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Chapter 7


"Naruto-kun?!" The bushes rustled a little before a figure came darting out from behind. The figure huffed and puffed as it tried to catch his breath.

"Yes lee?" he smiled brightly, but the smile never reached his eyes.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Are you really planning to leave?"

Naruto immediately had all his attention on the green clad person in front of him.

Naruto breathed out through his nose as he took an intimidating step forward. Pushing the unofficial comfort boundaries between them. "What?"

Lee was in a very uncomfortable position. He didn't like it but there was defiantly no backing down now. He gulped "I-I heard you talking to yourself the other day and I was… wonder if y-you had meant it"

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "hehehe why would I leave, you must have heard me wrong" he beamed quiet joyfully, which in lee's eyes made him look completely insane. The blonds eyes were semi-wide, had a massive fake looking grin plastered across his face with his head tilted slightly to one side. That face was completely creepy and lee began to sweat tremendously and he was beginning to wonder if he was creating a puddle under himself.

But the black haired boy was determined and was not going to be scarred off so easily.

"I know what I heard now please answer me, are you planning to leave to village?"

"HN and what if I was, what would you do about it"?


The raven eyed the ground hoping it would swallow him "So you are planning to leave".

Then before he could speak.

Lee suddenly felt hot breath on the back of his neck. The cold touch of metal on his jugular made him flinch. He gasped as the tip of the kunai slid lightly down his neck leaving behind a thin line of crimson.

The blond brought his mouth to lee's ear and whispered seductively "Yes and if you peep a word to anyone I will cut off your head and hang it from the top hokage mountain for all of konoha to see, and that's a promise" He pressed the kunai harder drawing more blood. "And you know I never break my promises"

Lee had no time to think as he felt his stomach jump into his throat as a he felt his spine crack under the power of kick to his lower back.

"Ahhh" lee choked as he slammed into the ground, it was a surprise that he didn't break a couple ribs form the impact.

"I would keep my mouth shut if I were you" then he was gone in a spontaneous burst of flames leaving lee alone, in pain, in the middle of the forest.

-To were ever the hell Naruto may be-



"You told me that no one over heard me"!

"over heard what!?'

"You know…" then he mumbled something inaudible, he was slightly embarrassed that his stupid rant was heard by someone other than the kyuubi.

Kyuubi sneered "know what? You're going to have to explain it to me" he really enjoyed bugging the blonde.

"No, if your too stupid to figure it out" the blonde stubbornly stuck his nose in the air and continued on his walk.

The streets of konoha were dark and not a soul was awake, with the acceptations of a few drunks that were still wandering the street on a search to remember where they lived.

A blonde strolled casually through the alley ways. He knew these backstreets like he knew his own sexuality. The alley was littered in trash, a few sleeping homeless dudes which he could less of a shit about and a few rats. He had spent his fair share of time sleeping here, it wasn't the most gorgeous place but anywhere you can sleep and not be worried about being killed in your sleep is good enough.

He took a seat on a random crate in the alley and watched a cat lick its paws.

His mind was clouded with so many thoughts and not the kind most people belie he would. His mind was wonder almost everywhere you could imagine. From kitchen accessories to itachi's penis, and with that dirty thought came kyuubi's own little opinion about it.

'The older Uchiha is a looker isn't he?'

Naruto glared inwardly at the fox 'wtf!?'

'Admit it he's hot'

'No he's not'

"You like him I can feel it!" Kurama laughed at his kits displeasure.

"Go fuck yourself"

"If I fucked myself that would be like you fucking yourself…you should create a clone and try it"

Naruto stopped all brain possessing as his eyes grew wide "…" he got up and began to walk again. "Don't you dare even think of it…horny bastard." He mumbled the last part.

Kyuubi chuckled 'are you going to go molest the little Uchiha in his sleep?' he teased the blonde. In truth he would rather kill sasuke then let him become his kits mate.

"God no! I won't ever touch him like that" and with that thought haunting his mind he continued to roam the dark alleys until boredom got the best of him…plus he was also hungry. He spent the next two hours trying to find a store that was still open considering it was almost 2 in the morning, but he eventually found one. It only sold small items like chips, drinks and the occasional hot dog.

He only bought a hot dog and a small water, that would tie him over till morning.

On warm nights like this he liked to sleep outside safely away from his apartment. Normally in a tree on a high branch or nod off on hokage mountain, but tonight he didn't feel like walking very far so he settled for sleeping on top of hokage tower.

He breathed a heavy sigh as he plopped himself down on the hard wood roof of the tower.(I think that what the roof is made of) He loved the view, he could see all of konoha and moon slowly rising from east casting an eerie glow upon the village.

He lay back clasping his hands under his head and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

-3 days left-

One eye slowly fluttered but quickly shut as bright yellow light blared him in the eye.

"Damn sun" he grumbled under his breath as he peeled himself from the roof of the building he had fallen asleep on. He honestly did not mean to sleep that long, it was only supposed to be a nap and now he was paying the price.

His back, neck, shoulders, legs, butt, head and arms hurt and now thanks to the sun his eyes also hurt. He could already feel a headache coming on and he loudly groaned. He was too young to be complaining about these kinds of pains.

"Shit!" he groaned as he popped his back wrong and caused pain to shoot up his spine and into his growing headache. He continued to swear under his breath.

A voice came from inside his head and by the sound of its voice it was clearing angry 'Shut up, you just woke up and you're already annoying!'

'I'm sorry did I interrupt someone's beauty sleep?'

He received no response so he left his prisoner alone… for now.

Without kyuubi to talk to he realised that he was very bored… and had no one else to bug so he was going to find another source of entertainment.

He took a long minute to stretch out his sore muscles before deciding on whom to bug.

He quietly stalked his way around the edge of the tower until he saw the window of the hokage's office directly below him. He grabbed onto the edge of the roof and quietly swung himself down and landed skillfully on the ledge.

He peered through the window and saw a blonde lady laying her head on her desk with two ninja standing in front of her. He recognized both ninja immediately the taller one being Kakashi and the shorter one being the pink bitch. Suddenly he remembered kakashi's promise to train him tomorrow but shrugged it off knowing that his sensei wouldn't keep his promise. He sighed heavily debating whether or not he should invade but he decided against it and settled for ease dropping on their conversation.

"But he attacked sasuke-kun and put him back in the hospital!"

"The Uchiha brat deserved it, did he not?" The hokage raised an eye brow and glared at the indifferently.

The pink pricks eyes widen as if she was expecting the hokage to side with her. "Bu-bu-but"

"Tsunade-sama Naruto did go at sasuke with the intent to kill him"

Naruto scoffed, of course he would side with sasuke he is his prized student after all. Naruto still had not forgotten about all the times Kakashi had blown him and sakura off to train sasuke. He got that he was the only one that could train sasuke with the Sharingun but he completely ignored all his other students so that they got no training and had to find other sources besides there actual sensei. And that got him very angry 'what made sasuke batter then them, his power, Sharingun, Kakashi guilt, his resemblance to sasuke or that fact he was easier to teach?' he didn't know, all he knew is that the way Kakashi picked favorites was infuriating in every way.

The women narrowed her eyes at the two "but he didn't"

"But he sure came close to it" The one eyed jounin tensed slightly." Also-" he opened his mouth to speak but was immediately cut off.

"An-and he was using that demons chakra!" the banshee continued to screech random shit that no one understood.

"Excuse me sakura I was talking"


"Anyways~ I think that Naruto may have been influenced by the 9 tails."

Tsunade sifted in her seat so that she looked more aware. Her fingers were laced under her chin supporting her head as she leaned forward on her desk. "What makes you say that?"

Kakashi now looked completely serious. No sign of laziness or humor anywhere.

"One of naruto's eyes were red, just like kyuubi's" Tsunade blinked, she herself had not seen naruto's kyuubi form but she had heard from Kakashi and Jiraya what it looked like and it sounded terrifying.

"Do you think the seal is breaking?" She mumbled into her hands and closed her eyes slowly, she sighed heavily before reopening her eyes "or do you think he intentionally drew on its chakra?"

The blonde out with window really wanted to barge in there and tell them all off, but if he did that how could he know who was really on his side. Naruto groaned as he heard the monster talking again, and he didn't mean kyuubi.

"He was using that demons chakras against sasuke-kun purposely, remember he even said he was in complete control!"

"Kakashi" the hokage turned her head towards the jounin again "do you believe he was really in control"?

The silver haired man actually had to think about it for a while because he wasn't actually sure. His student could have easily lied begin in complete control so he could avoid getting knocked out by the chakra seal, but on the other hand he showed all signs of being in control.

"I think he was, because sakura if he wasn't he would have attack us and the 9 tails cloak would be showing right?" He had to add the last part in because sakura was beginning to open her mouth.

"Ugh, I'm getting too old for this" she pinched the bridge of her nose between her index figure and her thumb "just get me Jiraya"

Kakashi nodded "hai" then shockingly left through the door, to which Naruto let out a breath. He wasn't sure he could move fast enough to get away from the jounin.

"Sakura what are you still doing here, you can leave" She was still pissed as hell at her student.

"I just wanted to know how sasuke-kun was doing."

"Get out"

"I just want-"


Sakura quickly scrambled out of her office like a bat out of hell. As soon as she left Tsunade slammed her head on her desk groaned loudly and fell asleep.

Meantime Naruto got board of watching the hokage sleep so he jumped off the ledge and went to go get some breakfast.

-20 minutes later in the hokage office-

"Hag I'm here"!

He quickly had to dodge a very large book.

"Don't call me that pervert"!

"Anyway you called me for something important?" he questioned as he sat down in one the big chairs.

"You were right I think we should re-check Naruto's seal" It really wasn't a suggestion it was more of a demand.

"Oh no what happened?" jairaya groaned as he rubbed his hand down his face.

Tsunade heaved a sigh 'ya I'm defiantly getting too old for this' "Naruto and sasuke sparred under the supervision of Kakashi and still he managed to almost killed the Uchiha"

"So what makes you think it we need to check the seal"?

"Kakashi said that one of naruto's eyes had changed red"

Jiraiya frowned as he stood up, he had been meaning to talk to tsunade about Naruto for the past day but never got around to it.

"Well that's sure interesting, that's never happened before are you sure just one"

"That's what Kakashi said"

"Well I have something else that I would like you to ask you about Naruto." You couldn't miss the solemn tone in his voice "Do you think Naruto has…um… kind of… lost it?"

Tsunade knew as well as jairaya that Naruto never was exactly 'normal' for lack of a better word.

Naruto is a special case, due to hundreds of beatings, hospital trips and abuse his sanity isnt exactly all there. Most of rookie nine and the teachers just thought of it as Naruto being Naruto, but in fact he has multiple 'issues'. Naruto was the result of years upon years of neglect that eventually drove him mad, but he did a great job of hiding it.

"I don't know but I sure as hell hope not"

"I think we should talk to him"

"And let what happened happen again? I don't think so"

"Then what do you suggest"

"I don't know but we can't corner him, he's like a scared animal"

Jiraiya scratched his chin; this was going to be difficult. "No matter how you approach him he is bound to run"

"Leaving him alone may be our best"

"No that the worst thing that we could do, he needs to know that there is somebody there for him or else he would let his mind slip deeper into insanity"

"Then what do we do genius"

"I have an idea"

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_TO NARU-CHAN-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

'Kuuuurrrrrraaaaaammmmmaaaaaa!" He called in a sing song voice.

"Hello" A smooth voice spoke from the trees.

Ok. That was NOT the fox; he turned his head to face around to face his follower but no one was there.

"Ok, maybe I'm just losing my mind"

"Oh no we are quiet real" The voice chuckled "And the very real us are going to finally end your life, you no good piece of shit"

Naruto's eyes widened, there was no one here to help him and kyuubi wasn't answering.

"Well then where are you!?" he shouted his eyes constantly watching his surroundings for any sign of movement.

He quickly dodged a rain of shuriken that came down from above him, as soon as he hit the ground he had to jump up to dodge a kunai that was aimed for his head.

Breathing heavily he turned around to come face to mask with a very angry owl masked ANBU. The ANBU raised his right arm and slammed his elbow right down into naruto's face.

The blonde's vision was blurry; he stumbled around as he tried to regain his sight. But as soon as his sight was clearing up he was fit with a round house kick to the stomach and was sent flying to the other end of the clearing. Hitting a tree with astounding force making it break in two as if it was a Popsicle stick.

Naruto's mind was in a scramble and was not given time to recover as he felt himself getting lifted up off the ground and into the air by his hair. He grits his teeth against the pain and let out a low growl, the ANBU just laughed.

"The little fucker still has some fight" he pulled Naruto up higher so that they came face to face. "Not so tough now are you? They must have been weak to been able to be defeated by a suck a tiny...Pest" The ANBU gave the golden locks a sharp tough, earning a loud hiss in response.

"Damn you" the demon vessel spat.

The ANBU tightened his grip on Naruto's hair and plunged his knee right into his stomach immediately making the blonde cringe and spit blood. The masked ninja's grip loosened and the blonde twisted his body free from the hold. The ANBU reached for the blonde again but he bolted.

He ran as fast as he could, dodging trees, bushes and animals that got in his way. At this point in time he felt absolutely pathetic. Where did all his energy go, why was he fighting so badly? It seemed as if he just reverted back to the 'mask' he wore without even consciously even thinking about it.

With no time to contemplate his actions he quickly skidded to a quick halt, he turned on his heel so that he face the direction where his enemy was coming from and stopped. He waited for the ANBU to come out but he never did.

Naruto slowly stood up straighter, eyes darting around the clearing.

Still…No one.

He scanned the area for chakra.

Still no one 'is it possible for someone to just disappear?'

'is it possible that he left me alone?'…'ha nooo, no one would just leave a fight after getting the upper hand'

With a few more steps forward a chakra signature pulsed from some where in front of him. The blonde quickly jump backwards and landed on all fours a few meters away.

"Looks like I was right"

A cool voice spoke from right beside his ear.

He quickly spun around and slipped 'oh what a great move' he thought as he look up soulless black eyes collided with blazing blue.

Naruto's breath immediately got caught in his throat and he nearly choked


Itachi smirked back.