AN: E/O word = Check in. An AU double drabble that refers to past events from seasons, 2,4,5 and 8.


"Hey Sammy, just wanted to check in. I'll see you in a while."

Jimmy took back the receiver from Sam's tight grip. "He should be coming through right now."

"Hey Dean," Jimmy greeted, when Dean appeared in the door.

"Sammy, you doing alright buddy?"

He coughed once. "I just wanna go home to Dean, I have to finish the trials. It's a djinn…it always is…Cas, c'mon, zap me out."

Wide eyed, Jimmy looked at Dean who took Sam's shoulder gently. "Sammy, calm down."

"This isn't real!" He cried. Dean's glassy eyes met his own.

"C'mon Sam, just breathe and tell me why."

"Because, it just isn't! Dean, I am telling the truth," he grabbed the front of Dean's shirt, his voice breaking; "I know that I've lied to you in the past, about Lucifer and Ruby. And I know you think that I didn't look for you last year, but I swear I did…please Dean, don't leave me here."

Dean pulled Sam in close. "Jimmy, check in on us later…yeah, Sammy, I meant Cas…"

A mumble sounded: "…You aren't my Dean."

It was always spoken with such conviction that if left him struggling for breath. "Well, you are my Sammy."

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