On the coach to London we (Ebi-sensei, Kaichou-sama and I) decided to make up a Kuroshitsuji yaoi fanfiction. This is my rewrite of it as some of the original was a bit weird (not that this isn't of course).

I do not own Kuroshitsuji or the adorable cover picture!

Sebastian did not mind his job as butler to the Phantomhive family particularly. He had a secret gardenful of cats, a decent standing in the hierarchy of the house and an adorable young master. As a demon, he was not supposed to have developed such affections for his meal, as such, but after all, Ciel Phantomhive was like no other and despite his aesthetics, he prided over the fact that he was the one to look after his bocchan and that his bocchan, in turn, only ate the sweets that, he, Sebastian had made.

So imagine the disappointment and hurt he felt that afternoon when he opened the door to the sight of a box of consumed cookies (which had been provided by a source other than himself) and the culprit napping nonchalantly in his office chair.

"Young master, please wake up! And you have yet again decided to snack on the sly!"

Ciel slowly opened his eye to regard his butler with regal disapproval, but had the grace to look slightly abashed as he followed Sebastian's gaze to the box of cookies.

"I was hungry, so I opened the box of goods which Lau sent me."

Sebastian carefully schooled his expression and his voice before turning to the tea trolley. "And did you enjoy them?" he asked stiffly.

"Quite; after all, cookies made by one person would hardly differ in taste if they were made by another, no?"

The butler pursed his lips and shot Ciel a disdainful look which was not wasted. But more than that, he was hurt by the thought that his beloved bocchan would think that his sweets were not the best that he had ever tasted. All those years of practicing and perfecting the desserts only for a common company sweet to be compared to his own piece of art!

"Well, I apologise greatly for the fact that the standard of my cooking does not even rival that of those which can be consumed by the lower-class people. I am sure that Baldroy will be delighted at this opportunity to show off his magnificent culinary skills."

Ciel spluttered on his tea before regarding his butler with an incredulous look on his face.

"I do believe that someone is jealous," he stated sourly.

Sebastian flinched at the accusation. "Young master, I am merely hurt that you would even think of consuming confectionary made by anyone other than me."

Ciel smiled wanly. "Come here you stupid, jealous, idiot." He pulled him down to his eye-level. "Your sweets are the best I have ever tasted; and for you to be so possessive and jealous over someone like me, makes me so happy."

And in that moment passed something more than that which words could ever say.

"I love you, Sebastian."

The demon stood, stunned before he captured Ciel's lips in a passionate kiss, with feelings only lovers could express.

"Young master?"


"Promise me, that in future, you won't eat anyone's sweets other than mine."


Thank you to Ebi-sensei and Kaichou-sama xox