Cesare could see she was struggling. The King of Naples sat beside him and there was nothing he could do. The lecher coughed, and made suggestive noises, he wouldn't let her forget he was there, and the ineffectual efforts of his nephew were no where near enough to distract her.

Look at me he thought hard, leaning forward as though he could reach out to her with his mind. I'm here, my love. I'm here...

Her eyes popped open so suddenly he though for sure she could hear him. It's me, his eyes tried to tell her, the hands and body are mine. Stay with me... when her breath quickened, he was confident she understood him. Perhaps she really could read his mind.

He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth and held her eyes. She seemed to resettle herself, blowing air between her pursed lips and sucking it back in. When they'd been together it hadn't been like this, this graceless thrusting without affection or communication. Their love-making was a conversation, a song sung between them...

I'm with you... remember what it felt like. It is my weight you feel, my heart beating against yours, it is my back you cling to. I can feel you still... He allowed his mouth to fall open, his breath smooth and slow. He could afford to make no sound, draw no attention to himself, but he could speak to her with his face and with his eyes.

You are the light of my life, and I love you my dearest, more than Rome, more than family, more even than God. He felt perverse and dirty, but also elated and gratified as her moans grew louder, her eyes stayed locked with his. He was doing this, not the pathetic child from Naples. He was reaching out with nothing but his eyes and the power of his devotion and when she shuddered and gasped he knew it was he who'd done it without ever touching her.

Thank you... He no more needed to hear her voice than she had his. He read it in her eyes... Unlike him, however, there seemed to be no fear in her at all, not of what they had done right under her husbands nose, nor the passion of this impossible connection they shared.

"Your sister is lucky indeed, to have a husband who can give her pleasure his first time, yes?" The King of Naples said with a grin.

Cesare had to squash the urge to grip the smug bastards throat in his fist and crush it.