Percy Jackson lay in his bunk, snoring softly. He was taking a quick nap before Capture the Flag, and was woken by the sound of a war horn. He struggled to put on his armour and pulled the cap of Riptide. He ran out of the cabin, and towards the woods. Then he heard a groan. He turned around, and followed the noise to the door of Cabin Six. He realised the groans were Annabeth's, so he drew his sword and looked in the window. There was Annabeth, sprawled out across a bed. She wore an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, and jeans. She had her dagger in her hands, and was rubbing the hilt against her crotch. He gasped as he realised what she was doing. She pulled down her jeans, revealing grey panties, with the slogan "Mind over Fear" on it. She continued what she was doing, with a smile.

"Percy! Percy!" She gasped suddenly.

That made him hard. Here was the girl he loved, masturbating to his name. He pulled off his armour and down his pants, before shuffling out of his underwear. He grabbed his erect cock as Annabeth pulled down her underwear. She started rubbing her pussy with her index finger, while gasping happily. Percy began jerking off. He continued stroking, faster and faster as Annabeth gasped continuously. She climaxed first, gasping and falling backwards. A minute later Percy, imaging walking in there and fucking her pussy sore, climaxed and cummed onto the side of the house. He gasped loudly, and Annabeth looked up, seeing him.

"Percy?" She yelled.

He tried to run, but he tripped over his armour and fell to the ground. Annabeth grabbed him and dragged him inside, and threw him onto the floor.

"What the hades were you doing?"

"I was just… you know… the same as you."

"You were watching me and jerking off?!"


She looked at him sternly, before grabbing a rope and throwing it at him. The rope transformed into handcuffs, and his hands were handcuffed together.

"You humiliated me, so I'll do the same to you! I'll leave you here for the rest of camp to see you."

"No! Annabeth, please! I'll get kicked out! I'll do anything!"

She mused about this for a second.



She smiled.

"Ok then."

She walked over to the wardrobe, and stuck her hand to the back, pulling out a small owl. It was a plastic grey owl, wings folded, pretty tall for an owl. It was crusty, and he gulped as he realised it was Annabeth's dildo, covered with her dried cum.

"Annabeth, what are you…" He began.

She shoved the dildo into his mouth, moving it up and down.

"Suck it." She demanded. "Suck the cock."

He groaned, muffled through the plastic dick, and started to suck. He licked up Annabeth's dried juices, while struggling to take in the huge cock.

"Yeah. I met you like that better that watching me. Who's cock do you wish it was? Tyson? Luke? Nico?"

He coughed, practically choking on the dildo.

"OK, that's it. You want to be ploughed my Nico. You want to suck him off. Go on, say it. Say you want to suck him off."

She grabbed his cock, and started jerking him off.

"I want to suck Nico off!" He said.

"Say you want to be his pussy boy!"

"I want to be Nico's pussy boy!"

"Say you love sucking cock!"

"I love sucking cock… Oh!"

He cummed, and Annabeth let go. She pulled out the dildo, and spat on his face repeatedly.

"Yeah, Nico just cummed all over you. My turn."

She gently slapped him with the dildo, before standing up out of her jeans and panties, revealing her shaven, blonde pussy.

"Come on, Seaweed Brain. Get me off."

She stepped forward, so her pussy was right in his face. He looked up at her, and she smiled.

"Go!" She said.

He stuck his tongue into her pussy, and started licking frantically. He sucked on her pussy lips, before shoving his tongue as far as it would go.

"Come on, Percy. I know it's not a cock, but surely you're not this bad."

He licked harder, determined to make her cum.

He licked and licked, and suddenly she grabbed his hair tight, and cummed all over his face. He licked it up, and she uncuffed him.

"We should do this again, Seaweed Brain."