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Fuji Syuusuke was someone who was very well liked. He smiled at everyone and made them feel special, as though that smile was meant just for them, even though more often than not if wasn't. That smile hide many secrets, and hardly anyone had even managed to scratch merely the surface of it.

Most of the girls in Seigaku liked to brag about the fact that Fuji had smiled at them, or had paid some attention to them, but really, Fuji didn't mean to do such a thing. It was just a coincidence that he smiled at everyone, and not his fault if people decided to take it the wrong way.

Some people would take his smile as a weapon instead, thinking that he was provoking them, but whenever they tried to go after him for it, all Fuji had to do was open his eyes and his potential opponents would flee, afraid of the glint in cerulean orbs.

It was the one who knew the genius the best, who saw him for who he really was.

The unexpected lover of Fuji Syuusuke was his captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu. The hazel eyed man knew exactly what all of Fuji's smiles meant, which was were real, which ones were fake, and he knew what was going through Fuji's mind just by looking at his smile.

He knew that when the right side of Fuji's mouth curled up, it meant that he was amused by the current situation. When the left side of Fuji's mouth curled up instead, it meant that the genius was unhappy, and being sarcastic about what was going on. When his smile crinkled up his eyes, it meant that Fuji was ecstatic, and about to burst into cheer. When he forcefully squeezed his eyes shut and smiled, it meant he was about to cry.

Tezuka pulled Fuji into an abandoned music room, saving him from his horde of screaming fangirls. Shocked, not having expected Tezuka to be there, Fuji tripped, and fell into his lover's waiting arms. Ducking down and leaning against the wall so that they would not be visible even when the girls looked through the window, Tezuka gave Fuji a small smile.

The returning one he received was dazzling.

I hope you've enjoyed this chapter as well. It's not much, just a drabble, but this fic is a series of 6 drabbles, really.