Hartbig the story of Hannah hart and Grace Helbig

Chapter 1:

It was early one Friday morning when Grace was awoken by a loud clattering noise. She dragged herself from her warm bed and into the kitchen where she found Hannah attempting to make breakfast. Grace groans and walks into the living area where she flops onto the sofa and switches on the TV Hannah walks into the living area and puts a plate in front of Grace and she begins to eat Hannah just sits and admires Grace as she devours the breakfast that she had so lovingly prepared "good?" Hannah asks nervously "chill Hannah you did a great job" replies Grace resting her hand on Hannah's knee.

Hannah's P.O.V

My heart skips a beat every time she touches me it's like a wave of heat runs through my body but I don't feel that way about Grace. I never have she's just my friend a very good friend who I share a flat with and I have become so close to over the past three months but it's not like that between us she would never feel the same way about me any way she's defiantly into guys and it would ruin our friendship if I said something.