Hey my fellow fanfiction readers, I'm back with a new story and some news. This story is written by me and an awesome new friend of mine Todd-The-Human. He can't upload because his computer crashed,BUT you should follow him anyway. For those who follow No Regrets, I'll update that as soon as possible.

Hope you like it

Austin's POV


The explosion violently throws me off my feet, I fly back and hit the concrete wall hard behind me. Blood rushes down my cut up mask, which I then rip off and throw to the side.
I use all my strength to push myself up against the wall, so I'm in a sitting position. I look around, to see the warehouse being consumed by the flames of the fire, and the darkness from the smoke.
Everything starts to get fuzzy, probably from all the blood loss from my head. I have finally lost. This may well be the end of me, the end of Sparrow, the end of Austin Moon.
"Austin!" I here somebody call out. Over here, please, come over here! I use as all the strength in my lungs.
"Heeelllpp! " I call out, quietly. I just don't have it in me to yell for help, it's hard enough just trying to breath. Everything fades into blackness, and I start to breathe less and less. "Help."

Ally's POV

I run into the burning warehouse, the intensity of the heat takes me aback, but I push on, for Austin.
"Austin!" I yell out, as I look around for him, "AUSTIN!" I yell out, louder than before.
I then hear a faint noise from around the !? I run over and hear a faint "help?"
"Austin!?" I scream as I rush to his beaten up body lying up against the wall, his eyes were closed. I kneel down next to him and pulled out my pocket knife, I rip open his tattered up shirt, and put my ear on his bare chest. His heart was barely beating.
HE'S DYING! No, no no no! This isn't happening.

I wrap my arms up underneath him from behind, and look for an exit, the door is blocked, only way out is the window, I rush out the back window, where the fire department won't see us. Pieces of glass stuck to my arms and legs.

Once we reach outside, I listened to his heart beat again, it's weaker than it was before. I then start to perform CPR, pushing on his chest, then blowing into his mouth to keep his lungs and heart going.
"Don't you dare die on me Austin! Stay with me, Stay with me!" I beg to his lifeless body. I stop then wrap my arms around him, rocking him back and forth as the tears streak down my face.
I cry as I rock him, "Don't die on me! I love You ,Austin! I love you!"

"Please." I croak out, as more tears began rushing down my face.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I give ALL the credit to Todd-The-Human, it was his idea, and he wrote this chapter and the next one. :)

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