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Story summary and time line

In this story Tobi is still alive and well and is a member of the akatsuki and all the akatsuki members are still alive to.

This story takes place after Sasuke runs away from the village and Naruto successfully captures him alive and takes him back to Konah with him. Struggling with life threating injures Naruto for fills his promise to sakura to bring sasuke back but when he does, he does not get the reaction he hoped for. Naruto is sick of this treatment he is getting and decided he has enough of being pushed around and hated and decides to leave the village and to sever all bonds konah. Outside the village he runs into the akatsuki and they give him an importunity to join them. Will Naruto accept or will he forgive konah and come back?

F.y.i I don't care what age they were in the show or manga this the age I give them!

Naruto: 16 (I don't want Itachi to be a pedo…ok)

Sasuke: 14

Sakura: 13

Itachi: 19

Then the rest of the rookies 9 are within the ages of 12 and 14.

Chapter 1

Naruto slowly shuffled up to the gates of konoha barley breathing with an unconscious Sasuke lying limp on his back. The two gate guards that were on guard at the time saw them coming up the road, immediately jumped up and dashed over to the blonde to help him out as soon as they saw him coming over the hill. One of the gate guards with the bandage across his face went to notify the hokage who was in her office probably sleeping.

-In the hokage's office-

Lady Hokage was talking with Sakura when the door suddenly swung open and bashed against the wall.

"Lady Hokage" he paused to take a quick breath "Naruto, he's back and he has sasuke with him!"

Tsunade and Sakura's mouths opened and closed. Tsunade barked orders to sakura to go give them immediate medical attention.

When sakura arrived she found Naruto on the ground convulsing in pain in front of the konah gate and sasuke was not too far behind unconscious thanks to heavy blood loss due to a gaping hole in his chest. The other gate guard and 2 other medical ninja were already there trying stop the bleeding. Sakura ran up to Naruto and kneeled on the dirt road in front of him and looked down at him and hit him over the head with her clip board.

Naruto looked up confused 'why did she hit me?' Naruto wondered

"I kept my promise, sakura" Naruto let out a small smile before wheezing in pain again. Sakura looked down at Naruto and hit him with her clip board again but harder and clenched her teeth.

"You were supposed to bring sasuke back alive!" She growled "not half dead!" Naruto looked up in shock, he had just risked his life to bring the bastard back and that's how she treated him! That how they all treat him! She raised her hand with the clip board to hit him again but before she could swing her arm down someone grabbed her arm tightly.

"Sakura"! Sounded an angry growl "what the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you see that he is in need of medical attention!?" Sakura looked behind her only to see the silver haired copy-nin holder her arm in a firm grip. She turned around and pulled her arm away "he nearly killed sasuke-kun!" sakura retorted.

As sakura and their sensei were arguing Naruto began to sit up slowly. He gritting his teeth against the pain and slowly brought himself to a hunched standing position. Bright red chakra was slowly healing him which just gave him enough strength to stand, he turned to face sakura.

She turned around "what the hell do you want"? Sakura paused for a minute "demon!" Naruto glared at her his eyes gone red and pupils turn to slits. Sakura took a step back and eyes bulged "the villagers were right you are a demon"! Sakura gasped as Naruto took a step towards her and raised his leg and kicked her in the stomach sending her into the nearest building. The pink haired konochi coughed up a little bit of blood onto the street and looked ahead and to see Naruto limping towards her. She turned to look at Kakashi for help but he just stood in shock starring at Naruto as did everybody else who was there.

Naruto stood in front of her and grabbed the collar of her shirt. "I'm sick of you treating me like I'm a piece of shit"! Naruto growled as he tightened his grip. "I have always tried to protect you and sasuke and you know what I get for risking my life?" Naruto began to let the 9 tails chakra leak out. "A beating with a clip board"! Naruto took no notice to the frantic villagers behind him.

Sakura looked into Naruto's eyes they were a deep blood red color and she could see fangs when he barred his teeth.

Just as he finished his sentence he turned to see tsunade rushing over to help, as she arrived she saw sakura pushed against the wall and Naruto holder her shirt in his first while covered in the red bubbly chakra. Naruto immediately let sakura go and took a step away realising his mistake and ran out of the village and fast as he could. Tsunade ran over to Kakashi who was standing there pale as a sheet.

"Go after Naruto!" she hollered practically in his ear.

Kakashi snapped out of his trance as he realized what was going on. He turned to the blonde rubbing his poor ear that was just subdued to her harsh yelling. "Is that a wise choice? Why don't we let him calm down for a bit first?" he suggested. She turned and looked him in the eyes, her eyes full of worry, tsunade looked at the ground.

"Alright but I'm going to send an ANBU tracking team to watch him. Kakashi nodded in agreement and turned toward sakura who was still leaning against the building In shock, he was about to go to sakura to give her the scolding of her life before tsunade held out her arm blocking him.

"Let me deal with her!" tsunade grumbled as she stormed over to sakura with killing intent pouring out of her. Sakura looked up to see her sensei walking over to her, her eyes filled with anger and hatred. "Sakura!" the blond sanien growled as she slapped sakura across the face sending her skidding a few feet to right. "What exactly did you tell Naruto"? She demanded. Sakura looked up at her sensei and began to cry, "He almost killed sasuke-kun!" sakura yelled back.

"Ya and your sasuke-kun almost killed Naruto!" tsunade slapped sakura across the face again but not as hard. "I don't see you hitting sasuke even though he was the one who betrayed the village in the first place"! She turned and left the pink headed girl there to cry.

-With Naruto-

Naruto was about 2 miles away from konah when he felt something following him. By now the 9 tails cloak had disappeared. He began to slow down to a stop, His wounds were just starting to heal again after being reopened; he sat down under a tree waiting for his followers to come out. A few minutes later 6 ANBU black opps came out of the trees and surrounded him.

"Well, looks like we finally found you 9 tails" one of the black opps sneered under his cat like mask. The ANBU with the wolf mask suggested that this was the time to take there revenge on the 9 tails for killing their families and friends 14 years ago. They agreed as they began to close in on Naruto.

Hey kit!? A voice from inside Naruto's head spoke looks like you need some help. I could lend you some of my power if you want?

Naruto immediately knew that, that was the kyuubi but he had no time to hesitate he thankfully accepted his offer for power. The 9 tails cloak began to form around Naruto as he prepared to let the kyuubi take over to fight.

The ANBU took a quick jump back as Naruto stood up and looked around; the ANBU didn't give him much time to enjoy the scenery before they tried to jump him. Kyuubi had already taken over and an insane fox like smirk split across his face. His nails grew into long sharp points as he lunged at the wolf masked man and before he could react Naruto sliced open the man's stomach, guts spilling everywhere and turned around to face the other 5 who were coming at him at full strength. The kyuubi slaughtered all of the ANBU like it was nothing only leaving behind a bloody mess and scattered body parts.

When Naruto regained control he starred at the ground in horror as he was covered head to toe in blood and guts. Naruto began to pick off pieces of whatever body parts were left on hideous orange jump suit. 'Couldn't you have been any cleaner'? Naruto asked the kyuubi.

Where's the fun in that? The kyuubi sneered anyways kit you better get some rest so I can heal your wounds.

'When did you start caring about me?' Naruto chuckled as he began to search for a secluded spot to rest for the night. The Sun the was already almost down so that would be a good idea.

The kyuubi let out a sigh well we share a body and if you die so do I, simple.

-Back in konah-

"Where is the tracking team I set out 2 hours ago?" tsunade yelled as she slammed her fist into her desk breaking it in half. "Shizune! Get me Kakashi and Jairaya now"! She ordered leaning back in her chair.

10 mins later the door to the hokage's office slammed open. "Tell me it's not true?!" a white long spiky haired man yelled as he stomped into the room with a masked ninja following close behind.

Tsunade sighed "yes, it's true Naruto left the village"

"Why would he do that?" The sanien asked gritting his teeth anxiously.

"Kakashi, I'll let you handle the explanation later but right now I need you two to go find Naruto and bring him back safely."

"Why just the two of us? Why not team 8 too? The more people the better chances we have of finding him". Kakashi wisely spoke.

"He knows you two the best and you have a better chance of calming him down than anybody else." Tsunade sighed

"I sent a tracking unit to find him and they still haven't returned yet". Tsunade clenched her fists again "I want you to find him and bring him back!" Kakashi and Jairaya nodded and left in flash. Tsunade turned around in her chair and looked out the window and sighed "Naruto, please be safe"


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