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Normally she had nightmares about her family dying again and again as they were killed infront of her.
It almost felt real, and she swore she could still smell the blood. Or about the days when she was back
in the village, alone and beaten by the men, about the wolves who had killed her, their jaws biting into
her flesh as she screamed. But somehow this nightmare was worse, though she didn't know why as she tossed
and turned in her sleep.

**Dream sequence**
She saw him standing there, his trademark aloof expression on his elegant face. He was watching her,
and she watched him back, golden eyes meeting brown ones.
Feeling something was wrong, she took a step forward, her small hand shaking as she reached for him.
But he didn't move.
So she took another step, and another one, and another one.
Why wasn't she getting closer to him?
The darkness was increasing, and she felt herself growing colder. she called out for him, begging him
to come to her, but she couldn't hear herself. Could he?
Then she felt her heart skip a beat as he slowly turned around, his long hair whipping as he strode
off, the distance between them increasing.
Why was he leaving her?! After... he... why?! Why had he done it if he wanted to leave her?!
Rin scrambled after him as fast as her legs would allow her, fear numbing her senses.
**End of dream sequence**

Gasping for breath after sitting up with a jerk, Rin stared right infront of her, eyes wide.
The reason she had been cold was because she had kicked the covers off her she realized, wiping
the sweat off her forehead. It was just a dream, another bad one.
sighing out of relief, she let herself fall back on the futon, spreading her arms.
As she felt her right hand hit something soft, she blinked and turned her head to see what it was.
Upon seeing a small and crumbled blue flower lying there, her eyes went wide.
Not able to stop her small hand from quivering, she picked it up, staring in disbelief at it.
She blinked. It was still there...
So the events last night weren't a part of her dream after all...? Rin winced, feeling the
slight pain in her back and the soreness between her legs. It... had happened.
Quickly and getting out of bed faster than most teenagers used to, Rin ran for the door,
not bothering to change into her daykimono.


It was still early outside as Rin ran over the fields, looking around in panic. The singing of the
birds didn't reach her ears, nor did her own breath. The fact that she almost stumbled in several rocks,
sticks and branches didn't slow her down at all, she kept on running, ignoring the fact that her legs
were screaming out in protest from this abuse.
However, as she found what she had been searching for, her pace slowing down to a halt, her eyes never
leaving the figure that stood there in the grass merely 50 yards away from her next to the lazy river.
The wind swept by, ruffling her uncombed hair, rushing past her and played with Sesshoumaru's
long silvery strands, stirring his fluffy tail along with it. Neither flinched however as they
both watched eachother intently.

Then Rin smiled a little, starting to walk over to him.
But after a couple of steps her legs froze, and her smile dropped as she looked over her shoulder.
Hatsui... she couldn't leave him like this... not without saying goodbye...
Her heart felt like it was breaking into two pieces. Who of the two should she chose?
Looking horrified at Sesshouamru, she found his expression to be as blank as usual, eyes
cold as they watched her. No matter how hard she tried, she knew she could look at him until Doomsday
and never find a sincere emotion on the mask that was actually his face.
Why had he sought her out last night, leaving the blue flower there?
Several questions raced around in her head, and she felt her breath getting caught in her throat.
Did he... was... was it his way of saying goodbye?!
"S-sesshoumaru-sama?" she asked meekly, taking another step towards him. Was he leaving her...?
Or did he want her to leave him? Was this why he had ordered her to stay her? Was this all his doing
to get rid of her after all these years...?
No, he cared! He had to! Otherwise he wouldn't have come to her during the night, kissed her forehead
or tucked her in, touching her like he had done. He wouldn't have left the flower, and he wouldn't be
standing there, looking at her with those golden eyes of his!
She couldn't leave him like this, he was her master! She owed him her life, and she needed him!
Feeling her eyes burn she raised her hands to her mouth, desperately trying to calm down her breathing.
How could she possibly leave *him*?! Her Sesshoumaru-sama, the tall beautiful youkai who had given her
life when she was supposed to have death, the lord who protected her and let her sleep safe next to
him during the cold nights. She loved him, she knew that, and for her entire life with him she had
cherished every smile he had given her, adored his looks, his strength and the occassional attention
he gave her. But she had also known, though she had done her best to deny it, that he was a youkai.
A mighty youkai who hated humans. He had slaughtered them, killed them in cold blood and with no
remorse at all.
So how could he possibly love one?
Once again she looked over her shoulder, her eyes towards the rooftops she saw there in the distance.
She was human... they were human... Hatsui was human... Hatsui cared for her... and...
Overwhelmed at all these new thoughts and impressions, Rin dropped her head, her hands balled up
into fists as she clenched her eyes shut and tried to calm her breathing.

When she raised her head to look into his calm golden ones, she felt tears run down her cheeks, her
throat burning as she croaked out hoarsely.
"I... f-forgive me... Sesshoumaru-sama..."
When she didn't see any reaction on his face, Rin clenched her jaw tight to prevent more tears from
coming, then she turned, she couldn't look at him again, for if she did, she didn't know what she would do.
"... I will miss you... thank you... for everything..."
If he for once responded, she didn't hear it nor want to as she started half running back towards with a
painful expression on her face, tears staining her face and sobs making their way past her lips.


The steps he took when he turned around and started on the walk back towards the dark forest proved to be
more difficult than he had imagined. He thought that he, Sesshoumaru, was easily prepared for the sight of
her when she turned around and headed back towards the village as he knew she would do, but when it actually
happened, he was surprised at the feeling in the pit of his stomach. Standing still, concealed in the shady
light of the forest he looked over his shoulder once again, casting a last glance towards the village.
This was for the better, he chided himself. This was what he had promised himself all those years ago.
Save the girl, then allow her to follow him until someone else took care of her.
After all, she was a human and belonged with her own kin. A low, annoying and worthless being who reeked,
was weakwilled, couldn't fight, blabbered annoyingly, clung to him... smelled of flowers, had big eyes that...
He snorted a little, quickening his pace and clenched his jaw, eyes gleaming with determination.
He, the great Sesshoumaru, lord of the west, son of Inutaisho was not upset! Of course he wasn't upset about
Rin staying with the human male! This was how things were supposed to be! Humans mated with humans, period.
Besides, now he didn't have to watch her have pups of her own, grow older, age and die...
Now that she had a mate that would take care of her, he wouldn't have to come back to check on her.
Suddenly he felt his eyes sting for a moment. Had he gotten something in his eye? He raised a hand to his
eyes, then blinked as he felt some moisture on his fingers, startling him and catching him by surprise.
His pace slowed down until he stopped, standing still. What was this?! As he tried to take a deep breath,
he found it rather difficult to breathe through his nose for a peculiar reason, and what was that
uncomfortable feeling in his chest? Had he fallen ill?
He held his breath for a moment, feeling more moisture seep out of his eyes, making his marked cheeks
slightly wet. WHAT was going on?!

He calmly walked over to the river, watching his own reflection in the calm water. Why were his eyes red?
He wasn't furious nor transforming? Seeing himself raise a hand to touch his wet cheeks, Sesshoumaru frowned
as he realized what was happening. This... feeling, he hadn't experienced it since the day his mother died
when he was but a pup... the only time he could remember this... sickening feeling. This feeling was for weaklings!
With a fierce growl he lashed out at the offending reflection, making the water ripple as he hurriedly rose
to his feet and marched in a determined manner back towards where Jaken was waiting.
He was not crying! Someone of his status never did!
So he wiped his eyes some more, not looking back towards the village where he had left Rin... his pup.
Now that she was gone, the memories and forbidden images would disappear.
He was free. They both were.



A/N: Ok, I have to admit, I did sniffle and feel a few tears wanting to make an appearance... but everything in
me wanted it to end this way! **ducks incase any angry boots come flying**
Think about it: they are different races, Sesshoumaru has his attitude and reputation after all, Rin being human,
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I have only read a few stories with a non-happy ending on this subject, and I wanted to write one the way
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