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Mindy is in Danny's bathroom washing her face, trying to freshen up. She shouldn't have had that many glasses of wine. She became easily irritated, and tonight was the worst night to be drunk. On the other hand, having that Medusa woman, that creepy sexy elegant cheater myth was unbearable. She could not believe Danny was falling for it all over again. And she didn't know why it bothered her so much. She was very protective of her friends, that was a given. But there was an annoyance beyond any level with this situation. And then Danny was being such a prick about her trip! She just had to pull away from the crowd. She had to think. And this luxurious bathroom helped her quite a bit. She still remembered the last time she was in here, making fun of Danny's hygiene. She smiled to herself.

Suddenly Danny walked in– not from the hallway door (which she had locked) but from his bedroom entrance – and shut the door.

M: Hey! A little privacy Castellano. The lady has some issues to attend to!

Danny looks furious, and a little tipsy too.

D: I just had to get away from Mr. Superstar…

M: Hey! Rude!

D: No, I'm actually polite. But I'm sick of it, really. This is my house! Why do I have to endure him?

M: Uhm, because you invited us?

D: I invited you. Not him.

M: Uh, not true. Actually, you didn't even invite me. Your wife invited him and me both. Because he is my boyfriend, remember? And we are going away to help humanity

D (beside himself): Why are you even doing this?

M: What do you mean?

D: I mean leaving like this, on this "mission" or whatever

M (altruist): I'm trying to be a better person Danny. You guys say I should be a more caring person! Well, there you go. Nothing better than Haiti! Wyclef Jean would be so proud of me!

D: This isn't you. Look, I'm not saying helping others is a goal you shouldn't achieve, but this isn't you. Why are trying so hard? Why do you have to change for this guy?

M: Whoa. Excuse me? No I am not! And since we are talking about this… Why did you un-evolve and became little she-devil's bitch again? That's not you either Castellano.

D: What? That is different. She is my wife.

M: No its not. And she WAS your wife. You know? You seemed to be this tough, serious, level headed guy. And yet she has made you… a dot.

D: A dot?

M: A dot

D: I'm not a frigging dot, okay? I am a man! And don't change the subject okay?.

M: Why are you so worried anyway?

D: I'm not worried. I'm just pissed off at you. Why cant you just be you and be liked for who you are?

M: Please! That doesn't even exist, Danny. We all change to fit the ones we are with

D: Not necessarily

M: Oh really? Remember all the drama we've been through this year with the people we have dated? It happened because honesty sucks. Examples? Eye-patch: Thought you were mean. Tom? Left me upon knowing my real womb age. Those freaky friends slash lovers? Left us for each other!

D: That doesn't qualify as…

M (shutting him up): Whatever, shush. The point is, I think you know that in order to survive a relationship you have to put on a show. We all do… After all, who could like me for just being me?!

Silence falls in the bathroom. Danny stares intensely at her, almost like making up his mind whether to speak or not.

M (disappointed) : You see? Not one soul would… Danny, Danny what are you doing?

Danny takes Mindy's hand and leads her to the shower. They are in that tiny corner once again, like the previous party. Mindy is about to open her mouth with more questions.

M: What…

D: Hear this now, and hear it well, because I won't repeat it and I will deny I ever said it… (He clears his throat. A beat) "The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself."

M: What?

D: You heard me. I won't say it again

M: Where did you even get that from man?

D: I don't know, I don't remember. Maybe some fortune cookie… the point is, it's true.

M: Yeah, it is true. I am a better person because of Casey.

D (frustrated): No you are not! You're… changing!

M: Again Danny, you preach a lot for someone who likes to act like a doormat for his cheating ex wife!

Silence falls between them and Mindy knows she has crossed the line, reached rock bottom. That wasn't a fair comment, that wasn't even below the belt… that was right in the gut, or more like right in the heart.

M: Oh… wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

D: Yes you did.

M: No, I didn't, really.

They look at each other for a second, with a mix of fury and pain and regret. Then Mindy leans in unconsciously. Danny doesn't flinch, still trapped in her gaze. She finally gathers herself with enough courage and calmness to brush her lips against his. Then she kisses him, full on the lips, but very softly. Almost tip toeing around it. He pulls away and Mindy looks like she has had a heart attack. She can't stop looking at him. Danny looks freaked out as well.

D (out of breath): What… was that?

M (hyperventilating): Ohhh god. Oh god. I didn't even know… why did I do that? Okay, oh lord… I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Oh please, oh no… ignore me please while I go die like the awful sinner I am.

D: Okay, this is weird. And yeah so… I should get back there… (pointing towards the door)

M (clenching his arm): Oh no, don't leave now. Because, you see, you have to know that was stupid. Really just, stupid. I just thought there was a… moment. And clearly, CLEARLY, there wasn't. Like, gross! (she lets go of her arm like she has been burnt)

D (rubbing the back of his neck): Hey, no worries. Look, I don't want to fight anymore anyway so.. It's okay, really. I just think… you know… I like you, Mindy. For who you are. Don't change. You don't need to.

Mindy calms down and nods sheepishly.

M: Okay, I should go first I guess. Given this is you house I have less alibis for taking so long in the bathroom.

D: Yeah, right.

M: Okay, I'm sorry. See you in there. I mean, the party. See you at the party. Later. See you later. (mumbling to herself) Ugh. Stupid…

Mindy starts to leave the nook, but Danny grabs her hand. She looks at their hands, puzzled. Then he hugs her, a bit awkwardly.

D: Have a safe trip Min. Don't go die on us, okay?

M: Yeah… Thank you for the party. For real. I'll miss you guys.

As they part from their embrace, their mouths are once again centimeters from each other. The 4 second rule of body contact is definitely over and they are still too close for comfort. They lock eyes again.

A deep breath and Danny can't control his actions anymore. That sad beautiful face looking back at him is suddenly all he's ever wanted. Out of nowhere there's a kiss, a bit more deeply this time, and their breaths become agitated. Their hands are still clasped. Within seconds they pull apart with the same "in awe" expression.

They are getting it just now. They didn't know.

They didn't know it could be this way, and be mutual…

Suddenly, Christina calls his name from the hall. They both look at the door, alert.

D: I have to go

M: Yeah, me too

They walk to the bathroom door, and notice their hands still together. Slowly they fall apart, and they each go through a separate door without looking back, but knowing everything has changed. The monster is awake.