It was a normal day in office, he was impatiently checking out all the sick Webkinz whilst dreaming of tonight. It was a special night for him and Miss Birdy. 1 year of being together, and apparently miss birdy had some "special" plans.

Finally he got out of the office, and started driving home. He didn't know what to expect, so he was slightly nervous. Sure, they had done it before, but never any kinky business. He pulled into his driveway and walked up to the door. Hands shaking, he slowly twisted the handle.

Inside, he found a sight that he would never forget. Instead of a nice homemade dinner like he expected, he found something more delicious. Miss Birdy was there, waiting for him, covered in leather, lace and rose petals, dripping with succulent honey. "Mmmmm, baby what have we here?" he called out to her. "I thought we could have someā€¦ Fun." She breathed out. Dr. Quack strode heavily up to her, reaching out a slender wing to taste the honey dripping from her naked body. "So sweet, just like you." "Too bad you'll be licking it all off in a couple of minutes." She responded.

Just the thought of his tongue roaming all over her luscious feathers made Dr. Quack feel the sudden hardening of his little friend. "Stop being such a tease and get over here." He growled, his eyes darkened with lust. "How about you make me, Quack." She purred back. "That's it." Dr. Quack muttered to himself as he sauntered towards her body lying on the bed.

"How nice of you to join me." She said as he stood over her. Instead of speaking, he ripped of his lab coat and Miss Birdy popped the buttons on his shirt. "Time for the fun to begin." He growled. Slowly hovering over her delightful honey-covered body, he slowly licked up some honey. "Mmmm, you taste good, baby." He said.

Next thing you knew, there was leather and lace on the floor, Miss Birdys' one of a kind outfit ruined in an act of pleasure. They were both lying naked, grinding their hot, sweaty bodies together. "Oh, Quincy." Miss Birdy moaned. She stopped sucking his face to push him onto his knees. All of a sudden, she took his length into her beak, sucking and humming a little love tune. "Ooh Miss Birdy, I'm close." He whimpered. "well we cant have any of that, can we?" she said, and flipped him over.

"you've been a very bad boy, haven't you?" she said, taking out a whip. "You slap need slap to slap be slap punished." After a few more slaps, she put the whip away. "look at you, you filthy whore. I bet you want me to ride you right now. Oh yes, you'd like that, see my breasts bouncing up and down as I slide upon you, then you fill me with your juices. Would you like that?" Dr. Quack just nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment. "come at me, big boy." Miss birdy said as she hopped on the Dr. Quack train.

They both rode out their climaxes together, the sweat and smell of sex lingering throughout the house. "Im going to get cleaned up" miss birdy said, heading towards the shower. "can I come?" Dr. Quack said, sprinting to keep up. They both jumped under the hot water. "Ready for round two?" Miss Birdy asked with a sly grin.