Okay...I've had this idea for a little bit now. I know it's short, but if I decide to continue this each chapter will be around one thousand words; for those that are picky about update lengths. Now that Sleeping Witness is finished I can handle a different story. Tell me how you like it!

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!

A blur of blue, a flash of white. Unwanted thoughts causing fear to creep into the mind.

Too late…Not fast enough…All your fault…

Pushing to streak faster; bursting through the doors…

…and entering hell.

Darkness everywhere, consuming the light and destroying everything it touches.

And shriveling the hearts of the believers. One by one they collapse until only one is left.


Please; no, no, No! Not him!

"Jamie!" pale lips scream as the owner leaps forward to push the frail body away…

…away from the arrow of pure Fear that lodges itself in worn navy fabric and frozen flesh. Sapphire eyes widen in unbearable pain, lungs automatically sucking in a breath only to never release it. Knees hit the floor, followed by a shoulder and lastly a head with a mane of snow-white. From the point of entry, night's color spreads rapidly; turning ivory skin ashen despite the wails of the saved.

Sensing its job's done, the evil retreats, just in time to miss the dying's comrades.

"Help!" the last innocent shrieks. The Golden one hurries forth, but in vain.

A shiver passes through the weak form, and cracks fracture across the exposed skin. Another spasm rocks through the wounded before the body shatters into a million bits of snow; only to be blown away.

"Jack!" the original target sobs, clutching a damp cobalt sweater to his chest.

PLZ don't kill me! I swear to whatever godly being you believe in that Jack WILL COME BACK. THAT'S WHAT THIS WHOLE FIC IS ABOUT. So please...don't hurt me...or Jack will stay dead...b/c I'll be dead...