"What about this one?" Lance asked softly tracing his finger across a round scar just below Harry's inner elbow. Harry opened his eyes and smiled lazily.

"Basilisk, that's a really big snake." He told his boyfriend Lance made a humming sound before letting his fingers dance up to the jagged scar above it.

"And this one?"

"That was fourth year, in the graveyard." Harry told him and Lance must have caught something in his voice because he quickly moved from his examination of Harry's various scars up to lay a passionate kiss on his lips.

They kissed languidly for sometime as they lay entwined on Harry's huge bed. They'd returned home from England late the night before and had remained in bed since. It was warm and comfortable especially when combined with the heat of their bodies pressed tightly together. Lance sighed as he broke away from Harry.

"I don't ever want to go back to work." He said with a frown and Harry sent him an amused smile.

"Don't then, I'm filthy rich just stay here forever. I'll feed you and you won't need clothes because you can just stay here naked all the time. How does the life of a kept man sound to you?" Harry's eyes were sparkling with mirth making Lance chuckle.

"It sounds marvellous but I'd hate to waste all those years of expensive college education." Lance replied as he pulled Harry in to kiss him again. Letting his hands wander down his lover's chest lingering occasionally on a scar but not asking more questions as his mind turned to more pleasurable pursuits.

The morning came too soon but after a long shower and several lingering kisses Harry and Lance parted ways. Lance to the FBI headquarters and Harry to the Jeffersonian. Lance could have spared himself a trip because as soon as he arrived in the office he got a call from Booth asking him to come over to the Jeffersonian. Their latest victim was an Amish teenager who'd kept the rocks in a box under his bed. Lance braced himself to face his co-workers for the first time since discovering magic.

He was almost relieved that the scroll he'd signed allowing him to know about magic was binding. The temptation to spill all was powerful, as a doctor he was used to keeping secrets but that didn't make it any easier. It was a little scary to think about however, knowing he physically could not give away the secret even if he wanted to. Harry had assured him the spell wouldn't be painful rather Lance would either find himself completely unable to speak or talking about something entirely different. It was a strange idea but Lance had no intention of testing out the magic.

Cam met him with a warm smile and a hug that made it seem he'd been gone for four weeks instead of just four days. He returned it happily and smiled down at the smaller woman.

"You look happy, I take it England agreed with you?" she asked and Lance couldn't hold in a grin as he nodded. There'd been some tense moments with Harry but overall the whole thing had been wonderful.

"It was great! I'd never been before I almost didn't want to come home." Lance told her Cam smiled.

"And how is Dr. Black doing?" Cam inquired causing Lance's brain to flash across the mostly steamy memories of the trip with his boyfriend.

"Harry's great. Really great." Lance told her enthusiastically before following her back into the lab where Hodgins was waiting. .

Lance didn't let the scientist's lackluster greeting get him down instead turning his attention to the rock collection. It only took him a moment to sort out what it was and he began to arrange the keys as Cam and Hodgins bantered about the type of rocks. It wasn't until Cam left that Hodgins finally pounced as Lance had been anticipating the whole time.

"So you survived I see." Hodgins said with a faint sneer and Lance's lips thinned in annoyance. Now that he knew the whole story he understood why Harry preferred to laugh off Hodgins obsession with discovering his secrets but he didn't find it funny at all. Harry had been through so much only to leave home and be harassed by a stranger. He knew that while Harry may laugh Hodgins consistent suspicion hurt him.

"Of Course I survived." Lance snapped his good mood dying and his annoyance showing through. For a moment Hodgins looked taken aback before he scowled.

"Look Sweets I'm sorry if you can't see what's right in front of you but Harry Black has secrets and I'm going to find out what they are. It's as much for you as for anyone. I mean who knows what he's hiding."

"I Do!" Lance almost yelled as his anger mounted "He's not hurting anyone Jack! He's a good man and he's important to me so just leave him alone!"

Lance turned on his heel and stormed from the lab ignoring the concerned look on Angela's face as he passed. He headed straight for the stairs and down to Harry's office.

Angela frowned as she watched Sweets sweep from the room. As soon as he was out of sight Angela turned on her heel and stormed into Jack's office. The Entomologist was stooped over a microscope seemingly unperturbed by Lance's exit but Angela recognized the tightness around his eyes as a sign of his displeasure.

"What did you say to Sweets?" She demanded after swinging the door closed sharply behind her. Jack jumped and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Nothing." He replied quickly Angela didn't respond just raised an eyebrow. "Nothing bad." Jack amended.

"Let me guess, you took yet another shot at Dr. Black."

Hodgins let out a huff of frustrated air and took what Angela had long since recognized as his most defensive pose.

"So what? I don't understand why I'm the only one who is bothered by the guy. He appears out of no where, has incredibly powerful connections and seduces Sweets. He is obviously hiding things I just want to know what they are!"

"What right do you have?" Angela snapped back losing her patience with Jack's irrational behaviour. "So what he has secrets! Everyone does and while you're obsessively trying to find them you're doing real harm to one of the few friendships you've managed to maintain."

Jack scoffed.

"Sweets is mad now but once the truth comes out he'll thank me." Angela shook her head, she wanted to grab Jack and just shake him.

"Are you blind? I know you're not good with the whole other peoples feelings thing so let me clear this up for you. Sweets is hopelessly in love with Harry Black and I'm pretty sure Harry's in love right back. You're not going to to win anyone over acting like this, though you may end up losing more friends than just Sweets."

Jack looked blindsided. For a moment he just gaped at her which for Angela was strangely satisfying, she may not be super science girl but nobody did emotions better than Angela Montenegro.

"In love? I mean they've only been dating a few months." Jack replied sounding skeptical.

"And they just took an international trip together. You should have seen him when he walked into the lab, he was walking on air. He's in love and if you make him choose between you and Harry. You won't win." Angela told him seriously and for a moment Angela thought she'd gotten through to him but then Jack regrouped.

"Look, I don't want to hurt Sweets but I'd rather hurt him then stand back and watch him get hurt when this guys story falls apart."

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe all this guy is hiding is a troubled past? Maybe that's part of what he and Sweets have in common?"

"That doesn't explain-"

"What if he's in Witness Protection?" Angela cut him off and Hodgins gaped at her. "That would explain how he just came out of nowhere, that would explain his having powerful contacts. I mean think about it you've got a kid from an abusive home, maybe he falls in with a bad crowd or crosses the wrong guy. All of a sudden he's wrapped up in something out of his depth so he gets help, the head honcho ends up dead and now he's got a whole gang out for his blood. So he runs halfway across the world only to have the body of this terrorist show up here. You weren't here when he ID that body Jack, he didn't look devious or at the head of some big conspiracy he looked terrified."

"I-that actually makes sense, but you have no way of knowing for sure." Jack started but Angela didn't let him launch into another one of his excuses.

"Neither do you Jack! Honestly what makes more sense a kid with a troubled past or some sort of bizarre conspiracy that somehow hinges on him working as a curator in a museum. More importantly Jack you need to think about what matters more to you finding out every detail about Harry Black's life or maintaining your relationships with the people around you because it's not just Sweet's you'll lose Jack. Cam's sick of it, so is Vincent and so am I." Before Jack could respond Angela spun on her heel and left the room. She knew that what he needed now was time to think and hopefully come to the right conclusion.

Harry stood in the center of his office feeling more than a tad overwhelmed. Somehow in the time he'd been gone over a dozen artifacts had been shipped in and each needed to be cataloged, tested and possibly replicated. It wouldn't have been insurmountable except all Harry could think about was Lance. It shouldn't be possible to miss someone so much after only a few hours about but well he did anyway. After spending four days together without being out of sight for more than a minute or two adjusting back to reality was rough.

As if summoned by his wayward thoughts Harry's office door flew open and a stormy faced Lance walked in. Harry's initial grin of delight faded slight when he realized how upset his boyfriend looked. He quickly rushed over and wrapped his arms around Lance's shoulders in concern.

"Lance what's happened?" He asked in concern. To his surprise Lance hesitated really that was all Harry needed to know. Given that Lance was here at the Jeffersonian he'd probably been consulting on a case. Harry ventured a guess "Hodgins giving you trouble?"

Lance gave him a surprised look but nodded.

"I just-I wish he would stop! You don't deserve to be treated like that."

Harry couldn't hold back the slight smile at Lance's protectiveness. Aside from a few complaints by Hermione way back in the days of the Triwizard tournament no one had ever bothered to get too upset about how people treated him. The fact was all his friends viewed him as able to take care of himself and Harry absolutely could. Still there was something nice about someone else wanting to stand up for him.

"I know but I've had people doing things like this my whole life. I'm used to it, you mustn't let it bother you." Harry told him softly putting his arms around Lance's neck and pulling him down for a kiss. Lance returned kiss, using his hands to brush against the back of Harry's neck and pull him in closer. After a moment they broke apart.

"You shouldn't have to be used to it and you shouldn't have to deal with here of all places. You should be safe here. God knows you've earned it." Lance told him stroking a finger along the jagged scar in the center of Harry's forehead. Harry closed his eyes and leaned into the gentle touch.

"You know Hodgins won't hurt me, not really. He's just obsessed, eventually he'll hit enough walls and he'll give up. I just have to wait him out." Harry assured Lance but Lance just sighed.

"That's the worst thing, I do know him. He's a man I was proud to call my friend but now. How can I stand by while he harrasses someone I love? I've asked him to stop and he just doesn't care. I hate that I can't protect you from this but more than that I hate that I have to protect you from someone who is supposed to be my friend."

Harry pulled Lance closer laying his head against his chest in an attempt to comfort him. He hadn't realize how much this was really bothering his boyfriend until now. He'd been able to laugh of Hodgins obsession with him because it was so similar to how reporters treated him back home. Lance wasn't used to that though and Harry felt guilty for being the cause of his unhappiness.

"I could talk to him. There are some things I could tell him, I don't like talking about those things but I don't want to be the reason you lose a friend." Harry offered softly but Lance shook his head.

"No, you don't owe him any explanations. You've done nothing wrong and its not as though your secrets are hurting anyone. If he won't back off then he's not a friend worth having." Lance told him passionately and Harry smiled despite himself. Leaning in Harry pulled his lover down and kissed him deeply.

"I really love you," he whispered as they broke apart.

Jack Hodgins moved away from Harry Black's office and leaned against the wall with a sigh. He felt like an ass. He was an Ass. He'd come storming down here after Angela left to give Harry Black a piece of his mind, possibly threaten him but definitely yell at him. Instead he'd stumbled upon an intimate conversation and finally understood what Angela had been so painstakingly trying to make clear to him.

Harry Black wasn't the bad guy. He, Jack Hodgins was and he was going to lose a good friend over it. If he hadn't already lost him. Jack had been so focused on the 'what if's' and finally uncovering what looked to be a genuine conspiracy that he'd ignored what was really going on. Sweets was in love and this guy whoever he'd been before he came here was in love right back. He was even ready to tell his secrets just to put Sweets mind at ease. It was also clear that what Sweets had said earlier was true. He did know Black's secret and whatever it was it made him more protective of him. Not afraid of him.

Hodgins moved down the hall toward the cafeteria not wanting to be caught lingering and be accused of doing exactly what he'd been there to do. He was going to have to do some thinking about this Harry Black situation and about how he was going to make this up to Sweets. Not to mention the rest of the office who were all still pissed at him.

When Harry was ambushed by Jack Hodgins on his way to meet Lance two days after returning to work he hadn't been certain what to expect. It certainly wasn't a heartfelt apology and a promise to get together for drinks soon. Yet that's exactly what he received. Part of him was suspicious of such a sudden turnaround but for Lance's sake he accepted. The look of absolute delight on his lover's face when Harry told him made it worth it.

Harry was still a bit suspicious of Hodgins motives, habit after spending years with people trying to kill you. Surprisingly though the drinks went well. It was clear more than once throughout the evening had Hodgins chomping at the bit to ask intrusive questions but he reigned it in. This more than anything put Harry at ease. If Hodgins had suddenly lost all interest that would have been strange but he appeared to simply be trying to do the right thing and drop it.

A few weeks on they'd reached a tentative peace making life much more pleasant for everyone. Lance was hanging around the Jeffersonian helping out on the latest case though as far as Harry could tell he mostly just wanted to be out of the office. Especially considering he spent most of his time in Harry's office rather than actually helping the forensics team. Lance insisted he was just concerned because the case had turned out to involve a mummy from the Jeffersonian and most of the suspects were also Harry's coworkers.

Harry just smiled and enjoyed the excuse to spend as much time as possible with his boyfriend. Once the case was solved Harry was stupidly pleased when Lance asked him to be his date for the reopening of the Egyptian exhibit. As an employee at the museum who had sometimes consulted with the Egyptology department Harry already had an invite but going as Lance's date seemed so much better.

He was just entering the lab to meet up with Lance and the rest of the his team when Draco Malfoy rushed through the doors. His normally pale complexion was flushed , his hair in disarray as he stumbled into the room.

"Malfoy?" Harry spoke before Malfoy could "I had no idea you were even still hanging around."

"Potter! There's no time, I only just got word they're coming now!" Malfoy panted out with wild eyes. Harry's own eyes went wide with shock.

"Coming here?" He replied in horror before shifting into fight mode. "How many?"

"Three I know for sure possibly more. They've already got apparition shields around the building they can get in but nobody's getting out." Draco told him. Harry's face took on a grim expression as he nodded. He looked around at the puzzled expressions of the Jeffersonian Forensics team only Lance had the good sense to look afraid. Though Harry supposed he probably understood the exchange far better than the others had.

"Right, Malfoy stick with the muggles. Get them into one of the back offices and keep them there. Lance do you still have Hermione's number in your cell?" At Lance's nod Harry let out a small sigh of relief "Once you're in a safe place call her and let her know what's happening. She'll be able to get reinforcements here."

Before Lance could respond the popping of half a dozen men and women apparating into the Jeffersonian filled the air. Harry cursed before screaming "RUN" at his still gaping lover and his muggle friends before spinning to face the Death Eaters.

Walking away from Harry while he turned to face enemies with abilities Lance couldn't begin to understand was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do. Only the knowledge that he was only person able to call for reinforcements along with the fact that the people he'd come to consider family had even less understanding than he did, pulled him away. They were quickly sequestered into Dr. Brennan's office and as Draco Malfoy began to cast lights at the glass. From what Harry had told him Lance had to guess they were some sort of ward. Lance pulled out his phone and dialed Hermione. He was vaguely aware of the people around him demanding answers and shouting questions but he tuned them out instead focussing on the persistent dial tone in his ear as he watched Harry through the glass.

There were six of them in white masks and flowing black robes. In the time it had taken to reach the office Harry had managed to down two of his attackers and was now dodging jets of light being shot by the other four. When one of the jets missed and impacted one of the exam tables it flew backwards and came resting near them smoking and blackened. The sight was enough to make the others in the office fall silent just as Hermione answered the phone.

"Hello?" Hermione sounded slight sleepy and Lance realized it was quite late at night with the time difference but he didn't consider it for long.

"Hermione it's Lance," he began quickly and cutting off her startled reply "Death Eaters are attacking Harry at the Jeffersonian. Myself and five others are in one of the offices with Draco Malfoy. Harry said you could send reinforcements."

Hermione drew a sharp breath on the other end of the line and Lance heard her speaking to someone in the background.

"Ron! RON wake up! You've got to floo Kingsley! There's no time go now!" Before coming back on the line "We'll come as fast as we can. Stay where you are, Harry can take care of himself."

The call disconnected and Lance was left in silence but for the sounds of spells impacting various surfaces. While he was on the phone Harry had downed a third opponent but was still painfully outnumbered. The room was silent all eyes seemed glued to where Harry fought. It was Booth who broke the silence at last.

"Somebody had better tell me just what the hell is going on out there right now!" He demanded and Lance could feel the eyes of the group on him though he didn't turn to confirm their stares. He couldn't look away from Harry.

"Look you know how Hodgins has been obsessively trying to find out Harry's secret?" Lance started "Well when I went to England I found out what it was-"

Lance tried to continue, he really did but the words just wouldn't come. After a moment he shrugged.

"You'll have to tell them Malfoy," Lance advised "I signed a binding contract."

Lance heard a snort behind him but tuned out the explanation the wizard was giving. As he watched Harry was struck by a jet of red light and to Lance's horror he collapsed to the ground. He wasn't screaming but his body was tensed tightly and twitching. Behind him he heard Malfoy scoff.

"Idiots! This why their side lost you know, they can't be content with simply killing him. They've got to torture him first." Lance let out a small whimper at the word torture but outside the glass as if to highlight the man's point the curse was lifted.

Harry began to move up almost at once when he was hit with another jet of light this was pure black. When Harry's skin and clothes blossomed in dozens of bleeding cuts the last bit of self control that was keeping Lance sequestered inside Brennan's office snapped. He was not going to stand by and watch the man he loved be brutally tortured. Lance was well aware that he could get killed going out there but he also knew he'd never forgive himself if he didn't.

In any other situation the sound of gunfire followed by the collapse of one of his attackers would have been a relief to Harry but today it filled him with dread. Even as he turned he prayed it would be Booth, please let it be Booth. Harry knew that was a selfish thought but he couldn't bear losing Lance. Of course it wasn't Booth, Lance stormed forward gun drawn and face steely with determination. Harry's momentary distraction was enough to allow his remaining attacker to catch him with a bombarding curse throwing him across the room away from Lance.

"Oh look," the man whose voice Harry recognized as his former classmate Blaise Zabini "It's Harry Potter's muggle lover come to save the day. Really I am so very touched."

Harry climbed to his feet casting any curse he could think of hoping to distract Zabini from where he was now taking aim at Lance. Unfortunately he was too far back and too desperate. Despite the noise Harry heard the quietly hissed "Avada Kedavra" as if it had been shouted. There was nothing he could do, he was too far away. Lance was able to get off another two shots before the jet of green light impacted with his body. Taking Zabini down with him but this was of little comfort to Harry.

Harry wasn't aware of the way his magic exploded out of him, taking out the final attacker in a wave of sheer rage as he ran to Lance's side. All he knew, all he could see was Lance lying limp on the ground eyes wide and sightless. Harry collapsed on the ground laying his head on Lance's chest. His heart wasn't beating.

"No no no" He moaned shaking Lance to no avail. In his desperation a memory floated through his head. Something Hermione had said to him weeks before that at the time he had dismissed as nonsense.

"The engraving on the blade was a resurrection spell. I think I've figured out why it didn't work though." Hermione spoke eagerly as she always did whenever she'd solved a difficult puzzle.

"It invokes the power of the Master of Death. I've never seen one like it before, it's different from traditional necromancy. Rather than offering a sacrifice the spell demands the adherence of Death himself to his Master. It's fascinating."

"Sounds like it but you said you knew why it didn't work." Harry prompted mostly to keep her from going off on a tangent about the different forms of necromancy.

"Oh yes, well I can only think his followers believed Voldemort himself to the be the Master of Death but of course we both know he's not."

"Right, do we?" Ron asked looking confused.

"Yes we do because Harry is the Master of Death." Hermione explained patiently. Harry and Ron exchanged a skeptical glance.

"He is?" Ron replied finally.

"Obviously he is, it explains his immortality and it fits in with the Tale of The Three Brothers. Harry possessed all three Hallows, then he died and by choosing to come back accepted his fate. When Voldemort's followers used the Master of Death spell to bring him back their magic took Voldemort to the true Master Of Death in order to complete the spell."

"Does that mean if I had read the spell on the knife, I would have resurrected Voldemort?" Harry responded aghast. Hermione nodded.

"Thank Merlin you never bothered learn your runes mate!" Ron declared after a brief horrified silence. Hermione snorted and the tension was broken.

Now as Harry lay against Lance's unmoving body he tried desperately to remember the words of the spell. Taking his wand and pressing it against Lance's chest above his heart he began to speak.

"As Master of Death I command thee, no, I summon thee Death to appear and restore life. As Master of Death I summon Death to restore this life may his heart beat and his breath quicken. Death hear your Master and obey." As Harry spoke he forced his magic into the wand willing it to work but suddenly his wand pulsed and Harry fell back with a thud.

Harry blinked slowly as he sat back up after his fall. He was still inside the Jeffersonian but it was as though someone had washed all the colors out, leaving everything varying shades of white and grey. Lance still lay beside him color slowly fading from his still form. Harry himself was a dark grey. Looking toward the window where Draco and the others had been holed up Harry was not surprised to find it empty now.

"I knew it would be here that you finally chose to summon me." Harry jumped at the voice. It was flat and strangely without inflection. Harry turned toward it and found a tall thin man staring down at him. "It's only fitting, this being my temple."

"This isn't a temple," Harry answered dully "It's part of a museum."

The stranger shrugged and waved his hand as if to bat away a fly.

"It doesn't matter what it's called. They worship me here, respect me and who could ask for a finer high priestess than the lovely Temperance. She's one of my favorites you know, always was, a bit like you in that way."

"You're death," Harry breathed though he didn't need the strangers nod of confirmation. Harry looked up at the thin stranger and down to Lance where his coloring continued to fade. Soon he would be as white as the room.

"Bring him back." Harry tried to sound commanding but the waver in his voice made it more of a plea.

"I cannot, once a mortal has died I can't make them mortal again." Death replied his voice remained flat but his eyes held some measure of sorrow.

"You did for me." Harry argued and this time Death smiled.

"But I did not make you mortal. Even you must have noticed by now."

"Does that-" Harry hesitated "Does that mean you could make him like me? Immortal?"

Death eyed him speculatively for several moments looking from Harry then back down to Lance where he lay.

"Perhaps, but would you really wish that on another. You who have tried so hard to destroy the gift I granted you. I am no fool Harry, I know how many times you've tried to end your life. If you hate it so much why give it to someone else?" Death inquired. Harry shook his head.

"Then take it back! Let me die with Lance, just please I can't go on knowing he died for me. I can't!" Harry was shaking now and he made no effort to mask the tears that rolled down his cheeks.

"I could do that, but it would not be without a price. All you have done would be undone, you would die when the choice was offered. Tom Riddle would walk once more but so would your beloved. He may even be safe, at least until the Dark Lord's reach extends across the ocean."

"No!" Harry cried "Please just bring Lance back, even if you make him like me. Please."

"As it happens I had always planned to allow you a companion. Loneliness inevitably leads to madness and it wouldn't do for me to be forever playing minder to a mad immortal. I will only grant you one however, you will not be able to pass the gift on. I learned that lesson the hard way with the bloody vampires."

"Then do it, bring him back." Harry demanded but Death made no move.

"Are you certain? You wouldn't rather a wizard? You'll bestow this gift on a boy you've known less than a year? Even if you quarrel and separate I will not give you another companion." Death inquired but Harry didn't waver instead he nodded.

"I'm certain, even if he never speaks to me after today I'll know he's alive. That will be enough."

"Very well. Until we meet again Harry Potter."

Lance woke up with a gasp, his chest felt weighted down and it took a moment to realize it was because Harry was lain across it. Lance realized Harry was sobbing softly so he reached up and gently pet his hair.

"Shh hey calm down." Lance murmured softly as he moved to sit up. Harry gasped and looked up at him. His eyes went wide and he threw his arms around Lance's shoulders nearly knocking him back over onto the ground.

"It worked! I woke up and I thought- I thought I'd gone crazy! I love you!" And then Harry was kissing him desperately and it was all Lance could do just to sit back and enjoy it. At least until a series of pops pulled them apart.

Lance watched as several wizards in red robes appeared followed closely after with two men in blue. Hermione was there as well and she took in the scene with her eyebrows raised.

"You couldn't have left something for the Auror's to do? You know they like to feel useful." She advised wryly and Harry's lips quirked into a little smirk.

"They can do the clean-up." Harry replied as he climbed to his feet and offered his hand to Lance as well. Lance stood and looking around the lab had to admit clean up would probably be a rather substantial job. Already the red robed men were going through and rounding up Harry's attackers while others were spelling away broken glass and dented instruments. Lance watched as the men in blue moved back to Dr. Brennan's office.

"Does this mean I can talk to them about magic now?" Lance asked curiously but Harry shook his head.

"No they'll be obliviated. In an hour from now none of them will remember what happened." Lance turned to Harry wanting to object but for the first time he took in his lover's appearance. He was covered in blood and several of the cuts from earlier were still leaking drops of blood. His clothes were shredded and he looked exhausted. Lance reached out to him and pulled Harry up against his chest.

"Alright, lets get you home. You've got potions and stuff there to patch you up right?" Lance asked him softly and Harry nodded.

"Yeah, yeah lets go. Hermione I'll get in touch tomorrow with a report okay?" Harry replied turning to his friend. Hermione nodded and gave them each a hug before Lance turned to lead Harry toward the exit. They were almost out the door when Draco Malfoy caught up with them.

"Potter!" The man yelled skidding to a stop right behind him. Harry turned leaning against Lance for support as he looked at Draco with tired eyes.

"What Malfoy?" He asked but even as he spoke Malfoy had fallen to one knee and was holding out his wand.

"I Draco Lucius Malfoy, do swear fealty to Lord Harry Potter of the Ancient houses Potter and Black. From here forward the House Malfoy will serve their Lord without malice or subterfuge. Here I vow may my magic be stripped and my lifeblood spilled in the breaking of my oath." After Draco spoke a spiral of purple magic enveloped all three of them making Lance shiver. When the magic died down Lance looked over at Harry who was gaping in open shock.

"Malfoy! Why would you-That was binding! What were you thinking? You can't just go around swearing fealty oaths to people!" Harry sputtered, Malfoy rolled his eyes.

"The traditional response is some sort of thank you and a promise not to abuse my oath but I suppose etiquette is a little much to expect from you." The man said dryly "As to why, I saw what you did back there and unlike those hapless muggles I understood it. Malfoy's follow power Potter and what you just did makes you the most powerful wizard in history. I am ever in your service Potter whether you like it or not."

Harry watched as Lance moved around his apartment bringing over Harry's potions along with a bowl of hot water and a wash cloth. He was rapidly darting around from place to place making Harry dizzy.

"Lance please! Sit down! I'm not the only one that got hurt tonight." Harry begged and Lance paused from where he'd been about to set the kettle on for tea.

"I know but other than a little soreness on my chest I actually feel really good. Invigorated even, I tell you when I saw that spell coming at me I was sure I was a goner but here I am and I mean I guess it just feels really good to be alive." Lance told him his words flying rapid fire from his mouth. Harry smiled at him but reached over and tugged him down onto the couch.

"I have to talk to you about what happened." Harry told him brushing a stray curl away from Lance's face. Lance nodded and smiled at him, Harry drew a breath but found himself unsure how to start.

"So you remember what I told you about not being able to die?" Harry started. Lance nodded "Okay so Hermione's been researching it and she came up with this crazy theory. That I was literally the Master of Death, she thought the knife that was placed in Tom Riddle's chest brought him to me because of the type of resurrection spell used. That if I had read the spell on the blade it would have brought him back." Harry paused to allow Lance to process this.

"But you wouldn't ever do that." Lance responded "You shouldn't worry about it."

Harry smiled at his lover but shook his head.

"No you're right I would never raise Voldemort but-when you were hit by that spell. . ." Harry trailed off as he saw understanding dawn in Lance's eyes.

"It didn't just knock me out did it?" Lance asked quietly and Harry shook his head.

"No, it didn't." Lance sat back heavily on the sofa.

"Wow, I didn't see anything no bright light-no tunnel it was just like I passed out for a minute but does this mean you brought me back? How?" Lance asked breathless.

"I summoned Death, he came and I asked-well more like begged really-him to bring you back. He said he couldn't bring a mortal back to life though." Harry paused before taking a deep breath he looked away from Lance unable to face him when he explained what he'd done. "The only way he could bring you back is if you were like me. I know I shouldn't have, I know it was selfish but I-I just couldn't." Harry broke off as his voice became choked with tears. Even now the idea that he had almost lost Lance made it hard to breath. He was surprised to feel Lance's arms wrap around him in a tight embrace.

"Shh it wasn't selfish-I love you Harry." Lance whispered against his hair.

"I'm sorry." Harry sobbed into his lover's shoulder "I'm so sorry."

Harry felt Lance's lips against his forehead and cheeks in gentle brushes. Until Lance found his lips and kissed him gently. Using his hands Lance tilted Harry up so they were looking into each other's eyes. Harry had expected anger or fear but only love was shining out at him.

"Harry, I love you forever. I already knew that, why would I be unhappy that I get to literally spend forever with you? You've given me a gift, I admit it will take some times to get used to the idea of living forever but if we're together then I'm sure it will be alright. Better than alright. It will be wonderful." Lance pulled Harry to him kissing him long and slow before pulling back with a smirk.

"So does this mean I'll stop needing to sleep so much?" Lance asked Harry looked at him in confusion before nodding.

"He'd said you'd be like me, so I suppose so." Harry agreed. Lance grinned.

"You realize that opens up about eight hours a night I'll have to find a way to fill. Though I've got a few ideas." Lance told him with a leer as he pulled Harry into another heated kiss.

The End

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