Hey guys, GohanGotenSon here and I've got news for you. I know what you guys are thinking 'Why don't you shut up and continue this story!?' well to be honest, I've kinda lost touch with this story. I'm probably gonna get a lot of flame for that. I've been into Soul Eater and I just started Elfen Lied. I've made a new year's resolution that I was gonna update some old stories soon, and I'm keeping that promise! This still means you're gonna see Junior soon because I'm writing a new 'A Whole New Era' story titled 'A Whole New Era: Take Us Back'. It's about when Junior, (maybe Trunks too, I haven't decided yet.), gets taken and kidnapped by an organization made by Frieza's family. I have hope for this story and I'm counting on you guys to support it. It's coming out sometime in the month, maybe in 2 weeks, and it will be epic. I know I made like 3 'A W hole New Era' stories, but I have faith in this one. This story ties in with the original and 'Not Losing Her Again'. So, if you want Trunks to get kidnapped too, just tell me in the review box saying 'Yes' or 'No'. Also, there is a poll for anyone who is a Walking Dead game or TV fan. Like before, sorry for the bad news about this story and give the new story some love. Thanks guys.