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"Clary, I'm walking out the door," Jace hollers at me. I'm running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off looking for my heel. I trip on my dress a couple times and curse myself because all I would need now is for the damn thing to rip. I drop to my knees to look under the bed and I'm rewarded. My gold pump is lying just out of sight under the bed skirt. "Clary!"

"I'm coming," I yell back as I run down the hall trying to put my shoe on. He's holding my gold, silk lined shawl open when I round the corner. He hasn't seen me in my dress yet and his jaw falls at the sight of me at first, but them a slow smile creeps onto his gorgeous face. My dress is simple, made of stain and taffeta. The straps cross on my back and loop around to sit under my breasts. Who doesn't like a pick me up for the girls? It's a halter and dips lower than what I'd usually be comfortable with while also exposing my back. The fabric scrunches around my butt and then falls elegantly to the floor. It's simple and from the look on Jace's face, he approves. "Close your mouth," I say putting his jaw back in its rightful place with my pointer and middle fingers.

"You look amazing," he leans in to whisper in my ear. "I can't wait to come home and take this off." His finger slipped under my strap and he rubbed my skin lightly.

If I wasn't so excited for our plans tonight, I'd have been all for staying in. We've already seen so much in the few short months we've lived here, but then again, Italy has a lot to see. "You don't look so bad yourself," I tell him as I straighten his tie. He takes my face between his palms and his lips press against mine with the lightest of touches.

"Let's go," he murmurs and I nod. Jace planned the whole thing out. We've spent the last week in Venice, a couple hours away from our home in Milan. A car takes us to the Teatro La Fenice to see, 'La Scala Di Seta.' I've never been to the opera. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. Jace never let me go the entire ride there. I knew he wasn't feeling quite the same as I was, but he was happy to take me. He was dressed deliciously in a black tux with a silver tie. He hated ties, but did it for me. We were going to meet Michael and Lydia. He was in Venice to check up on how Jace was leading up the new international firm, and he was doing extremely well.

We pull up in front of a building with a staircase leading up to a pillared entrance with a balcony above. It's simple but elegant. Inside it takes my breath away. The floor is lined with seats and the walls are balcony seats decorated with intricate lighting. The ceiling is blue and in the center is the most beautiful crystal chandelier I've ever seen. Angels frame the stage with an array of detailed designs behind them. Jace and I, along with Michael and Lydia sit in a private suit to the left of the stage and its perfect. Jace sits beside me with his hand resting possessively on my thigh while he chats with Michael about business. I could care less about that. I'm still busy taking in the scenery.

The gold molding, the flowers, light pinks and blues mixing with the swirling designs, my memory will never do it justice. "What do you think?" Lydia smiles at me, and all I can do is smile back and sigh. "I know," she says. "I felt the same way my first time." She takes my hand in hers as the lights dim and Jace leans closer.

I have no idea what's being said. The actors are speaking Italian, but it brings me to tears anyway. Their voices are haunting but magical, a moving work of art. Three hours later I'm not ready to leave, but Jace is. We say quick goodbyes to Michael and Lydia and he piles me into the car. His wedding band shines in the street lights that pass as he taps his fingers on his thigh. I can't help but smile and then I decide that right now would be a good time to tell him my good news. I've been waiting for a couple days, but the two of us have been so busy with work and I wanted to do it when we weren't busy thinking so heavily on other things.

I hike up my dress and crawl into his lap, surprising him just a little, and lean in close. "Thank you for bringing me tonight. I loved it," I say, pressing my lips to his.

"You're welcome and Happy Birthday," he tucks a curl behind my ear.

"I have something to tell you."

"What?" he cocks his head. I take his hand and press it to my stomach while biting my lip. His eyes switch between my face and his hand, a confused expression on his face.

"Say hello to the newest Herondale," I tell him and then he smiles. His big hands rest on the sides of my torso and he leans me back so he can press his lips to my tummy. I was worried about telling him. He'd dodged a bullet with Kaelie. Turned out that baby wasn't Jace's or Jon's, but I wondered if he'd be a little apprehensive since everything that happened. Both of them did the honorable thing and took turns going to her appointments with her so she never had to be alone. I didn't like it, but understood it was something he had to do.

As he murmurs sweet nothings to my belly I can't help but smile. In the year that we've been married Jace and I have been on so many adventures and this one will be the best one of all. When he lifts me back up, he cups my face in his hands and leans his forehead against mine. Then he says something I'd never expected. "You remember the night we spent in the cabin after fixing the fence?"

"Yeah, how could I forget?" I nod.

"After I went back to Bennet's house, Kaelie met me at the door," I didn't like where this was going. I didn't want Kaelie to have any part of this moment, but he continued, "As she was questioning me about what happened I had a vision. It scared the shit out of me, but I guess now I can call it a premonition. I saw a chubby face with strawberry blonde hair, your nose and my eyes. I've been waiting to see that face for a very long time." I can't help but smile. The best decision I ever made was getting on that plane to New York two years ago.

Jace and I have been to every place I've ever wanted to see. We've done things I've always wanted to do. We've been on adventure after adventure, but now it was time to settle. There would still be plenty of adventures ahead of us, but as long as we had each other the road before us didn't matter. Jace pressed his lips to mine and sighed. This was our happily ever after.

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