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Auguste traces circles on the pretty alabaster of Gilbert's back, humming a song without a tune. Gilbert's tiny head rests against his shoulder, already lost to sleep. His soft golden curls fall around his face like a halo. A perfect, pretty doll.

You're all mine, Gilbert. Mine. I am the one who owns you, the one who controls you. Do you understand?

The smell of sex and expensive cologne clings to his skin and his hair, lingering remnants of the pleasures they shared.

Gilbert had done so well; he had been eager to please him, and quickly complied to every request, just as every night before. He would do anything for him, for his dear Augu, whom he loved more than anyone else.

"I want you to put on a show for me, Gilbert."

The boy had done it without hesitation, without second thoughts. With his slender, nimble fingers, he toyed with himself and humiliated himself until Auguste was content. He was a perfect, sweet, submissive thing, mewling and begging to be held. A pretty ten year old boy who craved affection more than anything else. His perfect puppet, Gilbert.

With his pretty pink lips and his clever little tongue, he wrapped himself around him and brought him to that great height of pleasure. He surrendered his body, offering it up in return for gentle caresses. With moans and soft whimpers, he let Auguste take whatever he wanted. He always let Auguste take everything he had, as long as he would hold him after.

"Augu, mon Augu..."

Auguste tightens his grip around the fragile child in his arms, the child that was his alone to hold. No matter how many others might stain his perfect body, he would always return to Auguste, and always be washed clean. Gilbert needed Augu more than he needed air.

That's how it was supposed to be.

Because only Augu could bring Gilbert down so low, yet raise him up at the same time. He dirtied his body and soiled his heart, and yet at the same time he was transformed to be as pure as virgin snow.

Gilbert. My Gilbert. You belong to me, and only me. Remember that.

And that first moment when they are joined, the first careful movement inside Gilbert's tiny body, is bliss beyond any compare. The sound he makes at that fleeting moment is indescribably lovely. His name never sounded more lovely than when it fell from Gilbert's lips

Almost as good was the aftermath, with Gilbert cradled against him, warm and soft and alive, the boy whispering psalms of adoration to his savior. His sweet, gentle breath is a balm against his misery, the cure that lessened all his woes.

I will make you mine in every way. You'll never leave. I'll never let you.

Making love to Gilbert is the best feeling in the world. Knowing Gilbert loves him is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that Gilbert needs him too much to ever leave is the best feeling in the world.

I love you. I need you. I want you. I crave you. I can't live without you anymore.

Auguste can never let Gilbert go. He can never surrender his touch, his voice, his body. He WILL not surrender this boy.

If Gilbert ever tries to leave him, he will beat him until he cannot walk. He will tie him up if he has to. He'll tear out his heart or slit his perfect throat if that's what it takes to keep him. (Gilbert would make such a pretty corpse...)

The child murmurs softly against him, his milky thighs parting to let his thin legs wrap around him.


My name. The only name you should ever utter.


You're mine.

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