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On October 15th, a special festival is held annually in the prosperous city of Magnolia to celebrate the harvest. This special festival is called the Harvest Festival. It is hosted by the most famous guild in all of Fiore...Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail was found in the city of Magnolia. With a population of over sixty thousand, it was a busy place. At this time of the year though, there were thousands more. People from all over had come to Magnolia for the festival, but one particular event attracted all of their attention.

The Fantasia Parade.

The Fantasia Parade is a parade featuring the members of Fairy Tail who ride on different floats and use their Magic to entertain the watching public. Held at the center of Magnolia, this event is held every night as the closing of the event, and is also known as the most flashy and beautiful event in the whole festival. Fireworks and colourful floating shapes made of magic are ever-present to light up the night sky.

This year...well...an unplanned event gained the citizens' attention.

This year, which is on year X784, on the morning of the festival, everyone was in festive mood and the happy aura emitting around them was addicting. There's no way you'll feel depressed on this day. Stalls were set up to sell souvenirs and merchandise and simple games were held for citizens to win prizes such as plushies and action figures. This was gonna be a festival like never before, with completely no interruptions.

Well, they were wrong.

This year, the Fairy Tail guild hosted a new event called the Miss Fairy Tail Contest wherein each contestant was to perform in the stage and show the audience their beauty in order to win 500,000 jewels. Members of the guild, citizens of Magnolia and visitors from other towns gather at the Fairy Tail Guild building to see the show. Most of the prominent members took part in this contest.

First up is the local drunk of the guild, Cana Alberona. She threw multiple cards up into the air until they covered her entire body. When the cards fell to the ground, she is then revealed to have changed her outfit into a swimsuit.

After her was Juvia Lockser, a former S-Class Mage of Phantom Lord before it was disbanded. She used her Water Magic to turn her body into a waterfall and changed her outfit into a swimsuit.

Mirajane Strauss was next. She used to be known simply as 'The Demon' due to her Take Over Magic being used to control the power of a variety of Demons. She was an S-Class Mage but due to the incident with her sister… well it wasn't good to think about. used her Transformation Magic to change her face into Happy's followed by Gajeel's face, much to the crowd's surprise.

Next was one of the guild's strongest, Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania, the Queen of the Fairies.. She used her Requip magic to change into a Goth Loli outfit, much to the demise of Lucy and the delight of all the males in the guild.

Next up is Levy McGarden, the bookworm of the guild. She held a short show by using her Solid Script magic to create words in the air, making Jet and Droy has hearts in their eyes.

Another Requip Mage appeared next, only she used Gun Magic instead of Sword Magic. She is none other than Bisca Mulan. She uses her Guns Magic to demonstrate her shooting abilities by shooting four coins at once and managed to shot through all four coins she threw up with one hit. Alzack just watch in awe as he blushed watching his crush's beautiful performance.

Lastly was one of their newer members, a girl called Lucy Heartfilia. She planned to perform a cheerleading dance with her celestial sprits as she took the stage.

And there's where everything went downhill.

Every one of the girls that were competing had been turned to stone. And it was her doing, Evergreen. Over at the side had Freed Justine and Bickslow, sitting above them all. Together, they were known as the Raijinshuu, Laxus's personal bodyguards.

And then Laxus made his appearance. The three were acting under his orders and he declared that the battle of Fairy Tail was beginning. Laxus proclaims that they will hold a contest to see who is the strongest mage in Fairy Tail and that Magnolia will be the battlefield. All the mages must battle one another, including the four of them, and the last one standing is the winner. They have three hours to do so, after the time limit, the stoned girls will crumble to dust into nothingness.

Every member of the guild got the message. They ran for the exit and began to scour the city, searching for the Raijinshuu and Laxus himself, determined to defeat them. But they failed miserably as guild members were forced to fight amongst themselves to proceed, courtesy of the rune set up by Freed. Then Laxus showed his hand. He wanted to be the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, and was determined to do anything to get it.

After some time, there are two mages remaining, which are Natsu and Gajeel, both oddly enough, can't get out of the rune barrier set by Freed, which stated that people who are 80 years old and above and stone statues can't get out. What will Master Makarov do now? Is this the end of his reign?

"ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!" exclaimed Natsu, walking towards the stone statues "We won't get anywhere with all of this. Oh well, guess we should revive Erza,"


"WHAT!" Makarov and Happy shouted, obviously shocked of Natsu's desicion, especially the way he said it nonchalantly, "Argh, Just when I thought I can have a one-on-one match with her," Natsu added to himself in a irritated tone.

"Wait a minute!" Makarov said, "W-What do mean revive h-her?"

"If I burn her it will come off right? the stone shell..." Natsu said like it was nothing.

"DOOOOOOOOON'TT!" Makarov yelled in objection.

"Erza and the others had turned into stone completely!" Happy exclaimed.

"We wont know till we try right?" Natsu asked, putting down Erza's statue lying on the floor.

"Stop it! You will get Erza killed!" Makarov shouted.

Ignoring Makarov's warnings, Natsu lit up his fists with flames and hover them just above Erza's breasts.

"Broil her nice and good!" Natsu said with a pervy grin.

"What the heck! You want to rub it on her?!" Makarov said.

"Dude, dont have to be so frisky" Gajeel added behind them.

Just then, a crack appeared on Erza's face, comically shocking everyone there. Natsu and the others started to panic. "Shit! I broke her!" Natsu cried "GLUE, GLUE! HAPPY GET GLUE!"

"AYE SIR!" Happy replied, flying away to get glue.

"You idiot! you think that would fix her?! Here! melt my iron her and weld her back!" Gajeel quickly suggested.

"YOU FOOLS!" Makarov yelled.

Suddenly, the crack on Erza gets bigger and longer. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Natsu yelled, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" And then a breaking sound was heard, and there lay Erza, back to her normal form. After a moment of silence, Erza said "it's hot... was that you, Natsu?" a dark aura forming around her "What were you trying to do?!" punching Natsu and Gajeel in the process. "Erza is back!" Happy gladly said.

"Thank goodness, but how-?" Makarov asked.

"I don't know, maybe it's because of my right eye." Erza stated.

I see, so her artificial right eye actually halved the effect of the magic. Makarov thought.

"Erza, do you know what's going on?" Happy asked

"Yes, even though I was turned to stone, I could hear you all clearly." she replied

"Yeah! it's time for a counter attack!" Makarov said, confidence renewed.

Natsu, Erza, Gajeel, Makarov and Happy walked towards the guild entrance, noticing the number of mages remaining on the rune barrier changes from two to three, "Now it's three remaining." Happy stated. "How elaborate, with me restored, the number changes accordingly," Erza said. "the three of them are Natsu, Gajeel and Erza, right?" Happy asked, Just then, the number increased to four, "Four remaining?" Moments later, it increased to five, leaving them dumbfounded , "Ehhhhhh? Now its five remaining?!" Happy asked, clearly confused with the number increase. "It increased by two..." Gajeel said. "Who?!" Natsu said, turning his head back towards the statues, seeing there are still solid, "Everyone is still frozen solid, but who?"

Erza grinned, knowing who are the ones that are coming, "There are two more out there remember? Especially him, he's finally back six months after going for his first SS-class job." Natsu, realized who she meant, was surprised "What? You don't mean...them?"

"No way!" Happy yelled.

"Are they really back?!" Makarov said, stunned by the news.

"Looks like the real war is gonna begin, this is gonna get interesting" Erza said with a confident smile.

Completely have no idea what they meant, Gajeel asked: "Who is coming?"

"Both of them are possible candidates for the title as the strongest Fairy Tail mage," Erza said "First is the mysterious mage, MYSTOGAN!"

"And the other one?" Gajeel asked.

"He just joined Fairy Tail two years ago, but he recently was promoted to a S-class mage last year. He was so powerful Master gave him his first SS-class job six months ago, looks like he has completed it" Erza said, with a confident grin.

Gajeel was shocked hearing what she said, who on earth is that powerful? he thought. Curious, he asked, "W-What his name?"

"Oops sorry, did I forgot to mention his name? He goes by the name of The Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki"


At Kardia Cathedral, Laxus' hiding place,

"So, Erza is restored, while Mystogan and Ichigo are joining in the fray," Laxus grinned "Including me, that makes it the Top Four of Fairy Tail mages,"

"Ehehehehe, now this is what I call a festival"

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