Dick couldn't help but moan. The white sticky substance traveled down from his hands to his elbow. He purred, not wanting to let the precious substance to go to waste. Jason watched with interest, eager to see what his "older" brother would do next. A sick smile graced his face, knowing if one drop fell onto Dick's pants, the jig would be up.

It always amazed Jason at how flexible Dick could be. Doing things that Jason himself couldn't even do. Dick glanced up from his position, his tongue lapping up the remains of his mess. Reaching his hand out to his "younger" brother, Dick licked his lips and smiled.

"Want a bite of my Ice Cream?"

"Na, I'll stick with my Chilly Dogs."

Dick continued eating his cold snack from DQ's and Jason ate his warm meal. Ah, brotherly bonding at its best…..