gods nodded. He wanted to see who this man was.

She ordered him to follow her back into her camp. When they reached the camp, three of the newest hunters threw themselves at him squealing in delight.

Artemis couldn't help but smile at the interaction. She loved her hunters and though she hated men, this man clearly was an enigma.

"Blake!" They yelled as they hugged him tightly. Artemis looked shocked. These were the hunters he had apparently brought to the hunt and all were terrified of men. They were even scared of the older hunters. She had never seen them so happy since coming to the hunt.

The two girls who had been mentioned (one had obviously not been brought yet) were grinning widely, happy to hear about the man that saved them.

The man, Blake, smiled at the girls, "I see you have found a home here Christy, Megan, and Diana." He said in a happy tone.

Hestia looked pleased. Her champion may be far from complete happiness, but it was nice to see him taking simple pleasures in helping those in need.

Artemis sent two hunters to retrieve the girl hidden in the woods and brought Blake to her tent once he managed to detach the gleeful girls from him. He looked up to see some hunters glaring at him while some looked at him confused or shocked. He followed Artemis into her tent.

Artemis eyed the man warily, "You say you are Roman yet you seem to be fully aware of the Greeks. Explain." Artemis demanded.

Most of the gods looked confused by this-they wanted to know who had slipped past their careful wall between the two camps. The demigods looked confused. There were still Romans out there? The children of Athena looked like they wanted to get started on some battle plans.

Blake looked at the goddess warily before sighing, "I never said I was Roman Lady Artemis. From what my patrons tell me, I am different. Apparently my father visited my mother in both his aspects rather than one. When she saw my father she saw a combination of both aspects. Thus, I am apparently a child of both Greece and Rome."

The gods eyes widened comically. Never had such a thing ever been heard. It couldn't be possible surely? Rome and Greece were different-very different-and to blend them surely would end in disaster.

"That isn't possible." She argued. The goddess shimmered until she stood in her Roman aspect Diana.

Malcolm spoke up, "So gods and demigods can be Greek or Roman?" he asked.

Zeus sighed slightly. "We do not wish to tell you this, but it appears that the topic is spoken of in this book. All gods have a Roman form, and demigods conceived in this form are Roman. They can understand Latin and have slightly different characteristics." The demigods looked a little offended that this was kept from them, but pleased that they now knew.

"How do I know you tell the truth?" She asked suspiciously, in Latin.

"I am only telling you what my patrons told me. I was not aware until a few years ago." He answered in perfect Latin.

Diana shifted back to Artemis and stared at the man confused. He was the first demigod of his kind in history.

Chiron smiled. That certainly sounded like a Percy trait. He was almost certain his theory was correct now.

"Who is your father?" She asked less threateningly.

The man looked at her apologetically, "I am sorry Lady Artemis but I cannot reveal that. My patrons told me to keep the information to myself."

Artemis narrowed her eyes, "You dare defy a goddess?"

"Oooooo…Watch were you step, she'd liable to cut your throat!" said Hermes. The gods laughed openly whilst their children turned various interesting shades trying not to laugh.

Blake shook his head, "I do not wish to, but I cannot defy my patrons."

Hestia smiled. "He is loyal" she said fondly, which was obviously quite a big clue. The demigods muttered between themselves hoping it was their lost hero.

Artemis stared Blake, her eyes still narrowed. She decided to search his memories. As soon as she tried, she was shocked to find herself blocked. She looked at Blake to find his eyes glowing brown with power. Her eyes widened before she scowled.

"I could just kill you." She threatened.

Hera growled at the goddess, who blanched slightly but held the eye contact. "You wouldn't dare." the queen said threateningly.

Surprisingly Blake shrugged. "Go ahead if you must. I have seen enough of the terrible things in this world for one lifetime anyway."

Hestia let out a long sigh that everybody heard. She hated that her champion had been through so much torment and so little happiness in his life already. Chiron grimaced even though this pretty much confirmed his theory. Nico and Thalia looked hopeful that this could be their cousin, but dejected that he really felt so much pain.

Artemis's eyes widened before she sneered, "Very well, you can come to Olympus where my father can decide your fate."

Blake looked worried for a minute but then he smirked, "How about another deal?"

Artemis raised an eyebrow,

As the occupants of the room did-simultaneously. It looked like some boring but weird flash mob.

"And what do you have that I would want?"

"I propose a wager. If you beat me in an archery competition, I will reveal everything you want to know about me as well as come peacefully with you to Olympus. If I win, I leave your camp in peace until we meet again." Blake asked hopefully.

Most people's eyes widened in shock. He'd seemed so respectful but that ort of challenge was like a kick in the face to Artemis. She frowned-just when she was beginning to gain an iota of respect for this man. Most agreed he hadn't a chance.

Artemis laughed, "You think you can defeat the goddess of Archery in an archery competition? You are just another foolish man. I accept your challenge boy."

Blake smiled and nodded. Artemis scowled but led the man to the archery range. The hunters gathered around smirking in anticipation of the man's humiliation.

Hera grinned almost playfully from behind the cover of the book before moving on. She knew full well what game her champion was playing.

"Ten arrows each, fired continuously. Whoever is more accurate wins." Artemis said with a smirk.

Blake nodded and pulled his bow off his back and notched an arrow.

"Begin!" Thalia yelled.

Both Artemis and the man fired arrows at amazing speeds. Within seconds, both were finished. Artemis stared at her formation triumphantly, not even taking the time to look at the man's.

The room's occupants leaned forwards, wanting to know the verdict.

Then she heard words that sent a chill down her back, "I..ItIt's a t..tie." Thalia stuttered out.

Artemis seethed with rage and disbelief-this wasn't possible. Apollo started to laugh, and was soon joined by Hermes and even Hephaestus gave a low chuckle.
Aphrodite laughed scathingly at Artemis' loss, It's about time that stuck up virgin got shown up she thought.

Artemis froze. She looked at Blake's target to see an identical formation.Apollo laughed even harder, gasping for breath and the other gods cracked a smile at the mans obvious cheek.

"I'm sorry for challenging you Lady Artemis. But since I did not lose, I will not be coming to Olympus." Blake said apologetically before taking a step back. Artemis turned to look at him shocked but before she could speak the man vanished into a flash of flames.

Their laughter turned to frowns. This was not the power of a normal demigod, and it was worrying to say the least. Hestia smiled, proud of her champion.

Artemis stared at the spot the man vanished from in confusion. He could have escaped whenever he wanted. Did he simply want to humiliate her? She became furious before turning to hunters who also looked stunned.

"Or he was being polite" saif hera, a little annoyed that the moon goddess was trying to see the worst in him.

"Camp here for the night. I must go to Olympus." She ordered before vanishing in a flash of silver. Once the council had been gathered, thirteen gods and goddesses looked at Artemis expectantly.

"Why have you called this meeting daughter?" Zeus bellowed.

"I had the man who has been rescuing demigods for the past few years in my hunter's camp today." Artemis said quietly.

Zeus' eyes widened, "Then why isn't he in front of the council?" He demanded.

Artemis looked at the ground, "He challenged me to a competition in archery. The stakes were that if he lost he would come to Olympus peacefully. If he won, I would let him leave in peace.""It probably wasn't the best idea to accept that challenge, daughter" Zeus said quietly, but all heard. The demigods hid smirks behind their hands. It was always nice to see an underdog win.

Zeus looked at her oddly, "Well, then why isn't he here?"

"Oh my Gods...You lost didn't you?" Apollo asked before breaking down laughing at his sister.

He continued once more. "I...just...c..can't believe...You're face!" he chocked out staring at the murderous look his sister wore. The other gods had wisely shut up but Apollo didn't seem to get the message. This arrow thudded into his throne so close to his manhood it pinned through his clothes and he let out a yelp. The Olympians were soon chuckling at him as he stared at his sister in horror.

Artemis looked at her brother furiously, "I didn't lose. It was a tie." She growled.

Apollo just continued to laugh loudly, a few others joined him laughing quietly at the prideful goddess' look of rage.Just as they smirked quietly now. Artemis had only one thought. How did she lose?

Before anyone could speak Artemis turned her eyes to Hera, "But father, I know two people who have known his identity from the beginning."

"What? Who knows of this man?" Zeus yelled angrily.He narrowed his eyes at his wife and sister, as he realised they had decieved him for years.

Artemis narrowed her eyes at Hera, "Ask you wife. Apparently she and Hestia are the man's patrons."

Zeus turned on his wife with a look of rage on his face, "What? How do you know this man?" He growled.Hades laughed and when the other's looked at him, he said only; "Well he doesn't change much does he? Straight to conclusions without letting anyone explain."

The Olympians chuckled at their hot-headed king, with even Poseidon joining in for a moment. Nothing like a little Zeus bashing to bring one out of depression.

Hera smirked, "He is our champion. His identity is a secret that we will not share." Hera said as Hestia nodded in agreement.

"How dare you two keep this information from Olympus? This man could become a threat. He must be brought here immediately." Zeus bellowed.

Hades laughed harder, watching his brother forming the words of demanding the same thing now. He didn't seem to comprehend that he was about to find out who it was, or that considering the books past chapter-it was rather obvious.

Hera shook her head, "He is our champion. How could he be a threat to Olympus? He is loyal to us." She asked disbelievingly.

Zeus' face reddened, "You will bring him to Olympus or I shall cast him into Tartarus for eternity." He yelled.

Hera and Hestia glared at the king, even though he hadn't made the threat yet. (It didn't seem to be far away anyway.) "You will not harm him, husband!" Hera hissed and her sister looked genuinly threatening for once.

Hera and Hestia stood up enraged, "You will do no such thing. He is under our protection." Hera hissed as Hestia nodded in agreement, her eyes ablaze with anger.

Zeus seemed shocked by their protectiveness, "I order he be brought to Olympus immediately or I will order Artemis to hunt this man. I will also dispatch every god and goddess available to kill this man at first sight." Zeus threatened.

Hera looked ready to attack her husband,As she did now. She was outraged that he had the gall to threaten her champion after all his many affairs!

but Hestia put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's time he came home sister. He can resume his missions after." Hestia said softly.The goddess of the hearth nodded in agreement with her future self. Poseidon looked up at the word home, hoping and praying to every deity above him in power. The suspense rose in the room.

Hera scowled and turned to her husband, "We will bring him to Olympus, but he will not be touched. You will let him leave in peace and every god or goddess in this room with swear to not reveal his identity outside the council. He is our champion and he will remain afterword."

Zeus looked shocked but narrowed his eyes, "Very well Hera. Well will agree to your terms as long as the man is not a threat."

"Swear it on the Styx. All of you. Or we will hide him where you will never find him and you will make two new enemies within the council." Hera hissed at Zeus.

Zeus' nostrils flared but Poseidon put a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Peace brother. They say he is not a threat so their conditions are agreeable."The goddesses smiled thankfully at their brother. They were sure that Zeus would be much calmer once the man's identity was revealed.

Zeus looked like he wanted to argue but sighed, "Very well. We the council swear on the River Styx to your terms, wife."Hera smiled at having such control over her husband, while the other gods smiled amusedly at how whipped Zeus was.

Thunder rumbled outside the throne room. Hera smiled triumphantly and vanished in flash of light. She reappeared a moment later with a man with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked around the room in confusion.

"Why am I here?" He asked suspiciously.

Hera looked at him sadly, "We had no choice. They were going to hunt you down and kill you. Apparently Artemis couldn't handle the fact she didn't beat you in archery."

Her twin riskily began laughing again. "I'm never going to let you live this down!" he chucked.

Hera said glaring at Artemis who glared right back.

The man looked angry, "What? I haven't done enough for Olympus? I can't have five years of peace?" He asked angrily.Poseidon smiled genuinely for the first time in 4 years. Chiron stroked his beard passively but was partying like his relatives on the inside. The demigods muttered amongst themselves, shock written across all their faces. "Its him!", "It's got to be him," was echoed round the room.

"What do you mean boy? You've never been here before." Artemis sneered at him.Half the room glared at the goddess, who shrunk back a little in her throne despite herself.

Hera smirked, "Watch your mouth when you speak to my champion Artemis. You'd still be stuck under the sky without him."

Artemis eyes widened in realization as Hera snapped her fingers. The man's hair turned jet black and his eyes turned the sea green they used to be except they now had strips of brown in them.

Artemis gasped, "Perseus?"

The assorted demigods, Thalia and even a few hunters cheered, Travis and Connor were whilsting and cat calling, "He's Back!"

Hera recieved a few odd stares but it made sense really-he had gone over to speak with the queen in the ast chapter. They wondered how she had gotten so protective of him.

Hestia smiled, and walked over to collect the book from her sister-giving nobody a chance to offer. As the room slowly quietened and the demigods calmed down she turned the page.

Chapter 3-The Council...

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