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I like what you've done with the place Nik" Rebekah said picking up a vase and throwing it at a painting on the wall, "I wanted it to be for all of us, a place we could all call home, a place we could all be a family. None of us would ever have to be alone again" Klaus said sadly. "Well you're right, none of us will be" Elijah said taking Isabella's hand as they walked towards the door, "You're staying behind" Finn said following them "We're leaving you Nik, right after I kill that doppelgänger wench. Then you will be alone, always and forever" Rebekah said. "If you run I will hunt all of you down" Klaus threatened "Then you'll become everything you hate, our father" Elijah told him. "I'm the hybrid! I can't be killed! I have nothing to fear from any of you" Klaus snapped, "You will when we have that coffin" Elijah said coldly. Before anything else could be said the door opened and a woman stepped in "Mother" Rebekah said as all the originals looked like they saw a ghost, which they were in a way. She ignored all of them and walked to stand in front of Klaus who refused to meet her eyes. "Look at me" she commanded causing him to finally look up "Do you know why I'm here?" she asked him. "You're here to kill me" Klaus said resigned, "Niklaus you are my son and I am here to forgive you" she told him before turning to her other children. "I want us to be a family again" she stated.

A few hours later after the shock wore off the family separated to their own rooms. Isabella went to the study with Elijah following her as he sat down in a chair Isabella poured two glasses of whiskey before sitting in his lap and kissing his jaw. "How are you feeling?" Isabella asked him laying her head on his shoulder "I have my family back, as well as my mate. Only one thing could make this better" Elijah said rubbing her thigh. "Oh? And what is that?" she asked turning in his arms to look at him he pulled a box out of his jacket pocket before sliding her off his lap and going down on one knee in front of her "Marry me Elisaveta? We were engaged when you were human and if you're still willing I want you to be my wife now" he told her opening the bow to reveal a black diamond surrounded by tiny black diamonds. She smiled before she kissed him roughly a few seconds later she pulled back "Is that a yes?" he asked "Of course it is, I said it before it would be an honor to be your wife, always and forever" she told him before he slipped the ring onto her finger.

He picked her up and kissed her before he rushed them to their room, he pushed her up against the door and she tightened her legs around his waist while locking the door as he kiss down her neck removing her vest. She removed his jacket as he carried her to the bed "I missed you, Elijah" Isabella said breathlessly, he moved from her neck to he look at her before kissing her roughly, she returned the kiss with equal roughness. Isabella's hands moved from his hair down to his shirt, at the same time she felt Elijah's slowly move up her thighs under her dress. She quickly removed his shirt and he threw it across the room. She traced down his abs to the top of his pants, Isabella curled her fingers inside the top of them before going to remove them.

After a few minutes the couple was both naked, Isabella moaned when she felt Elijah enter her, he stilled for a few moments giving her time to adjust to him again before she shifted her hips. He started a slow pace but soon her moans caused him to start pounding into her. Isabella pulled her mate down for a kiss with her hands in his hair before he pulled back and held her hands about her head in one off his. His other hand went down to her hip and tilted it slightly so he was hitting that spot only he knew about.

"Elijah!" Isabella screamed, he groaned before looking into her eyes, his were nearly pitch black and she was sure hers were the same. "You're mine, no other man is allowed to fuck you, you belong to me Elisaveta, you are my mate" he growled out possessively making his point by thrusting into her harder. "Yours, only yours, always and forever" Isabella promised him in a breathless moan before falling over the edge of pleasure he caused. Elijah growled and bit her neck as he filled his mate with his seed. He pulled out before flipping them over so she was lying on his chest; she smiled at him trying to catch her breath. He kissed her hand that now held his ring upon it "I love you Elisaveta" he said, "I love you too Elijah" she replied moving to kiss him.