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This was all Bryce's fault, Sarah thought to herself. It was supposed to be a simple mission; attend the fancy party, search the house for the intel that was their objective, and get out. Unbelievably simple as far as an espionage mission goes. However there were a few complications. First was the concern that the Fulcrum operative who they were expecting at the party would recognise Bryce so he would have to stay in the van with Casey. That wasn't really a concern for Sarah, because it simply meant that Chuck would take Bryce's place with her at the party. And while Bryce was easily the better agent, Chuck could handle these kinds of situations proficiently, and was frankly better company. Which sort of led into the next problem. Bryce seemed to go out of his way to make Chuck feel inferior, either by talking about some of the exciting things he and his former partner had done or some of the exotic places they had been, or just simple offhand comments about how Chuck wasn't a real spy, which Sarah felt weren't at all fair. Chuck had done admirably to adapt to his crappy situation that he had been thrown in to and had come a long way since he first had the Intersect uploaded into his brain. With Bryce's smug comments, he was undermining what little confidence Chuck had gained over the last two years.

The final problem, and perhaps the most relevant, was that even though Bryce wouldn't be at the party, it was still his intel they were going off, and therefore he was in charge of the mission. This wasn't a problem in itself, but when Bryce decided that Chuck and Sarah would not be going undercover as husband and wife, which was standard procedure, but rather as Charles Carmichael, software tycoon, and his married-to-someone-else personal assistant, Eva Anderson. The fact that he had chosen the Anderson cover for Sarah who was married to his Tom Anderson persona was not lost on anyone. It also meant that she couldn't always be with Chuck like a wife would, nor could she be as affectionate towards him, which had the benefit of serving as a distraction and was something she personally quite enjoyed.

Still with Bryce in charge, there wasn't a lot they could do about it. So they attended the party as their assigned covers, with Chuck looking quite dashing in his tailored tux, while Sarah was forced to wear a grey women's business jacket over a white blouse and pencil skirt, given that she was attending the party as his assistant and not his date. While she didn't look as glamorous as she would have in a proper dress, Chuck's compliment about how she really pulled off the sexy secretary look did lift her spirits. It had also helped that she had chosen a blouse which emphasised her cleavage, and had instantly drawn Chuck's eye when he saw it.

Aside from their brief introduction to the host, their presence at the party was not really noticed, beyond the attractive brunette man and his hot blond assistant, so it was fairly easy for them to slip away when it was to begin their search for the intel. Going by the flash Chuck had on the host of the party, he determined that there were only two rooms in the large house that would be appropriate for storing their objective. It wasn't until they got to the first room when Sarah began looking on the desk that things went wrong.

"Shit there's a camera," Chuck uncharacteristically cursed. Another thing she would blame Bryce for.

Turning to face him, Sarah too saw the blinking red light of the camera in the corner of the room. Addressing the two men in the van by her hidden microphone, she alerted them to the problem. "Bryce, I thought you said there weren't any camera in individual rooms," she hissed at her former partner.

"They must have just installed it, Casey's bringing up the camera images now," came Bryce's reply.

"Casey, I set up a hack on the computer. Just hit enter and you should be able to gain access to the cameras," said Chuck, trying to help out however he could, causing Sarah to smile at him.

An appreciative grunt was his immediate response. "Nice work Bartowski, we can even see what the guards are up to," Casey said before giving the images a once over. "Shit, they're getting excited over something. They're trying to get the sound working so they can hear something."

Chuck groaned in annoyance. "They're probably trying to listen in on us," he said.

"Why do you say that," Sarah asked.

"Because it's obvious we're not married," he replied, and at her curious look, as well as the questioning grunts from the earwig, he elaborated. "Most of the guests are friends of some nature to the host. Of those who are married, the men probably wouldn't take too kindly to their private moments with their wives being watched like a RedTube clip. Because Sarah isn't wearing a fancy dress like the other wives, it's safe to assume that she isn't here as a guest or date but as someone's assistant, so in their minds, they can watch her as much as they want."

"But why would that matter," Sarah asked, still looking at him intently.

Chuck couldn't help but blush slightly at her gaze, which she found absolutely adorable. "If we were married, there could be any number of reasons why we'd want to sneak off to a private home," he said, meeting Sarah's gaze somewhat timidly. "We could be trying to have a private conversation or looking for decorating ideas or simply making out. Because we've introduced ourselves as a powerful businessman and his employee, none of those reasons are going to fly. There's really only one reason why we would sneak off into a random room."

Realisation came to Sarah as her eyes widened. "They think we're having an affair," she said, her cheeks also reddening like Chuck's, something that rarely happened.

Chuck nodded just as Bryce's voice made its way into their ears. "Then you guys need to get out of there," he said with a small degree of urgency.

Just as Sarah was about to starting walking out of the room, Chuck stopped her. "We can't," he said, as his nervousness seeped through the confidant façade he was putting up.

"Chuck, haven't we already explained that you should leave the spying to the real spies," Bryce said condescendingly. "You do not manipulate a mission just so you can have sex with your partner."

Sarah growled at her former partner's words, but before she could call him out on his hypocrisy, Chuck once again stopped her as he now sported a frown. "If we leave now then not only will we have a disappointed audience, but it will also look very suspicious," he reasoned to all those listening.

"Which in turn will draw their attention to us," Sarah continued, understanding Chuck's line of thought.

"Which is exactly what we don't want," Casey groaned.

Again Chuck nodded, even though Casey couldn't see him. "Casey I have an idea," he said over the microphone. "Thanks to the Intersect we know that the intel should be in one of two rooms. While the guards are focused on us, you should be able to set up a loop for the camera in the other room then sneak over there and search it. Hopefully, it'll be in that room, otherwise we'll have to think of something else."

"Right," came Casey's grunt.

"What are you two going to be doing," said Bryce, his snarl being heard by both of the room's occupants.

Before Chuck could respond, Sarah quickly cut him off. "Chuck and I will give them a show," she said, unable to keep the smile off her face.

The brunette man immediately became flustered, both at her comment and the thought of actually having sex with the beautiful Sarah Walker, causing the smile of blonde goddess to widen. "We need to stay in character Chuck," she reminded him softly. "They'll be getting sound soon so from now on you're Mr Carmichael and I'm Eva your married assistant. You need you make it real because if they suspect anything, it'll mean trouble for us later. And Bryce: you aren't allowed to say anything from now on."

"What? Why?" came Bryce's indignant retort.

Sarah snorted at Bryce's reaction. She had really had enough of him. "Because ever since you've gotten back, you've done nothing except be a condescending jackass towards Chuck," she hissed through her mike. "If we're going to sell this then Chuck needs to be at the top of his game, and he can't do that with you being an asshole all the time. And the easiest way for you to not be a douchebag is to shut up."

Whatever Bryce was about to say was cut off by Casey. "Quit your yammering," he growled from the van. "They're about to get sound soon so Walker, Bartowski, get your game faces on."

Sarah smiled radiantly at Chuck as he quickly closed the distance between them, his confident stride offset by the nervous look on his face. "Well Mrs Anderson," he said in his 'Carmichael' voice, despite his anxiety. "I think it's time you and I… furthered our working relationship."

"But Mr Carmichael," she cried out in faux protest as she was backed into the desk she'd been standing near. "I'm a married woman."

Chuck's hand reached up to her face to gently cup her chin. "I don't see your husband here," he whispered huskily into her ear. "Do you?"

With that he leaned forward to capture her lips with his, his aggressiveness catching Sarah by surprise for a moment before returning the kiss just as eagerly. She wrapped her arms around his neck as her tongue darted into his mouth, causing Chuck to moan into the kiss. He in turn place his hands on her hips and lifted her slightly, so she was now sitting on the desk instead of leaning on it with Chuck between her legs. Grinding his hardening member into her, Sarah could already feel herself getting wet in anticipation, both at the thought of having sex with the man she had come to care about above all others, and the thought of being pounded by what felt to be a very large cock.

In an effort to stay in character of an amorous and powerful business tycoon, Chuck removed one of his hands from the blonde's hip and moved it underneath her skirt, all the while maintaining their steamy kiss. He couldn't help but mentally smirk as he felt a quickly growing wet patch on her panties as he began rubbing up and down her slit through the cloth. Meanwhile, his other hand maneuverer itself upwards to her ample bosom, his nimble fingers undoing the top few buttons of her blouse, revealing her lacy black bra. He then pulled the cups down so they were scrunched up beneath her flawless tits, his hand lighting squeezing the mound of flesh while occasionally pinching her nipple.

Breaking their kiss for a moment, he couldn't help but smirk at Sarah's flushed face as he glanced down at her chest, finally gaining a glimpse of the perfect breasts that had inspired so many of his dreams. "Can you feel how wet you are," he questioned her, both of them panting slightly from their intense kiss. "Just a kiss and a bit of light petting and you're already drenched. Guess Mr Anderson hasn't been doing a good enough job of keeping you happy."

Sarah grinned as she heard a quiet growl through her ear piece. She knew what Chuck was doing, and didn't blame him at all, given all the crap Bryce had put him through. Not to mention it helped sell their cover. "Mmmm, he's never been that great a lover," she moaned as his finger's continued to rub against the cloth covered vagina.

Though Chuck kept up his arrogant smirk, she enjoyed the mischievous twinkle she saw when he realised she was going to play his game as well. "Then I guess I better get show you how a husband should treat his wife," he said, as he used his hands to hike her skirt up around her waist, effectively turning it into a belt and displaying her thigh high stockings and her lacy black boy shorts.

Sarah shivered as she felt Chuck hook his fingers on the top of her panties and gently pull them down her long legs, bending down onto his knees as he went. Pulling them all the way off, he made a bit of a show putting them in his inner jacket pocket, before spreading her legs further apart and placing them on his shoulders. "I can't tell you how long I've wanted to do this," he said huskily, as he moved his face closer to her soaked crotch.

Sarah's breath hitched as his hot breath blew onto her sensitive pussy lips. She should have realised that he would be a selfless lover, who would rather start off by eating her out than shoving his dick into her, given his caring attitude towards everyone he met in everyday life. And when he gave her cunt that first teasing lick, she knew without a doubt that sex with Chuck was going to be far different than she had ever experienced before. In a very good way. "Oh god," she moaned as Chuck's tongue kept moving along her slit.

Chuck's agile tongue continued darting along her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her sweet nectar that was produced by her arousal. Every now and then he would also lightly flick the blonde's clit, causing her to whimper slightly every time his tongue made contact with the small bundle of nerves. Finally he pulled away slightly to look directly at Sarah, who looked about irritated and disappointed at his withdrawal, however slight. "You're enjoying this aren't you," he said from between her legs. "Going by how you keep getting wetter."

Sarah nodded, all the while wishing he'd put his tongue back where it belonged. "You're so good at this, Mr Carmichael," she said. "It's been so long since I've felt anything so good."

"Doesn't hubby attend to his wife's needs," Chuck questioned with raised eyebrows, ignoring Bryce's snarl over the comm.

The blonde woman snorted. "Sex is usually about him, rather than us. He seems to think that licking me for any other reason than getting me ready for him is demeaning," she said, more than happy to take more shots at Bryce. "Besides, it's not like he even knows what he's doing anyway."

"Tom is an idiot then," Chuck said, with a surprisingly serious face. "I don't understand how any man could be married to you and not spend every possible opportunity worshiping you like this. Especially given how delicious you taste."

Without another word Chuck resumed his task with even greater enthusiasm with Sarah moaning loudly as his tongue dived further into her depths. She tightened her legs around his head so her thighs her pressing against his ears and pushing his face further into her mound. Chuck voiced no complaint about having his head so firmly engulfed by her beautiful long legs as he began alternating between licking and sucking on her clit. Nor did he when she brought her hand and ran it through his dark hair, the other hand making its way to one of her perfect breasts, and began kneading it. He hadn't been lying when he didn't understand Bryce. How any man could not want to pleasure this goddess like this, he thought to himself. If she'd let him, he would do this for her every day and he was determined to use this opportunity to win her over. Not that he needed to try hard it seemed, given the noise she was making.

As Chuck continued to toy with her clit with the tip of his tongue, he managed to sneak one of his hands through Sarah's stocking-clad barricade and inserted two fingers into her soaking quim, probing deep inside of her and eliciting a delighted whimper from the blonde. The hand that had rested gently on his head now gripped his hair tightly as Sarah still tried to drive his face into her crotch, such was her pleasure. Deciding that it was now time to finish her off, before she started tearing chunks of his hair out, Chuck brought his pinkie and ring fingers to his mouth to get them wet, before inserting them into Sarah's anus, causing her to scream in pleasure as she came and drenched his face with her juices.

Although Sarah wasn't sexually inexperienced by any stretch of the imagination, she had never attempted any kind of anal play. Sure Bryce and several other lovers had requested it but she had always remained firm and denied them. Chuck's fingers in her ass were to first thing ever to be inserted into her backdoor and it managed to trigger one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had, spraying his face with her juices. "Oh my god Chu…. Mr Carmichael," she cried, almost forgetting that they were still undercover. "That was amazing, I've never came like that before."

Chuck couldn't help but grin. Not had he only given her such a strong climax, the evidence being on his face, but he almost made her forget their cover. It certainly boosted his confidence. Gently removing her legs from his shoulders, which had relaxed after Sarah's orgasm, he stood up and pulled her panties from his jacket, using them to wipe off her cum before returning them to his pocket. "I'm glad you enjoyed that so much," he said to her, smirking at her flushed expression. "But I certainly hope you don't think that's the end of it."

Sarah's eyes were drawn to the movement of his hands, which had begun undoing his belt and pulling down his pants. Once his pants had fallen to the ground, she almost gasped at the hard rod of flesh before her. In her eyes his cock was perfect. She estimated it to just a bit shy of nine inches long and being roughly 2 inches wide. Thick enough to stretch her nicely, and long enough to touch her in all the right places. Mutely reaching forward, she grasped his member, gently stroking it and amazed at how hard yet soft it was.

Chuck moaned at the feeling of Sarah's soft hand fondling his hard on. "Do you like that Eva," he questioned her, watching her as she touched his cock in almost a state of reverence.

She nodded in affirmation. "You're cock is so big," she said, not taking her eyes off of it. "It's so much bigger than my husband's. I can't wait to have it inside of me."

Ignoring Bryce's growl and what she assumed as Casey's snicker, Sarah was actually surprised at her honesty. Certainly she enjoyed sex, but never had she been this aroused by the simple thought of this glorious pillar of flesh slipping inside of her. But it was more than that. Had it been any other guy, she would have been thankful for a large piece of meat, given him a good ride and gotten herself off as she did it and then practically forget the experience afterwards. Chuck on the other hand was such a sweet and honest person, who went out of his way to help others and even now was about to have sex with the girl of his dreams and he was more concerned about her pleasure than his own.

Chuck removed Sarah's hand from his penis and used his own to slap his cock against her wet pussy, the slapping noise made was quickly joined by her blonde's moans. "Tell me Eva," he said to the moaning woman. "What exactly it is that you want?"

"Mmm," she replied throatily in anticipation. "I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours."

"Really," Chuck grinned, rubbing the tip of his prick against her slit, causing her to adorably pout at his teasing. "What about your husband?"

"Fuck him," she said heatedly, both from Chuck's ministrations and for the benefit of the man listening in the van. "He can go get fucked, like I'm about to, although I'm going to enjoy it a lot more. I want you to slam your hard cock inside me and make me your slut! Fuck me harder than that pansy ever could."

Chuck was stunned silent for only a moment, before remembering his role and its importance. "It's always polite to do as the lady requests," he said simply, before quickly slipping his dick inside Sarah's wet pussy.

Sarah gasped loudly as she felt Chuck pressed forward, swiftly filling her up with his cock. Again she was surprised by her honesty, at how she couldn't wait for the man on top of her inside her but also how she wanted him to possess her like no man had done before. It both frightened and excited her beyond measure. However, as Chuck began picking up speed, all thoughts of what she wanted him to do vanish, her mind unable to focus on anything other than what he was currently doing.

"Ohgodohgodohgod," she moaned, powerless to say anything else as the tip of Chuck's manhood touched her in places no other man had touched before.

Chuck could not help but admire his handy work as he looked down at the squirming blonde beneath. He particularly liked the way her perfect breasts bounced up and down in response to his thrusts. "You like that?" he asked her, knowing full well what her answer was.

"God yes," she cried, as Chuck moved his hands onto her breasts, kneading them to further pleasure her. "Fuck it feels…. so good. Please… don't… stop."

Chuck had absolutely no intention of stopping, a sentiment he vocalised for Sarah, not that she was really in a position in comprehend. Her pussy felt so good around his prick, so tight, so warm and so very wet. Chuck seriously doubted he could stop, even if he wanted to. Still he had to make sure he didn't come too soon. He wanted to do everything in his power to please the blonde goddess, and if he managed to piss Bryce off more than he currently was, well that would be some tasty icing on an already exquisite cake.

In her already heightened state of sensitivity, caused by Chuck's talented tongue, it wasn't long before Sarah found herself approaching her second climax. She wrapped her legs tightly around Chuck, her heels pressing into his backside as he continued to pound her. When the orgasm hit her, Sarah screamed like she never had before as her entire body began convulsing from the pleasure. "OHMYGOD CHUCK," she cried, so overcome with ecstasy that she slipped with their covers.

As Chuck found another part of his body covered with her juices, he couldn't keep the grin off his face. He had finally gotten to have sex with the legendary Sarah Walker, one of the best spies in the world, and had fucked her so well that she had forgotten their covers. If he thought the guards watching cared about her calling him by a nickname he might have been a bit worried, but his cover name was Charles, and Chuck was a perfectly acceptable nickname. And they were probably so engrossed with what they were doing that she could have been calling him Santa Claus and they wouldn't have battered an eyelid. Still, Chuck decided to see how far he could take this, and seeing as Casey was still searching the other room they needed to keep playing for time.

"I don't recall giving you permission to use that nickname," Chuck said teasingly as he watched realisation come to Sarah through her orgasmic haze.

"I-I'm so sorry Mr Carmichael," stuttered Sarah, shocked at how she of all people slipped up.

"Hmm I suppose I can forgive you," he said with a faux-thoughtful expression. "But I think you need you give me something in return."

Sarah sighed as Chuck managed to cover up her slip up. Only Chuck Bartowski could cause her to be so unprofessional, it simply wasn't enough to make her fall in love with him, now he was actually causing her to blow their cover by screwing her to such an amazing climax. Still now he was asking for something to have her apologise for her mistake. She knew that most guys would ask for anything and everything, including Bryce. But Chuck, he would only ask for what she would be prepared and even then would always give her an out if she needed it. He was sweet like that.

"Has anyone ever fucked that perfect ass of yours," he questioned, her eyes widening slightly at his request.

She shook her head. "Tom has asked plenty of time, but I've always said no," was her response.

"Will you say yes to me?" Chuck asked, looking into her eyes, trying to let her know that she didn't have to say yes.

Remarkably, the answer was very easy for Sarah, just like all the other times she'd been asked. Instead of immediately answering, Sarah gently pushed Chuck away, who did well to keep the flash of disappointment off his face, but she could always see it, usually because she was the cause. Well not tonight, she thought as she rolled over on the desk onto her front, her breasts delightfully pressing into the furniture as she raised her hips and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. "Yes," she said huskily to Chuck, who began lining himself up with her virgin hole, incapable of wiping his smile off his face. "Take my last piece of virginity Mr Carmichael. Take my ass for yourself."

"NO," came Bryce's yell over the earwigs, which was duly ignored by the couple.

Casey's "Larkin, shut the hell up," received just as much attention.

Chuck, who was slick with Sarah's juices, slowly moved inside her gorgeous ass, relishing the unbelievable tightness of it. For Sarah however it was not a completely pleasant experience as her previous unused hole was forced to accommodate something as large as Chuck Bartowski. Noticing her tension, Chuck leaned forward to whisper to her. "Relax Eva," he said, his hot breath causing to arouse her further, despite the pain. "This will be easier on both of us if you just relax."

"I know sir," cam her strained response. "But this is my first time, and you're very big."

"If you want we can stop here," he said warmly. Yes he wanted more than anything to pound Sarah Walker's ass like there was no tomorrow but not at her expense. He cared about Sarah too much to simply take what he wanted while causing her to suffer.

Sarah could feel the warmth in his voice, and wished she was facing him so she could stare into his intense brown eyes. Instead she had to settle for relax her muscle and pushing against Chuck, bringing more of his prick into her. "No," she moaned. "I want this… Just go slow."

Chuck nodded, and continued to slowly ease himself inside of her until he was amazingly fully engulfed in her ass. He paused, although desperate to keep going, in order to allow Sarah to adjust to his intrusion. "How does it feel," he asked her.

"Mmm good," she moaned. "I feel so full, it feels amazing."

"You ok to go a little faster?"

"Please," she said, almost desperately.

Starting off slowly, Chuck began moving back and forth, pulling his cock out a little bit before thrusting back inside her, never fully removing his penis from her ass. Encouraged by the feminine moans that accompanied his movements, Chuck gradually began picking up speed until he was slamming as fast and hard as he could into the blonde. Her moans and his grunts were joined by the sound of his balls slapping against wet pussy.

Sarah was actually amazed at how much she was enjoying it. The way Chuck's cock stretched her cunt was incredible, but it paled in comparison of having her tiny asshole stretched by the very same appendage. It hurt certainly, but in a good way, a way that made her want for Chuck to simply keep fucking her the way he was currently doing. The sensations were getting a bit much for her, and so she moved one of her hands to her womanhood and began sliding her fingers inside herself as Chuck continued to pound her ass.

Chuck noticed Sarah's movements and realised that she must be closer to approaching another orgasm. Deciding to add fuel to the fire, Chuck began speaking, both for the benefit of all those listening, and to further arouse Sarah. "You like that don't you," Chuck said arrogantly, playing to his Carmichael persona. "You like having your ass fucked like a whore, don't you?"

"Oh god yesssss," she hissed.

"And whose whore are you?" he queried as he struggled to control his own pleasure.

"I-I-I'm… yours," she cried, as Chuck hit the back of her anus.

"And does my whore want to come?"

"Oh god yes please Chuck," she pleaded, getting closer over the edge. "Please… fuck… my ass."

As Sarah peaked for the third time that night, she couldn't believe the effect Chuck's words were having on her nor could she contain the scream that followed her climax. Her sweet, innocent nerd was treating her like something he owned and it was turning her on. Sure had he been any other guy she would have administrated the circumcision from hell, even or perhaps especially if it were Bryce, but from Chuck it was like she wanted to be possessed by him. Whatever thoughts she had to being further 'possessed' by Chuck were interrupted by the man in question. "Fuck Sa… Eva, I'm going to come," he warned her.

Sarah wasn't entirely sure what made her do it, probably her state of heavily Chuck-induced arousal, but somehow in her post-orgasmic state she was able to shove Chuck off of her, sending him stumbling a few steps backwards. Not pausing to notice his disappointed expression, Sarah pushed herself off the desk, spun around and lowered herself to a squat in front of him, bringing her mouth to his cock, taking it in as far as she could handle.

Whatever disappointment Chuck had felt when Sarah pushed him off her was very short lived once she began sucking on his penis. Already close to coming, he lasted all of thirty seconds once his dream girl crammed him in her mouth. His groaning was all the warning Sarah needed as Chuck released a massive amount of semen into down her throat, audibly gulping down each burst. She was determined not to let a single drop escape and used her mouth to suck his prick like a straw, making sure to get every last drop of her nerd's delicious cum.

Finally when Chuck seemed to have spent his entire load, Sarah reluctantly removed herself from her new favourite treat, all the while staring up at him. "Mmm, you taste so good Mr Carmichael," she purred.

The self-proclaimed nerd said nothing, simply helped the blonde goddess stand up and draw her into a passionate kiss, his tongue instinctively seeking hers as he drew their bodies together, pulling her in by his hands gripping her now well-fucked ass. Sarah returned the kiss with equal passion as she wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt for more physical contact between them.

For several minutes they remained locked at the lips, enjoying the warmth of their bodies pressed against each and the taste of their coupling on each other's lips. However, it wasn't long until their moment was interrupted by one John Casey. "Walker, Bartowski, I got the data, so you can shove your lady feelings – and other appendages – back in your pants," came Casey's gruff voice over their earwigs.

Sighing in disappointment as they separated, Chuck and Sarah began tidying themselves up, trying to make it slightly less obvious that they just had sex. As Sarah pulled down her skirt to its correct position, she turned to Chuck, who was finishing fixing his belt into place. "Mr Carmichael," she said, still somewhat breathless from their previous exertions. "May I have my panties back?"

Chuck simply looked at her for a minute, before his loving look was replaced by one more mischievous. "No I don't think so," he said simply, shocking her for a moment. "I think I will need a trophy for this occasion don't you."

Sarah couldn't help but giggle at his words as Bryce once again snarled over the intercom. "Yes I think you do deserve a trophy of sorts," she replied coyly. "At the very least you deserve a reward for such an incredible performance."

Chuck nodded arrogantly, still playing his role. "And I think there will be a change of policy in the office starting on Monday," he said, and at her curious glance he continued. "From now on, you are not allowed to wear panties around the office. It'll make things… more productive, don't you think?"

"Of course Mr Carmichael," she smiled at him as they walked out of the room. "I definitely think we should make this a regular occurrence in our work schedule."

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