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Previously, on Fairy tail...

"So if Nirvana fully activates, we'll all become bad people?" Charle asked Uryu, who was still carrying Wendy on his back as they ran, or in Charle's case, flying. He nodded, then she continued, "If that's the case, wouldn't the mages in a dark guild become good people?"

"That is possible," Uryu answered, "But the truly fearsome power of Nirvana lies in the ability to control it that way. For example, if you used Nirvana against a guild...The allies could kill each other without hesitation. They could go into war with other guilds for no reason whatsoever. Starting things like that would be child's play."

Charle's was shocked to the core as she slowly connected the dots of why Oracion Seis wanted to acquire Nirvana, "So, the main objective of Oracion Seis is...!"

"Yes, that's why we're going to stop them and destroy Nirvana once and for all! They are going to wipe out all the light guilds!"


The pillar of black light was still towering in all its glory in the middle of the huge forest towards the endless sky as it continues to absorb Dark Magic. The Light Alliance and Oracion Seis were making its way towards the pillar with renewed hope but with different goals, with the Light Team plotting to destroy it while the Oracion Seis wanting to claim the prize, accomplishing their solitary, yet energy-taxing goal.

One particular group wasn't lucky enough as they met a stumbling block on the way to the pillar of black light. Team Natsu minus Erza was making good progress towards the pillar but was stopped when they reached a wide river. The bridge connecting to the other side was deliberately destroyed, much to the group's dismay and Natsu's rage. Worse, the culprit who destroyed the bridge was standing in front of them now. To their shock, the culprit was a perfect copy of Gray Fullbuster from head to toe, sans the white t-shirt and the orange jacket, which the real Gray had discarded unconsciously, thanks to his stripping habit, while running.

Gray, Lucy and Happy knew that this was the shape shifter Ichigo mentioned during their discussions, controlled by an Oracion Seis mage, so they were cautious not to do anything rash, but of course, with Natsu being Natsu, he charged straight on with a flaming fist going to attack him, apparently unimpressed that there were two Grays. Aiming a hit on his face, the shape shifter just move a step towards the left and avoid it and elbow him at the back, causing the fire dragon slayer to lost balance and fall into the water, only to rise up a few seconds later on a raft tied onto a wooden pole of the destroyed bridge lying down on his stomach with a green face ready to vomit, obviously suffering his usual motion sickness.

Seeing Natsu down on the count, Gray make his first move to save him with his Ice Make: Geyser. Countless number of ice spikes made it way towards the other Gray as his palms touched the ground. The other Gray just smirked and countered with his own ice geyser. Their attacks met in the middle as their ice geyser got taller until it exploded into ice powder. Happy then activated his wings and flew towards Natsu in an attempt to save him but to no avail as he was frozen by the other Gray. He then analysed Gray and Happy's abilities out loud.

He turned to Lucy and aimed at her. With his right hand outstretched, he fired countless ice lances at her, catching her completely off guard. Regaining her composure, she instantly took out one of her golden keys from her pouch and shouted, "Gate of the Archer, I open thee! Sagittarius!" A golden magic circle appeared in front of her and there revealed is a tall, black-haired, lanky man wearing a horse costume. He has rustic, almost medieval style clothing. He carries a giant bow and has a giant quiver on his back. Instantly knowing what he needed to do, he took out his arrows from his back and fired them all at the ice lances with deadly accuracy, destroying them all.

The other Gray then analysed her abilities and paused when he said she was a Celestial Spirit mage. He smirked darkly as he fired a large ice saucer at her, making her her freeze on the spot unable to move. Gray was also frozen on the spot as he wasn't expecting an attack that fast. But Hibiki Lates was in the right place at the right time as he run into the climax of their confrontation to see the doppelganger of Gray firing the ice saucer at the unmoving Lucy. Seeing Gray frozen in place as well, he just made it in time to move in front of her and block the attack with his Force Shield.

Knowing that the Gray across him is the shape shifter, Hibiki demanded him to reveal him or herself. The fake Gray then transformed into Lucy, earning him a remark from Hibiki, who mentioned that since the real Lucy is right beside him, doing something such as this has no effect. The fake Lucy, however, replied that he strikes her as the type that has a weakness for women. The fake Lucy proceeded to pull up her top, revealing her breasts, which greatly shocks Gray, Hibiki and Sagittarius, with Gray being the most exaggerated as he nearly fainted from blood loss spewing from his nose.

Fake Lucy declareed the completion of Celestial Spirit information gathering and turns to Sagittarius, prompting the Celestial Spirit to attack Hibiki and Gray. Sagittarius, sweating, claimed that he's not doing it, causing Lucy to believe that he was manipulated. Although Lucy force-closed Sagittarius' gate, the fake Lucy summoned him again, confusing the both of them. Another voice was heard as the voice spoke thet they had enough fun toying them already. With Sagittarius disappearing the fake Lucy separated into two small beings, the Celestial Spirit Gemini. Introducing herself as Angel of the Oración Seis, the woman told Lucy that Gemini's abilities of replication are absolutely flawless. With Hibiki, Gray and Natsu unable to do battle with the Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy decided to take her on herself.

Angel began by telling Lucy that she wants her keys for herself. In response, Lucy summoned Aquarius and ordered her to attack Angel. Angel then withdrew Gemini and stated that even if she is defeated, she doesn't care. Aquarius gave a quick reply and began to attack her with her Water Magic, but Angel summoned Scorpio, who is Aquarius' fellow Celestial Spirit and boyfriend, causing Aquarius to cease her attack and drastically change her personality, comically shocking Lucy. Aquarius turned around and warned Lucy that she'll be a drowned corpse if she ever tries saying anything funny to Scorpio. Scorpio then asks Angel if she minds if he and Aquarius go on a date, which she allows. After their disappearance, Angel hit Lucy into the river, saying that a Celestial Spirit Mage who doesn't know the relationships between fellow Spirits has no hope of defeating her. Lucy stood up and declared that she has one more trump card and summoned Loke, pleading for him to defeat Angel, he says that he will. However, Angel, unfazed, told Lucy that all relationships are important and summoned Aries, Loke's old friend, causing Lucy to worry as he won't want to do battle with her.

As Aries was Karen Lilica's old spirit, Lucy asked her what she's doing with her key, to which Angel replies that she was the one who killed Karen and that Aries was her reward. Hibiki, by the riverbank, heard this and started to seethe with rage as Karen was his ex-lover, causing him to realize that he might fall into the darkness if he continues to think such thoughts. Meanwhile, Lucy tried to force Loke's gate closed, by he stopped her, saying that she shouldn't look down on him; they may be friends but when their owners differ, then they become enemies: a Celestial Spirit must always fight for their master. Aries added that even if they owe the enemy a great debt, they must fight, for that is their pride as a Celestial Spirit, causing Lucy to mutter that what they're doing isn't right.

Angel, meanwhile, enjoyed the battle between Loke and Aries, however, she decided that Aries is no match for a combat specialist and summons Caelum. Caelum shot both Aries and Loke, removing them both from the battle. While vanishing, Loke apologized to Lucy whilst Aries tells Loke that she's glad he found a great owner.

When Angel asked Lucy if she's impressed by her simultaneous summoning, Lucy called Angel's atrocious act unbelievable. In reply, Angel asked her what's so unbelievable as Celestial Spirits are unable to die. Shedding tears, Lucy told Angel that the inability to die has no effect on the emotions they feel, adding that Angel has gall to call herself a Celestial Spirit Mage. Summoning Taurus to attack Angel, the woman responds by re-summoning Gemini and having the twin Spirits transform into Lucy, seducing the Golden Bull with her body. With Taurus distracted, Gemini takes Caelum and hits Taurus whilst Lucy collapsed from her back-to-back summons. Going after Lucy, Gemini repeatedly hit her with Caelum. Angel, watching, laughed at her pain and asked Lucy what it feels like to be killed by herself, calling it great.

Lucy ordered Angel to release Aries, explaining that she had a horrible owner before, though Gemini hits her again with Caelum. Angel asked her if that's the way to ask someone of a favor and so Lucy said "please" and begs for Angel to release Aries because Aries deserved to be with Loke, adding that only the Celestial Spirit Mages like them can grant them that happiness. Saying that she'll give Angel anything she wants apart from her keys, Angel decides to take Lucy's life and orders Gemini to kill her.

Gemini, however, doesn't do so. She states that she can hear Lucy's beautiful voice expressing her love for her Celestial Spirits echoing in her head. Gemini starts to cry, stating that Lucy's love for Celestial Spirits runs deep in her heart, shocking Angel and forcing her to close Gemini's gate. It is then that Hibiki hobbled behind Lucy and grabs her neck, causing Angel thinks that Hibiki has fallen to the darkness. However, Hibiki told Lucy to hold still for a moment as his hands travel to her head, telling her he's going to use his Magic to give her a one-time transfer of the data on a top-level spell. Light gathered around Lucy's head as Hibiki transfers the spell to her. He smiles and states that he almost fell to the darkness, but it was Lucy's bond with her Celestial Spirits that enveloped him in the light he needed. Now collapsing, Hibiki told Lucy that it's up to her now.

Lucy entered a trance and started reciting the incantation to a spell: both she and Angel were surrounded by a brilliant light; Lucy casts the super-Magic Urano Metoria, thereby successfully defeating Angel.

Lucy snapped out of the trance and hurried over to Natsu, who is still on the raft reeling from his motion sickness, however at that moment, Angel stands up and declares that she won't be defeated. Ordering Caelum to attack, Angel expresses her shock when the Celestial Spirit misses its target. However, Caelum's ray destroyed the rock that the raft was resting upon, sending the raft downstream. The noice of the rock destroyed was enough to awake Gray from his trance, who was barely unconscious. As Angel releases her prayer to fly into the sky like an angel, Lucy goes after Natsu, who is headed for the nearby waterfall. Seeing this, Gray quickly run over towards the direction Natsu and Lucy were drifted. Although Gray managed to grab her arm to pull her up while Lucy managed to grab Natsu's hand, they were too late and the three of them were sent falling below the waterfall.


Brain stopped walking towards his destination and gasped in shock as he felt Angel's magic signature faded from his Six Prayers tattoo. He grasped his cheek with his free hand as he felt one of the tattoos on his face slowly fading into nothingness.

"I-Impossible! Even Angel has fallen?!" Brain said in shock as his hand on his cheek went limp to his side, showing his tattoo fading away into nothingness. Moments later, he narrowed his eyes in determination as he girtted his teeth and said, "Your death will not be in vain! The extinction of the light will begin soon!"


As if his words reached her ears, Angel was lying in the river with a deadpan look as she said, "I'm not dead."


Somewhere at the woods, Jura is now having a conversation to a really different and good Hoteye as Hoteye explained everything. He found out that the Nirvana is a dark magic that could change people's personality and has a few stages upon initialization of said magic. The first stage is the black pillar of light which forcibly change anyone trapped in the boundary between good and evil. Connecting the sudden change of personality of the Oracion Seis mage and the truth of the magic Nirvana, Jura deducted that Hoteye was in between that boundary, to which Hoteye admitted.

As Jura asked why he was in that said boundary, Hoteye explained his history. It turns out that he joined the Oracion Seis in search of money for the search of his long-lost younger brother. Even though he felt that what he was doing was wrong, he would do everything in order to find his younger brother. He even added that Jura reminded him of his past. Hearing this, Jura wondered if he resemble his younger brother. Hoteye just smiled as he answered that his bald head is a splitting image of the potatoes his younger brother used to it, much to Jura's comical shock. And then they were off to the pillar of black light.

In other parts of the forest, a brief skirmish between Midnight and Ren happened with Midnight emerging victorious, much to the Oracion Seis mage's boredom. Ren bombarded him with every magic spell he got, but none of them could land a hit on Midnight. Using Air Magic: Aerial Shot as his last attack, Ren lifted up some small stones and shot those at Midnight with the speed close of a bullet fired. But to Ren's shock, none of them could hit Midnight as well, as if the stones were deflected from his body. Before Ren could retaliate, Midnight fired a wave of his magic at him, incapacitating him and render him unconscious.

Somewhere in the woods on a cliff, the Cait Shelter trio of Uryu, Wendy and Charle were resting from going to the black pillar. Uryu was running when Wendy finally woke up from her slumber on his back saying she was slightly dizzy. Deducting that he caused her dizziness by knocking her out and carrying her while running, Uryu stopped running and jumped up high onto a cliff to rest.

After much self-blaming and loathing from Wendy for resurrecting Jellal and caused the unsealing of Nirvana, which Uryu and Charle strongly opposed her from thinking those thoughts over and over to prevent her from falling into the darkness, Uryu asked how did she know of Jellal. Wendy said that she met Jellal seven years ago while she was searching for Grandine, the Sky Dragon and Wendy's adopted mother, who went missing.

That time, it was revealed that Jellal got lost as well while travelling along the woods. So, the both of them aimlessly travel together, unknowingly forming a close bond between them. It was going well for a month ontil one day, Jellal said something weird while looking at the sky, "Anima!" as the young dragon slayer recalled it. Then, he told Wendy it was dangerous to travel with him any further, but Wendy emotionally opposed to it. Eventually, she was placed under the care of a nearby guild, which is Cait Shelter.

Uryu couldn't help but feeling a bit surprised at her story, though he didn't show it. The Seireitei's investigation on Brain started six years ago, which is around the time he was seen sighted with Jellal, who, based on Wendy's story, was travelling with her seven years ago. Does that mean that as he travelled alone without Wendy at his side, he was discovered, manipulated and recruited by Brain?

"Wendy, did Jellal do anything bad to you while he was with you?" Uryu asked.

Wendy just shook her head gently in denial as she said, "No, he was really kind to me. Even though I've heard all the rumours…a councilor that looked just like him, about how he had done terrible things, the Jellal I know won't do those things." She broke eye contact with her adopted nii-san and turned her head to look ahead at the never-ending pillar of light as she wondered out loud, "Even though Nii-san and Ichigo-san said he had lost his memories, I still hope he remembers me."

A huge blast of dust blew at Ichigo and Erza as they shielded their eyes with their arms to prevent dust from entering their eyes as they made way towards where the Nirvana and possibly Jellal was located. As their vision finally clears from the dust, Erza's eyes widened as she saw a familiar silhouette standing by the pillar of Nirvana. It wasn't until the silhouette turned on his heels to face them that her breath audibly hitched.

Staring at her with a calculating look, is the face of Jellal Fernandes.

Tons of emotions running through her veins as she gave him a once over. He still hasn't changed after all this time. That blue hair, the face of a bishounen and that unique red tattoo on the right side of his face. She wasn't sure what she was feeling right now. Should she felt happy because she could see him again, sad because she wasn't able to save him from his darkness, or angry because he could be endangering innocent lives again and she couldn't stop him? Still unsure of how to face him, she look over her shoulder to look at Ichigo, who gave her a nod, silently telling her that she could do this.

Cobra, who was still hidden behind a large boulder, was shocked to see two new figures appeared as the dust finally clears. Recognizing them as Ichigo and Erza, he was mentally fuming at times for being careless, "Erza and Ichigo are here?! Damn it! How is it that I didn't notice they were close?! I won't let you interfere with Jellal's work until Nirvana is fully activated!"

Turning her attention back towards the once dark mage, Erza called out to him, "Jellal..."

"Erza..." Jellal responded.

"W-why are you here?"

"I...don't know..." Jellal softly and honestly replied. He dipped his head slightly, making his blue bangs shadowing his eyes from view, "Erza..." He said. He wanted to say something else, but that name kept appearing in his memory, "" He repeated. Said girl just waited as he heard Jellal kept repeating her name. Did he really lost his memories just like Ichigo said? Her thoughts were confirmed as he said, "I can't remember anything expect that word."

That sentence caught Erza and the hidden Cobra off guard, with the latter more surprised than the former. Jellal grasped his face with both of his hands as he continued, "Can you tell me...who am I? Do you know who am I? Who is this 'Erza'? I can't remember a thing."

Erza was visibly shaken at Jellal's declaration as tears started to gather in her eyes, threatening to fall. While Ichigo looked indifferent as he looked on at the turn of events in slight curiosity while waiting a certain mage to reveal himself from the darkness. He had sensed two magic signatures upon arriving here but there was only Jellal in sight, so he deduced that one was hidden somewhere nearby, possibly an Oracion Seis mage. Not wanting to interrupt the two former friends' moment, the strawberry waited for the mage to reveal himself and surrender, albeit with a time limit.

"He lost his memories?!" Cobra thought in disbelief as he continue to watch on the turn of events, unaware of the fact that someone had already spotted him.

"So, what Ichigo said was true, he really lost his memories from the effects of Etherion..." she shook her head to get rid of those thoughts and wiped off her gathered tears with her gauntlet hand as she composed herself, showing a determined look, "No, I don't care about that! I will make him remember everything!" And with that, she move a few steps forward as she walked towards the once dark mage and called out to him, "Jellal."

"Stay back!" Panicking, Jellal hastily took a step back as he raised his left arm, his palm outstretched and fired a golden energy blast at Erza, firing it right at her face, and hit a boulder behind her, creating a cloud of dust. As the dust clears, Erza's face is now bruised, with blood dripping from the left side of her forehead, her scarlet hair flailing about. Jellal then hesitantly put down his arm and took another step back, "P-Please...stay back..."

"Then you come to me!" Erza shouted as she curled her hands into fists, "For I am Erza. Come here." Jellal gasped as he heard Erza proclaimed herself as the person's name he remembered, she continued, "Your name is Jellal. You were once my friend."

Jellal widened his eyes as he heard the Titania called him as a friend...wait, why the past tense? "A...friend?"

"But you went mad, desecrated the dead, hurt your own friends, and even infiltrated and destroyed the magic council..." She paused for a while as she recalled an event from the Tower of Heaven which she ddoesn't want to remember again, before saying it, "...You killed Simon."

From here, tears started to gather in Jellal's eyes as he listened to the terrible things he did before he lost his memories.

"I...don't care..." Erza muttered softly before shouting at him in anger, violet eyes glaring into brown ones "I don't care what Ichigo said about losing your memories! If you're going to say you have forgotten all that, I will impale your chest with my sharpest sword and engrave it into your heart! Come here! Come before me!"

Jellal's jaw was open wide and started to shake in shock after he listened everything about his life before he lost his memories. He was a heartless man who hurt his own comrades and endangered lives of the innocent to fulfil his darkest wishes? Even though he cant recall what he did, he couldn't detect any lies from Erza's words about him. He can't believe it, what had he done? "I... To my friends..." He couldn't hold to the tears anymore as he grasped his left cheek in agony and letting the tears flow freely, his voice breaking into sobs, "No way...What have I done...? What...what should I do?"

Erza just looked on in sadness as he watched Jellal took what she said about him badly. This was the first time in so many years Erza had seen that look in him. A face without the possessive look and without malicious intent. "Is this the Jellal I know? Is almost as if he's..."


Somewhere in the woods

Lucy woke up with a groan as she lifted her head which was face down. Her sleepiness disappeared immediately as she yelped in pain and grasped her left upper arm, which was where she felt the stinging pain. She raised an eyebrow as she felt a soft foreign fabric on her arm. Lifting her hand away, she saw her arm was bandaged with a Celestial Spirit logo tied onto it to secure the bandage.

"Eh? My wounds were treated?"She sat up and was surprised she was in different clothes than before. (A/N: I'm feeling lazy to describe the clothing in detail, just gonna say that the clothing is similar to what she wore in the anime.) "And wait, what's with these clothes I'm wearing right now?!"

"These are clothes from the Celestial Realm," a familiar female deadpan voice spoke, "As yours were quite in tatters..."

Lucy turned her head towards the voice and shouted at the owner of the voice, "Virgo?!"

Disturbed by the loud shout, Natsu and Gray, both of them were laying their backs on a tree, simultaneously woke up groggily. Both of them had a change of clothes as well. Natsu was wearing a long-sleeved purple-colored shirt with black fire patterns on it (shirt link: . , without the buttons and collar), which was zipped and a grey sash was tied around his waist. His knee-length trousers were now grey in colour and wore black boots to complete his attire. The only unchanged clothing was his scarf which was still wrapped around his neck. Gray meanwhile was wearing dark blue sneakers and black slacks as his lower clothing. His upper clothing consists of a white V-neck T-shirt with gold trimmings and a dark green haori wearing over it.

"I also provided the same service for Natsu-sama and Gray-sama."

"That wasn't necessary!"

"WE'RE NOT DONE YET, YOU FAKE ICE BASTARD!" Natsu shouted loudly as he stood up abruptly, "AND WHERE'S THE LIGHT!"

"Keep your voice low, flame breath," Gray chided him as he stood up as well.

"Got a problem with that, frozen cone?!"

"You bet I do, charcoal!"



Natsu and Gray immediately hold their heads as a big lump appeared on them, thanks to a hard fist on the head by Lucy, "Now's not the time to fight, the both of you!"

"Damn Lucy, that pack quite a punch." Natsu said.

"You're hanging around with Erza too much." Gray added.

"Who I'm hanging around with and how much doesn't concern you," Lucy countered, then moved her attention towards the pillar of light, which seemed to have changed colors, "Speaking of which, has the color of the light changed?"

"Yes," Virgo replied her, "While the three of you were unconscious, its color changed from black to white."

"Oh yeah, where's Happy?" Natsu asked, "And wait, weren't we fighting with another Gray a few moments ago?"

"The another me, which was a fake, was defeated by Lucy here," Gray said, "And we were separated with Happy when we were swept away by the waterfall."

Hearing Lucy defeating the fake Gray made Natsu perked up as he gave a beaming smile and a thumbs up towards Lucy and said, "So you defeated that bastard? Good job, Lucy!"

Hearing that praise somehow made Lucy blush as she stuttered, "W-well, it was n-nothing..."

"He liiiiiikes you." Virgo mimicked.

"Would you stop saying that!" Lucy shrieked, "And don't copy Happy's way of speaking!"

"Speaking of Happy," Natsu stated, "Since we got separated by him, we've no choice but for the three of us to go the that light by ourselves. We would search for my partner later."

Virgo, sensing her magic power to fade completely, bowed at Lucy and said politely, "Princess, I will now take my leave."

"Ah wait, Virgo!" Lucy tried to stop her but it was too late as the stoic maid dissipated into golden particles as she went back to the Celestial Realm. She realized that she never summoned Virgo even though she was here. That means she used her own magic power to go through the gate, "Virgo just passed through the gate using her own magic..." she thought as she looked at her hands, "Wait, does that mean I have zero magic power left?"

The rustling of the bushes broke her mental monologue as she comically freaked out and scampered towards where Natsu and Gray were standing. A few moments later, two silhouettes appeared out from the darkness. It was Lyon and an unconscious Sherry who was being carried in a bridal carry. Both of them were severely bruised and their clothes were tattered.

"Lyon! Sherry!" Gray called out, "What happened to you both?!"

"We encountered a powerful Oracion Seis mage, the one who was sleeping on the carpet on our first encounter with him," Lyon stated, earning gasps from the Fairy Tail mages, "Turns out he is a force to be reckoned with when he's awake. I only lasted a couple of minutes in our encounter. Sherry was no different."

"Heh, that doesn't matter to me!" Natsu boasted as he punched his fist onto his palm, "I will just turn him into a pile of ashes!"

"That opponent must not be underestimated," Lyon warned, "His magic can be deadly, capable of killing you. I have tasted his capabilities first hand. Don't say I never warned you."

"But you survived," Gray noted him with a smirk, "And that means we would survive as well when facing him. We won't be defeated that easily."

"Well, I'm not like you guys..." Lyon trailed off.

"What did you say?!" Natsu demanded.

"You jump down on his throat for that?" Lucy sweat dropped.

"Jokes aside, there's something I want to ask," Hearing his serious tone made everyone put aside their comedic actions as they put their full attention towards the other Ice-make mage, "About that pillar of light, is that..." he trailed off, already knowing the answer, but he just wanna double confirm it.

"If my guess is right, yup," Lucy confirmed, "that's...Nirvana..."


On a cliff, the Cait Shelter trio stood up from they sitting positions as they noticed the color of the pillar had changed from black to white.

"That black pillar had turned white!" Charle exclaimed.

"I wonder what's happening?" Wendy wondered out loud.

"That is the final sub-stage of the first stage before it goes into second stage," Uryu stated in alarm, "While the first stage in still in our range to stop it, the second stage is almost impossible."

Wendy gasped as she heard that, "Oh no! What are we gonna do, nii-san?"

Uryu created a surfboard-shaped Eternano under his feet using his Hirenkyaku as he levitated onto the air and said, "We have to hurry. If we're too late, the Oracion Seis will be practically unstoppable with the Nirvana at second stage. Charle, activate your wings and carry Wendy. We're going to fly towards that light."

"Understood." Charle said, believing in Uryu's faultless judgement as always as she activated her wings and carry Wendy, holding her back of her dress with both of her hands and levitated up into the sky.

"Are the both of you ready?" Uryu asked, getting nods from the both of them. Uryu nodded back and said, "Great, now lets go!"

And the three of them took off towards their destination, determined to stop the darkness from taking over the light.


"Hibiki, wake up already!" Happy called out to him who was still unconscious as the blue cat tried to pull him out from the river and onto dry land with all his might. Taking a brief rest, he looked up at the pillar and thought out loud, "I hope everyone is okay...Natsu...Erza..."


Cobra, thinking it was time to reveal himself after hearing the episode between Erza and Jellal, motioned his snake to move together with him, which it complied. As they were going to reveal themselves, Cobra gasped silently as he heard a voice with his sensitive ears.

"Whoever you are, I had given you time to reveal your ass to us, but sadly you don't." the voice spoke in his mind, "and if you want to reveal yourself now, its too late. Now, this is punishment for hiding and eavesdropping on our conversation." After that voice finished speaking, Cobra, with his ears, could hear movements of an arm lifting up and pointed towards them, and the unmistakable sound of an attack ready to fire.

"Shit!" Cobra cursed in his mind as he made his run from it, but it was too late.

"Hado 63: Raikouhou!"The voice announced his attack in his mind as the attack crashed onto the boulder he was hiding, creating a large cloud of dust and eventually hit him as well, making him gasp and his body gone numb, making him fall onto his knees.

"Bakudo 63: Sajou Sabaku." the voice calmly spoke again and he saw a yellow magical think rope speedily made its way towards him. Unable to move because of his paralysed state, he let the rope bind him and his pet snake, Cubellios together tightly, making him whimper and the snake hiss from the tightness.

As the dust clears, Cobra could see Kurosaki Ichigo walking towards him with a scowl while he saw Erza's and Jellal's face were surprised, possibly not expecting someone other than the three were actually here.

Recomposing herself, Erza gritted her teeth as she clearly saw the person that was previously hidden behind their back, and said in alarm, "Oracion Seis!"

Trying to not look fearful as possible, Cobra put on a brave face and asked the Shinigami with venom in his voice, "You! Why don't you made your move earlier?"

Ichigo just shrugged as he stopped in front of the Oracion Seis mage and replied, "Well, there are two reasons. One, it would be inappropriate to interrupt the lovey-dovey reunion between those two if I made my move earlier," He proceeded to jerk his thumb over his shoulder, pointing at Erza and Jellal, "And two, I'm curious to where their reunion is going, but it wasn't much as I expected."

Hearing all that made Erza blushed heavily as she glared at the strawberry and shouted angrily at him, "We're NOT having a lovey-dovey reunion!"

Ichigo just smirked teasingly and countered back, "Your blush does not support your claim."

Erza took a step back at his statement as she shook in embarrassment and anger and pointed her index finger at him, "I'm not blushing! You! Why you... One of these days, I'll get you back, strawberry!"

Ichigo's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he heard that unwanted nickname and said, "What did you just call me?!"

"Oh you heard me correctly," Erza smirked, "Or is that nickname can be only called by someone else, Ichi-kun?"

Hearing who she meant and how she emphasized the nickname only Mirajane called him made him blush slightly before suppressing it immediately as he shouted, "That nickname was banned for life, you armor girl!"

"I saw that blush, carrot top!"

"You saw nothing, Ero-onna!"

"Orange juice!"

"Cheesecake bitch!"

Ignoring the two sword user's comedic banter, Cobra, still binded by the Kido spell, asked Jellal, "Now that explains why I couldn't hear your thoughts, you had lost your memories. How did you manage to get here? And why did you unseal Nirvana?"

Hearing Cobra's question made Erza and Ichigo put a stop to their pointless banter and await Jellal's answer in anticipation, which he answered a few moments later, "When I was revived, a bespectacled man told me 'We need your help to locate Nirvana'" Ichigo knew the bespectacled man he mentioned of was Uryu, Jellal continued, "I dimly remembered the place of where that magic was hidden. This is a dangerous magic. It can't fall into anyone's hands. That's why...I released the destroy it completely."

Cobra gasped audibly in shock as Erza went wide eyes while Ichigo smirked as he muttered, "Heh, this guy is way ahead of me." He expected for the man to locate Nirvana, but he never expected for him to have the same thoughts as him as well to destroy Nirvana.

"D-Destroy Nirvana, you say?!" Erza said in disbelief. Ichigo's prediction was 100% correct.

"I've already set up the Self-Destruction Magic Circle. Nirvana will shortly destroy itself." As Jellal said that, a purple large complex magic circle and red network-like veins started to appear on the pillar of light. Seeing this, Cobra tried to free himself from the Kido spell, but it wouldn't budge. He tried to use magic but to his surprise, he can't feel it either.

Noticing this, Ichigo just looked at him with a deadpan look as he said, "Don't even try to escape. A level 60 kido spell can't be broken by physical strength alone. And don't think about using magic. This kido spell can nullify magic at whoever it binds, so you can't use any magic."

Cobra just gritted his teeth in frustration as he said, "Damn it! At this rate, Nirvana will be destroyed!" He looked over at Jellal, who was completely stoic. He shouted angrily at him, "Jellal! Spit out the cancellation code!" But to him and everyone's surprise, Jellal coughed out blood and held his stomach in pain.

"Erza...I can feel kindness from the name..." that statement made Erza widen her eyes and blushed slightly as Jellal continued, "I can feel kindness, brightness and warmth..." He flashed a pained smile at the Titania as he continued, "You may hate me in the future, it seems very likely that you will. However hatred will take the freedom of your heart away and destroy you from inside..."

"Y-You..." Erza stuttered out. What did Jellal mean by that? There's something wrong with how he say it. Before she could think more, Ichigo disappeared and reappeared in front of Jellal in a shunpo and grabbed his wrist which was holding his stomach.

"Don't do it." Ichigo said softly to the blue-haired man, his eyes shadowed by his hair

Jellal was surprised at the words said by the Shinigami. How did he know what he was going to do.

"I have sensory capabilities," Ichigo answered his unsaid question, "I can sense magic building up in your palm that was holding your stomach. You were going to cast a deadly spell on yourself, possibly the Self-Destruction Magic Circle, am I right?"

Gasps from Jellal, Erza and Cobra were heard as they heard what Ichigo said about Jellal's plans.

"W-Who are you?" Jellal asked.

"Kurosaki Ichigo's the name but that's not what important," Ichigo tried to change the topic, "What's important is do you really think killing yourself will make peace for everybody? Well, let me tell you something, IT WON'T!" he shouted loudly, making Jellal flinch. Grabbing Jellal's collar and glaring at him, Ichigo continued, "You think you can die peacefully without remembering what you did which wasn't even completely your fault?! You think you dying will kill off the hatred haboured by the some of us?! You think you don't have someone who cared for you?! Erza needs you, dammit! You think she could sigh in relief seeing you dead or in this state?!"

Jellal's stunned silence gave Ichigo the answer.

"Live and atone for your sins!" Ichigo's words made Jellal's eyes widen, "You've committed crimes which you don't remember! So live and remember what you did, and repent for your sins! Every darkness can be shrouded by light! That's why God have given you a second chance! Use that chance wisely and walk into the light!"

Jellal was silent as he listened to Ichigo's words which made him looked more mature for his age. A few moments later, he smiled softly and said, "You're just like Erza in a way. So serious, yet so kind..." He trailed off and his eyelids started to close.

"Dammit, Jellal!" Ichigo shook him, "Pull yourself together!"

"What is this all about?" A new voice boomed around them. Alerted, Ichigo whipped his head over his shoulder and saw a new figure holding a familiar skull-shaped staff walking towards them, "A self-destruction spell..."

"Brain!" Ichigo called out to him with venom in his tone.

"This is bad, Brain!" Cobra called out to him, "Jellal casted the damn spell. At this rate, Nirvana will be destroyed!"

Hearing that made Brain smirk as he walked towards Cobra and said, "Don't worry Cobra. You should know the reason why my code name is 'Brain' right? Once I was in the Bureau of Magic. There are several hundred of spells and cancellation codes for binding spells I created with my vast knowledge, including cancellation codes for Bakudo spells." He touched the Bakudo 63 spell which was still binding Cobra and his pet snake and it dissipated immediately, freeing the both of them and making Ichigo's eyes widen.

"Impossible!" Ichigo exclaimed, "A Bakudo spell can only be dispelled by the caster him/herself!"

"Being in the Bureau of Magic has its uses, ne?" Brain sneered, making the strawberry scwoling deeply and gritting his teeth in anger, "And of course, one of the spells I created is the Self-Destruction Magic Circle. Even without the cancelling code..." He touched the magic circle and it slowly faded into nothingness, much to everyone's surprise, "I can invalidate the spell easily!"

"Impossible..." Jellal muttered softly.

"Ohh! I can hear our future now!" Cobra exclaimed, "By the way Brain, Jellal's memory is messed up because of the effects of the Etherion. It seems that he has forgotten he was evil."

Upon hearing that, Brain snorted before his voice turned into a full-blown guffaw as he said between laughs, "pfft-HAHAHAHAHA, that's funny! What a pity, Jellal! I'll take Nirvana then!"

Erza immediately requip her sword while Ichigo grabbed the hilt of his zanpakuto from his back, making the wrappings falling out from his blade as the both of them charged at the Oracion Seis leader, "I won't let you do that!"

But they were too slow as Brain shouted, "Wake, Nirvana!"

And all hell broke lose.

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This preview is in the Edolas arc.


"Long time no fucking see, King."


Its just one sentence but it speaks volumes, right? Heh, and this is the second preview, took place in the Grand Magic Games.


"And with this attack, I will surpass you!" Kagura shouted as she raised her Fugutaiten and charged at Ichigo, who looked calm and was unfazed.

"Ichi-kun, move away!" Mirajane cried out in tears as she was worried of her beau's safety.

"Don't worry about your little boyfriend, Mirajane" Laxus said with a smirk, "Ichigo will do just fine." Mirajane tried to reason with him, but she knew Ichigo had grown stronger since the three-month training camp, so she reluctantly nodded.

Back to the battlefield, Ichigo just waited with his right hand on the hilt of his sealed sword which was tied on his left hip as he watched Kagura getting nearer, ready to strike him. What made everyone in the arena dumbfounded was that Ichigo does not seem to be afraid of worried in the slightest. Instead, he looked calm and collected. As the black-haired swordswoman was at arms length, a couple of things happened in under a second.

Ichigo disappeared.

A slashing sound was heard.

And Ichigo reappeared with his back facing Kagura's with his sword still in its sheath, but there was a catch.

Only the tip of the blade is in the sheath.

Silence rang around the arena as everyone wondered what did just happened, especially the ones that blink. Even the three people in the commentators' box were silent. The Fairy Tail mages at their booth were no different as they watched in stunned silence.

"Did you see how he attacked, Master?" Levy asked, "Because that happened too fast I didn't even saw it."

Makarov was silent as he can't find the voice to say what he wanted to say, because he was one of the few people in Fairy Tail who saw his attack. Even the First was at a loss of words.

"Ichigo, you were already strong. How did you become so much stronger than you were the last three months?" Makarov thought.

While all the Fairy Tail mages on their booth were shocked, only three people, who are Ichigo's most important people along with Mirajane, were smiling proudly at the strawberry as they watched how he attacked the beautiful swordwoman.

"He has become a true Shinigami eh, Kisuke?" Yoruichi said. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yes, yes he has," Urahara replied as he fanned himself.

"You have made me proud, my son." Isshin said with pride in his voice.

At Fairy Tail A's booth, only Erza, being a fellow sword user, could see the attack made by Ichigo as her team were having question marks above their heads on what was happening. Shock turned into a serene smile as she said, "Looks like I have to train more before I could surpass you, huh Ichigo?"

While at Fairy Tail B, all four of them were smirking or smiling as they watched their teammate, with Mirajane sighing in relief.

"Dammit Ichi-kun, you made me worried sick." Mirajane chided with a cute pout.

Back at the battlefield, the silence between the two sword users were deafening. But inside Kagura's mind, shock filled her brain as she thought, "Impossible! H-He deflected my Slashing Form!"

"All this time since we met in the job, you never listened to me, Kagura." Ichigo spoke, breaking the silence, "Hatred and revenge must never be the purpose of your sword. They taint your very being and your sword, making your sword cursed. That's why most swords in the world now are cursed swords, they were tainted by negative emotions. If you never change your way of the sword and your goals, you'll never surpass me." From here, he started to push his sword into his sheath, albeit painstakingly slowly, and said, "Now I will show you the power of the pure way of the sword..." And then, he announced the first part of his ultimate and newest attack.

"Ittoryu Iai..."

As he slowly sheathed his sword, the crowd watched in silence as they watched in anticipation of what's going to happen next. A few really long seconds later, Ichigo spoke again.

"Shishi Sonson."


And the sound of the sword completely sheathed echoed around the arena.


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