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Edd could feel the wind blowing at the few strands of hair sticking out from behind his beanie as he rested his head against Kevin's back. His arms were tightly wrapped around his waist as they drove back to the cul-de-sac on the redhead's motorcycle. Edd's eyes were shut, not wanting to see everything move in fast motion. If he dared to open them, he knew the buildings flashing by before his eyes would only make him queasy. Besides, having them shut and having himself cuddled up against Kevin's back made knowing he was on a motorcycle almost tolerable and even a little comfortable. The movement stopped and Edd sighed, lifting his eyelids to see that they were parked in Kevin's driveway. The redhead looked over his shoulder and chuckled.

"You alright?" He asked.

Edd released his grip on the other and slipped off from behind. He nodded in response before putting his hand in Kevin's.

"You didn't want to be in public," the redhead said, "And my parents aren't home 'til late tonight, so how does my room sound?" A lopsided grin spread across his face and Edd couldn't resist.

The sockhead placed a soft kiss on Kevin's cheek and smiled. "Sounds wonderful."

"Awesome," with that grin still on his face, Kevin led the way into the house, passing the neatly organized living room, up the stairs, and opened the door to the first room on the right. Edd couldn't help but giggle at the touch of the redhead holding him from behind, his hands resting lightly on the sockhead's middle as he placed gentle kisses behind Edd's ear. Edd fully entered the room, Kevin closing the door behind them, and they made their way to the bed. He had no idea what they planned to even do. All he knew was that he wanted to be with this man, the man he loved; the only person he's ever felt so strongly for. He reached out and grabbed Edd's hand and brought it up to his lips. Edd turned his head to see what the redhead was doing and felt his stomach flip, feeling Kevin's warm breath on the back of his hand. Kevin gently pecked each of Edd's knuckles before letting go of his hand.

The sockhead laid down on the bed and Kevin crawled on top of him, a seductive smirk on his face as he did so. He leaned down and slowly, but passionately kissed Edd. Edd placed his hands on Kevin's biceps, rubbing them ever so lightly, mentally admiring their strength.

"I've missed you," Kevin mumbled against his lips, but didn't give him time to respond.

Goosebumps rose on Edd's arms. He felt the heat on his cheeks increase as the kiss continued. He ran his hand up Kevin's back and stopped once he reached his neck. The touch sent chills throughout the redhead's body. He pulled away a moment and stared at Edd, his eyes gazing at the other lovingly.

Edd took this opportunity to say, "And I've missed you." The sockhead smile wide, revealing the gap between his teeth that Kevin so adored and received a rough kiss in return. Kevin bit down gently on Edd's lower lip, tugging it slightly and Edd knew what the redhead wanted. He responded by opening his mouth just enough to allow Kevin to slide his tongue inside. Kevin let out a quiet moan as he felt hot breath against his own and tasted a sweet flavor of mint. Edd's hands kept lingering and the jock couldn't stop himself from grabbing hold of them and pinning them over the beanie-wearing teen's head as he trailed kisses down his neck, nibbling on the soft, flawless skin.

Edd sat himself up enough to reach up and plant quick kisses along the redhead's jaw line. The smell of cologne overwhelmed him and he smiled. Kevin smelled so... handsome. And it wasn't long after that until shoes, socks, and shirts were off. Kevin also threw off his hat and while he kissed down Edd's flat stomach, Edd ran his fingers through the short and soft red hair. The pounding of his heart made him shiver. He could hear it drumming in his ears. Kevin bit down on his lip as he began moving his hips. He could feel Edd becoming harder through his jeans as he grinded against him.

The sockhead's breathing was faster now. He wanted Kevin to touch him more, more, more... Kevin reached down and stroked the growing bump, teasing the other with a grin on his face. Edd threw his head back, letting out a soft moan. The redhead seductively waggled his eyebrows, satisfied with the sound that came from his love's mouth. He undid the button of Edd's jeans and Edd's eyes opened widened as he heard the sound of a zipper. The last and only time before they had done this, Edd was in control and Kevin didn't do anything to him, and during that time, Edd had no clue what to do and wondered idly now if Kevin knew what he was doing. The thought immediately vanished from his mind when he felt soft lips against his groin.

"Ah... ah," Edd groaned out. He grabbed the covers of the bed with both his hands and squeezed them, the feeling below his stomach increasing.

Kevin smiled up at the sockhead, knowing what he was doing was working. Though his hands were a little shaky, he slowly lowered his head and took in some of Edd's length in his mouth. It was the tongue sliding up and down the tip of his groin and the teeth brushing against it that caused Edd to arch his back up. He moaned out louder, his grip on the sheets tightening. Kevin felt encouraged to take in some more.

"Ah... K-Kevin... ah," Edd choked out, gasping for air. Good Lord!

Kevin felt himself getting goosebumps at the sound of his name. He continued lingering his tongue around Edd's groin, and every time he would bite down gently, Edd would cry out another moan. He looked up and chuckled before grabbing Edd's length with his hand and taking some of it in his mouth again, more than before. He only went far enough as to not choke.

"K-Kevin," Edd moaned, his hips twitching as he felt himself reaching his climax, and Kevin took it as a plead to suck harder. Goodness gracious! I don't think I can contain myself any longer. "Ah... ah... K-Kevin... I-I," was all he managed to say before releasing hot liquid into the redhead's mouth, and he finally relaxed, letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. Kevin lifted his head and swallowed. He coughed a little at the way it felt going down his throat, but he sighed afterwards and smiled at Edd. The sockhead laid there, silent and still. His face completely flushed, but he returned the smile, a little lopsided. Kevin rolled over and lied down next to Edd. He reached over and grabbed the sockhead's hand.

"Next time someone bugs you, you tell me, alright?" Kevin told him, narrowing his eyes.

Edd nodded and giggled. "No worries." He brought his free hand up to his mouth and yawned. He snuggled up closer to Kevin and sighed.

"What is it?" Kevin asked.

"I feel terrible with how I treated Nathan."

The redhead squeezed the other's hand. "Nat'll forgive you."

"It isn't whether he forgives me or not. It still wasn't right of me to-" Kevin stopped him by planting a swift kiss on his lips. Edd blinked, and then scrunched up his nose.

"Interrupting is rude," he simply said, but Kevin just grinned at him.

The next day at school, Edd finally arrived with Kevin. He held on tightly to Kevin as he always did when riding on that motorcycle and only let go when Kevin patted his hands.

"Come on, dorko, we're here," the redhead said, chuckling.

Edd sighed in relief and hopped off the vehicle. Before he readjust himself, Kevin grabbed his arm and turned him around.

"Oh my-" Edd was cut off as lips were captured. He smiled and caressed the redhead's cheek as they kissed. Kevin pulled away all too soon and grinned broadly.

They intertwined their fingers together, walking almost hip-to-hip as they made their way up the front steps of the school. A few of Kevin's friends turned to stare, their jaws dropped open. Edd noticed them and tried not to make it obvious of how nervous he felt with the attention, but that effort vanished once they made it through the double doors and made their way down the hall. Many eyes watched them walk so close together, hand-in-hand. Kevin noticed and smirked at his fellow peers and added a nod as if saying 'Yes, we're back together and I couldn't be any happier.'

Edd smiled at this and let out a sigh, allowing himself to relax. The only thing that was really causing him discomfort was what people thought about him in particular, especially after the things he did and said to most of them. Surely they weren't going to jump up and forgive him just because he was back to his normal self, he understood that, but he still flashed everyone he knew a nervous, sweet smile, and some of them returned it. He turned his head to face forward again and his eyes widened when he saw Sarah, Jimmy, Jonny, and Rolf. Oh... dear.

Kevin felt the grip of Edd's hand tighten and he looked up to see who the sockhead was staring at. "Relax, Edd," he mumbled and Edd nodded.

They stopped walking once they approached the four. Sarah crossed her arms and rolled her eyes before turning her head away.

"Hey guys," Kevin said casually, tugging a little at Edd's hand.

"Hello Kevin," Rolf greeted. His eyes shifted over to Edd. "And good morning to you, Double the Ed boy. Rolf hopes you won't bite my head off today."

"N-no!" Edd stammered out. "I must apologize for being so cruel to you, Rolf." He smiled slightly at the blue-haired teen. "It was foolish of me."

Rolf nodded and smiled. Edd went on to apologize to Jimmy and Jonny, receiving smiles and 'it's okay's from them both. Then come Sarah. She was still facing another direction. Edd placed his free hand on her shoulder and she slowly turned to face him. She stared at him with a look of disgust which softened when Edd pouted and looked away from her.

"Let me guess," she said. "You're sorry?"

"I don't expect you to forgive me-"

"Oh, Double D!" She groaned. "Don't try to guilt trip me. I forgive you." Edd's eyes brightened, but the redheaded girl just scoffed and looked at her best friend. "Come on, Jimmy." She held out her hand and Jimmy gladly took it.

Edd smiled as he watched the two walk off together. Sarah was always a tough one, never one to reveal much of a soft side unless she was really hurt or if it were to comfort a friend, so Edd knew her response was the best he was going to get and it was enough to relieve himself from the worry.

"Can you guys believe we're going to be seniors after the summer?" Jonny asked, a wide grin on his face. "Man guys, I still remember being a kid."

Kevin chuckled and sighed. "Yeah, me too." He glanced over at Edd for a moment, and then smirked at Jonny. "I miss some things about being a kid, but then I remember how stupid I was sometimes." His eyes flickered back over to the sockhead. "Growing up has made me realize a lot of things."

Edd stared back at Kevin with a shy smile. Growing up made the redhead realize his special someone had been there the whole time, in a house across from his. A boy he had spent his childhood labeling as a loser because of the shenanigans he and his friends always pulled and now that loser was an important part of him. The dork who always wore a black beanie with two white lines on both sides because he couldn't stand the sight of his own hair and spoke with strong vocabulary and used his manners because he was raised that way. And if perfection did exist, Edd was it, but of course, that wasn't the exact case, because the sockhead did have his share of flaws and made his mistakes just as any human would, but Kevin loved each and every one of them.

He didn't care anymore about what had happened between them. It happened and now they were back on the right track, like they should be; like they always should have been, and the redhead regretted never trying to befriend Edd as kids. They could have really had a nice friendship that would have evolved into a beautiful romance. But even though it didn't go that way, they still had that beauty of love between them now. And Kevin had to thank himself for that, because during their winter break, Kevin was finally able to admit to himself that he did feel something for Edd. It was hard to deny it, especially when he could see the effort the sockhead had kept putting in being on his good side since sophomore year.

The fear that Edd did not like him in that way remained inside him, until one day in late January, Kevin decided to put aside his 'what if's and stepped up to the dork when he found him alone by his lockers after school. He shut the locker for the sockhead and said, "You and me are hanging out this weekend." He spoke so nonchalantly that Edd didn't know what to think of it, but he agreed, and the two found themselves sitting on Kevin's couch on a windy and cold Saturday, staring at the television screen, not saying a word to each other for too long. Edd finally broke the silence by asking why. Why did Kevin want to hangout with him on a Saturday instead of one of his friends or some pretty girl? The redhead had many other excuses in his head for an answer, but he decided on the truth.

"I like you, okay?" He had said, feeling a lump in his throat. "Sorry if that makes you weird and if you want to leave, go ahead. At least I can say I tried."

Edd had just stared at him with a blank expression, no words leaving his mouth and Kevin felt as if he had failed completely.

"You're making assumptions," the sockhead said after a moment. "I may just feel the same." And with a shade of pink forming on his cheeks, he smiled at the redhead.

The relationship didn't rush into a start. They started out slowly, getting more comfortable with feeling what they felt for each other. Kevin didn't even mind that he had feelings for someone of the same gender. It felt natural, just like love should feel. And now, a little over four months later, he found himself happily standing next to the same dork he bullied in their younger years. It is quite eccentric how growing up can change one's view and ways of thinking.

Kevin leaned in and kissed Edd's forehead, getting a giggle out of him. The redhead smiled at the sound, completely forgetting Rolf and Jonny's presence.

"Hey Kev," Andrew's voice brought him back from the small trance he was in.

He blinked and faced Rolf and Jonny, smiling apologetically at them before turning to see Andrew walking up with Mark and Nat. Nathan. Edd's eyes widened and he stepped back once the three reached them. Their eyes went straight down to see them holding hands. Nat shoved Andrew out of the way as he made his way over to Edd. Edd gasped and let go of Kevin's hand in an attempt to run away, but the green-haired teen reached out and grabbed him. The sockhead began yelling out how sorry he was and begged Nat to not hurt him. He felt himself being lifted off the ground and he looked down to see that Nat was spinning him around in a playful manner.

"Nat!" Kevin shouted. "Put my boyfriend down."

Nat laughed and did just that. He grinned and said, "Calm down, Kev. I was just showing the dude some love."

Andrew gently pushed Nat out of the way and sighed as he looked at Edd. "And I guess it's our turn to say sorry... so... sorry for making you feel like crap about yourself. You're our friend's boyfriend and we should have respected you better. There's nothing wrong with you, okay? We just took our jokes too far."

"Oh my..." Edd smiled nervously. "I appreciate your kind words, Andrew. Thank you."

Andrew nodded and looked over at Kevin to see him grinning proudly at him.

"And that comes from me and the rest of us," Mark added.

"Except me," Nat said. "I always loved the guy." He winked at Edd.

"Alright, Goldberg. We get it," Kevin said, putting a protective arm around his boyfriend, but he smiled at Nat and mouthed 'thanks'. Nat didn't really understand at first why he was being thanked, but he figured it had to do with him being one heck of a great friend!

"Double D and Kevin sitting in a tree!" Ed began chanting. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G." He smiled a big goofy grin as he stared at the sockhead.

"Oh... Ed, please," Edd said, trying to hide his smile with his hand.

Eddy laughed loudly. "You love it, Sockhead." He shifted his eyes to the redhead sitting next to his friend and smirked. "I know shovel chin does."

Kevin scowled at the nickname, making Nat, sitting across from him, laugh. The green-haired teen raised his hand at Eddy and grinned. Eddy stared at the hand with his eyebrows furrowed.

Nat frowned instantly. "Dude, high five."

Eddy groaned and clapped his hand against the other's. "Whatever, greenie."

"Damn, Eddy. Just stop fighting it. You know you fucking love me." Nat leaned in closer to him, smiling wickedly.

"Kevin, tell your friend to back off!"

Kevin laughed and shook his head. "Nah," he said. "Too funny to stop."

"How do you deal with this all the time?" Eddy asked, scooting away from the green-haired teen. "He's so-"

"Handsome?" Nat asked, moving closer to the other.

"Annoying!" Eddy shouted in his face.

Nat closed his eyes at the feel of Eddy's breath on his face. He leaned back and said, "Gross, dude. You need a mint."

The other three laughed at the comment. Edd looked down at his food and took another bite of his already half-eaten tuna sandwich. The environment around him felt nice and comforting. He loved this, being surrounded by these people. Eddy; his best friend with a big mouth, but also, a big heart that he always sadly hid. Ed; his absentminded best friend that loved and cared for everyone. Nathan; the hyperactive one that could get the attention of anyone with his charms. And then there was Kevin; the one who's list could go on for ages for Edd. He sighed and smiled at the redhead.

"What's on your mind?" Kevin asked him.

"The usual," Edd answered.

"Oh yeah? And what's that?"


Kevin slowly smiled back, the two of them gazing at each other until Eddy's gagging noises broke it and they turned to face him.

"I don't get how you can't find that adorable," Nat told Eddy.

Eddy rolled his eyes. "I'm just messing with them."

"Oh, just like you mess with me when you tell me how annoying I am, huh?" Nat raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"I'm not kidding around when I say that." Eddy sneered at him.

"Doubt it!"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"

"Damn, just make out already," Kevin teased.

Nat and Eddy stared horrifyingly at the redhead and simultaneously shouted, "Eww, no way!" And again in unison, they turned away and crossed their arms.

Ed laughed. "Eddy and Nat sitting in a tree!"

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G," Kevin joined in. He and Ed laughed at the two teens facing away from each other in what seemed like anger.

"You can see that there's something there," Kevin whispered to Edd.

The sockhead smiled and looked at the two. He studied them for a moment before nodding in agreement. "Yes, they do seem to have a sort of chemistry."

Nat turned his head and raised an eyebrow at Edd. "You better stop talking now, sweet cheeks. That's not funny."

Edd sighed and said, "The truth isn't always humorous, Nathan."

Kevin burst into a loud laughter at that. Eddy growled at the sockhead, but Edd shrugged and smiled softly at him.

"Can you believe these guys?" Eddy asked Nat.

"I know!" Nat huffed. "They seriously think you would go for someone like me. Shouldn't your best friend," he air quoted 'best friend', "know you better than that?"

"Yeah! I'm too good for you," Eddy said with a smirk.

"And I'm too adorable for you."

"Too adorable?" Eddy snarled at the green-haired teen. "Get over yourself!"

"Aw and here I thought we were actually bonding." Nat pouted and Eddy couldn't help but soften his expression and smile.

"Aww," Ed said. He looked at Edd. "Eddy and Nat would make a nice couple like you and Kevin. Don't cha think?"

"Why yes," Edd answered.

Eddy and Nat turned their attention to the others and shouted, "Shut up!"

Edd and Kevin's relationship was repaired, but that didn't mean detention left with their problem, and so after school, the two of them made their way into the dreadfully quiet classroom. The took seats next to each other and since they weren't allowed to talk, Kevin secretly passed a note to Edd. Edd hesitated, but opened up the folded up paper and smiled as he read the words.

- Hey babe, guess what?

- Yes?

- I love you.

Edd peeked up at a smiling Kevin and he shook his head as he wrote his response.

- Actions speak louder than words.

Kevin covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing. He sighed and bit down on his lower lip.

- Words speak loud too, especially when you mean everything you say, but I don't have a problem proving my honesty to you.

- How do you expect to do that?

- I have some things in mind.

- Do tell.

- Nope. It's a surprise.

Edd gaped at the response written in front of him. He squinted his eyes at Kevin and scrunched up his nose, causing the redhead to laugh. The assistant principal looked away from the computer screen and cleared his throat. Kevin stopped laughing immediately and rubbed the back of his neck. When the bald man looked away, Edd placed the note on Kevin's desk.

- You've managed to pique my curiosity.

- Awesome. Now look at me.

The sockhead turned to meet Kevin's gaze. Kevin leaned over and quickly nuzzled Edd's nose in which Edd responded by squeaking and giggling.

"I said no talking!" The assistant principal scolded.

Edd gasped and put his head down. Kevin chuckled softly and rolled his eyes. The sockhead looked up again and replied to the note.

- No more distractions. We're going to get in trouble.

Kevin sighed and put away the piece of paper. They spent the remaining time in there, exchanging looks and smiles. The redhead found himself glancing at the clock every minute, hoping for the time to go by faster. At least Edd was there with him, but he much preferred being else where with the dork. Somewhere where they could actually talk with words, but Kevin had to admit that their eyes doing the talking was nice. Well, good enough.

The assistant principal checked his watch and shook his head. "You know what, go ahead and leave. I know it's fifteen minutes early, but I have to be somewhere."

The other students jumped out of their seats and crowded out the door. Kevin stood up and waited for Edd to gather his things before walking out. They made their way to the parking lot. Edd felt his stomach fill with butterflies when they approached the motorcycle.

"I don't believe I'll ever get used to being on this," he said to Kevin.

Kevin chuckled and handed him the spare helmet. "I'm hoping someday you will, so I can go faster."

"Faster?! As if you didn't already drive like a maniac."

"Hey now..." The redhead looked down sadly, but when he didn't receive a response from his boyfriend, he raised his head and squinted his eyes at him. Edd brought his hand up to his mouth as he giggled.

"That was a nice try, Kevin," the sockhead said.

"Yeah, yeah..." Kevin smiled though and gently held Edd's hand. "So, what do you feel like doing?"

It was the question Edd had heard too many of times before. Kevin's famous question in which Edd would normally turn the tables around and allow Kevin to decide, but that was then. He didn't want to annoy the redhead by being indecisive. He dwelled on an answer for a moment, tilting his head while deep in the thought. A sweet smile spread across his face when it came to him.

"This," he said, lifting himself up and planting his lips on Kevin's.

Kevin sighed during the kiss, placing his hand on Edd's cheek. They pulled away after a few seconds. Kevin's free hand lingered up Edd's back and the sockhead was too concentrated in staring into emerald eyes to realize Kevin's motives. Kevin's hand reached the back of Edd's head and he yanked off the beanie. Edd gasped and quickly brought his hands up to cover his messy black hair.

"K-Kevin!" He yelled out, but the redhead was laughing as he backed away from him. "My hat, Kevin! Give it back this instant!"

"Come and get it!" Kevin waved the beanie in the air, a smug grin on his face.

"I will not play in this childish game of yours!"

"Then you won't get your hat back!" Kevin stepped forward a little and waved it in front of Edd's face.

Edd swung his hand out as an attempt in grabbing it, but missed. The redhead laughed even more. Edd glared at him and turned around, crossing his arms. Kevin smiled, remembering when Nat and Eddy did the same earlier at lunch.

"Give up already?" He teased and got no response from the ravenette. So he didn't bother any further. He walked up to Edd and wrapped his arms around him. "Has anyone ever told you how cute you look without your hat?" He kissed Edd's head and nuzzled against his soft hair. The corners of Edd's lips twitched. Another kiss on the head and Edd turned around, smiling up at the redhead.

"I love you, Kevin," he said sweetly.

Kevin felt his heartbeat speed up at the sound of those beautiful words coming from that beautiful mouth. He stared dreamily at Edd and smiled softly.

"I love you, too, Edd."