A/N: Time for me to set a few things in stone before I premiere the actual series.

Kerrigan in this story is a far different Kerrigan then what was displayed in Brood War and Wings of Liberty. This is why I wrote a note saying Kerrigan and the Zerg were OOC and balanced.

I can explain this change in function in a few ways, first of which was the Xel'Naga beacon that was deployed against Kerrigan at the Battle of Char, in ADDITION to the summoning ritual that Louise performed and completed with Kerrigan. The pacifying effect, in addition to effects of the Xel'Naga artifact, attributes to Kerrigan's loyalty and respect for both authority and Louise.

As it turns out, several traits that I brought into the series were in fact replicated in Heart of the Swarm with the Primal Zerg. Before the Heart of the Swarm's release, I caught a lot of flak for my portrayal of a somewhat submissive Kerrigan. Mainly because Kerrigan was only seen as a heartless villain previously in the series by many, while I attempted to bring a sense of heart and emotion to her.

I have not used biomass as a standard resource for the Zerg (go on canon trolls, troll me) simply because I want to write a strong series, rather than focus on the little canon details. My first season's first three episodes were a sham, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I sucked back then. I've improved though, and I want to bring my take on the storyline to you, the reader.

I have gotten a lot of troll guest reviews, especially later on. I have one simple request, if you are going to criticize my hard work, at least GIVE specific reasons or entries in what I do wrong. If you cannot do so, I do not expect your responses. I can take criticism just fine, but blind hate and trolling is not something I tolerate. Period.

That being said, I must take my beta-readers completely with their assistance as of late making sure the first chapter was one I could post properly on the site coming up soon. That being said, give thanks to Yuri-Hime-Chan for doing so!

I hereby debut the Second Season of Hail to the (Zero) Queen: Assault on Albion. =)