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Opening the door to his home Tony is quickly surrounded by three children. "Daddy Daddy we have company."

He places his briefcase on the floor near the door. Then picks up his three year old twins boys one in each arm, but only after he picks up four year old Victoria and gives her a kiss and a hug. " Victoria where is your sister?"

"Anna is in the kitchen with mommy and the company."

Smelling the familiar aroma of coffee being brewed he didn't need to know who the company was, Gibbs. He knew he was coming, but just not when. Gibbs had been angry with him, very angry. Tony in the previous three years had poached Jimmy and then Tim away from NCIS.

Jimmy liked it in New Mexico he could exercise daily outside, and he was finding it helped control his diabetes. That and having all the farms in the area, the fresh vegetables straight from the farmers didn't hurt either. Jimmy and his wife found living in New Mexico a lot more relaxing, and being away from her parents they could start their family and really enjoy just being together. The only draw back was Ducky, Jimmy missed him terribly. It was the mini stroke that finally made Ducky retire, and he wanted to live the rest of his life going to and seeing the places that he had always dreamed of. He told Jimmy to go, go to New Mexico and take care of the guests and give them the dignity they deserve and to take care of Anthony.

Gibbs told Tony that he wanted to retire and he was thinking of moving closer to his 'grandchildren". He had no one keeping him on the east coast, his father having died almost a year ago. Tony and Diana welcomed the news and they even came up with a suggestion, they would build an in-law apartment attached to their house. It would give Gibbs the privacy that he wanted at the same time he could come over and see the children. Not to mention fix things around the house, from the never ending honey-do list.

Getting Tim to come to the fold was easy he waved an enormous nutter butter cookie in the form of a federal grant and as the head of the cyber division he would be the only 'cop' in the unit, the rest would be geeks. The icing on top of it all, a nice pay raise. It didn't take Tim long to settle down especially after Diana introduce him to a colleague of hers. They were expecting a child within the month.

"Daddy, Gibbs is here, he's not going back this time. Right?" Anna asks as Tony comes into the kitchen with his brood.

"No my lovely Anna he is home and he is staying here, well in his own little place." He answers then he puts his sons down then greets his daughter with a hug and kiss.

Gibbs watches with as Tony takes Diana into his arms kissing her gently then place his large hand over the baby bump of their last child. A child that came as a complete surprise to the both of them.

He turns and looks at Gibbs, his friend looks tired but at peace. He knew the feeling well. The men shake hands and then exchange a quick hug, Tony can't help but smile as he looks at his former boss sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee. Making his excuses Tony disappeared for ten minutes, returning only after putting his weapon in the safe and changing into jeans and a tee-shirt.

Sharing a dinner table with the DiNozzo family was a very pleasant experience. The children ate the food that was cooked without fussing. If Gibbs had to guess it was the promise of dessert that made them behave. That is until he saw the dessert, fresh peaches and whip cream. Not what he was expecting at all.

Gibbs never one to offer praise for doing a good job. His agents knew what he expected so they always did the job the best they could, end of story. But watching Diana and Tony with their young children he felt proud and at the same time, a little bit envois.

He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help it when a wet and naked three year old boy came barreling into the kitchen with Tony fast on his heels. He laughed out loud.

"Gotcha!" Tony tells his son as he brings him into his embrace.

"Daddy." The little one squeals then breaks into a fit of giggles.

"No way, pajamas first then story time, you're tired and it's bedtime."

"Can Gibbs read us a story, please?"

"Only if he wants to, Michael. You and Mark have to get into bed and be all ready."

Tony slips away leaving Gibbs and Diana reading to the children. Twenty minutes later Gibbs finds him in his office. The smile on his face replaced with an expression he knows all to well one of deep concentration as Tony works his way through a pile of paperwork and cases.

"You bring work home every night?"

Tony looks up and put his pen down. "I work at home so that I can be home for dinner with them. I only work after they go to bed, I usually only work two hours."

"You and Diana have done a great job Tony the kids are great."

"It's all her and her Mother." Tony tells him dismissively.

"Right." Gibbs replies dropping the subject.

"You see Tim yet?"

'No I thought that I would go see him tomorrow at lunch. That won't cause any problems will it?"

"No not at all. Jimmy might even be around he shows up from time to time."

"Ziva and Abby took me out for breakfast before I left."

"That was nice of them." Tony tells him.

"They told me that when they came out here to see Jimmy and Tim you didn't even say hello to them."

"I suppose they failed to mention that we were working four murders, a child abduction and a string of break-ins. Not to mention the rapes, assaults and robberies that my unit deals the on a daily basis?"

"Tony." Gibbs starts to say.

"Jethro, I trust, respect and love you dearly. I wouldn't have you around my children otherwise. I will always listen to you and take your advice on most everything, except for this. They burned their bridges with me, I don't need or want their snarky remarks and superior attitude. I've worked damn hard to get where I am. I have everything I've ever wanted, a smart, beautiful wife I love with all my heart, and four, almost five equally beautiful children. I refuse to let them get anywhere near my children of wife again. I can't trust them ever again."

"So what's left for me to do in my apartment?" He asks knowing that discretion is best course right now.

"Move in, make the bed, set up the coffee maker. Now the work room in the garage that is a different matter all together. I was building wagons for the boys and I split the wood."

"I'll take care of it." Gibbs tells him smoothly with a smile.

"Thanks. One thing, isn't it about time that the kids called you pops or something?" Tony asks bringing a real heartfelt smile to Gibbs' face.


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