So, let me explain this to you guys, basically, this is sort of a modern AU, where in Jack did not die…yet and he is still human, and Man in the moon sent the Guardians to Burgess to keep an eye on him because he has something very special inside, and in order to do that, the guardians have to….let's say 'fit in' with humans, I don't wanna make spoilers or anything. So read on and enjoy!

"Thank you for coming everyone!" North clasped his hands together.

"Yeah mate, could we hurry this up? I got 3 million eggs to paint!" Bunny waved his paws up and down. 'Being the Easter Bunny isn't easy ya know."

"Ah Bunny, always in a rush, no?" North chuckled.

Sandy gave a thumbs up for that.

"So what's the problem North… it a problem?" Tooth asked worriedly.

"No….yes…maybe but I am not sure,"

"Not sure? Well why'd ya call us all here?" Bunny crossed his arms.

"Because of Pitch," North stated calmly.

"Pitch? Pitch Black?" Tooth began to fret.

"Oh relax Toothie, it iz fine, but Manny, he iz on to Pitch, he thinks he is up to something very bad, I too have noticed, I feel it! In my belly!" North patted his abdomen.

"So you called us all here, because of ya belly?" Bunny asked, annoyed.

"Not only belly, but because of that." North pointed at the crystallized figure of a hooded boy they didn't seem to notice earlier.

"Who is that?" Tooth inquired staring at the figure dreamily.

"Man in moon told us to keep an eye on this boy?" North explained.

A question mark formed above Sandy.

"Yeah, mate, who is this kid?" Bunny drew closer to take a look.

"A teenager of this century, he had stopped believing in us, but he is on the naughty list every year, his name is Jackson Overland."

"Wait" Bunny cut in, "Why would Manny tell us to keep an eye on a kid who already stopped believing? And besides, he is on the naughty list every year."

"He has something very special inside." North ran a hand through his beard.

"So, how do we keep an eye on him, he can't even see us, neither do we know where he is." Tooth queered.

"I don't know," North rested a hand under his chin, "can you guide us, Manny?"

A sudden blinding light flashed, then bright moonbeam scattered everywhere.

(1 year after)

Loud annoying ringing broke into his chain of dreams. The metallic alarm clock sat on the side table buzzing right into his ear. Jack extended an arm and knocked the annoying clock to the ground. He pressed a pillow on top of his head oh how much he hated mornings. He felt so lazy that he just wanted nothing more but to stay in bed for the rest of the day. But that was still too much to ask for. "Jack!" the voice was coming from down stairs. "Jack!" it was his sister, Pippa, calling for him again, and if she was calling for him, it would only mean one thing.

Jack jolted upright, running a hand through his messy brown hair. He was gonna be late for school, again, and he would only care if it means getting detention. He checked the clock, it was only 7:33, school doesn't start until 8, looks like little Pippa decided to wake him up early.

He swung his legs on the edge of his bed and stretched his limbs. He paced nest to the window and threw it open, inhaling the sweet scent of the morning air.

A small squeak came from the other side of the room. By the door was a tall table with a glassed cage sitting on in. there rested Bunnymund, a small fluffy grey furred rabbit crawling back and fourth on the tiny space. His sister Pippa found it abandoned outside their door step a year ago, their parents said she could keep it and now it was under Jack's care, which really wasn't a fun thing to do.

The rabbit's got an attitude, it was demanding for carrots, and it bites, typically Jack.

The fluffy creature sat there squeaking, probably because it was hungry, like it was every morning. It was cute, but not to Jack, "Okay, I wouldn't have gotten rid of you if it wasn't for Pippa." Jack plucked out a carrot from a plastic case placed next to it's coop. He hung the treat above Bunny's aquarium like cage. "Don't you even think of biting my finger again." He dropped the carrot down to the demanding little hare.

He sighed, his science professor always told him that rabbits don't bite, well, she just proved him wrong, Bunnymund practically hates him and loves to chew on his finger.

Jack pulled on his usual hoodie and usual brown pants and he was ready to go.

He yanked open the door lazily and kicked his bag out first.

He has such a strange life, he has a pet rabbit who hates him, he never sees his parents very often since they were always at work, and he had to go to school.

He really hated school, he was going to college soon, that would be worse. The only thing fun about his life is his sister, he would have time to unwind and play with her on weekends.

But the rest of his life was just, plain old nothingness.

"Mornin' Pip," he greeted his little sister eating a bowl of morning cereal, "good to go?"

"But you don't even have shoes on silly," Said the little girl while giggling.

"Oh yeah right." Jack had a bad habit of going around barefoot, he didn't like shoes.

He slipped on an old pair of converse, "Come on Pip let's go, you're the one who woke me."

"But you didn't even have breakfast yet." She reminded and Jack hurriedly grabbed a glass of milk, "I have everything I need in here." Then he drank it.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know."

"Hey, at least I didn't skip it." Jack said nonchalantly, "So let's go then."

Pippa hoped off her seat. His little sister has always been more exited about school than he was.

"But Jack" she blocked the doorway, "Don't forget your promise!"

"What pro…oh, I'll take you ice skating on the weekend."

"You forgot!" Pippa threw a tantrum again.

"Yes, but you will always be there to remind me." Jack grabbed his car keys from the counter, "Besides I would never break a promise."

He forced open the door that was jammed by a chunk of snow. It was still winter, among all the four seasons, winter was his favorite. The ice and the cold were welcoming to him, he could even withstand about negative 14 degrees wearing nothing but his hoodie.

"Come on," he nudged Pippa and buckled her up on the back seat.

He started the car, the wheels squeaked against the frosted ground in protest. Time to start another day again, he sighed.

He got his hands fisted on the steering wheel staring intently at the counter flowing cars. He was a mischievous person but when it comes to driving, he was extra cautious, especially when the road was paved with slippery ice.

Trinity high school wasn't so far away; they arrive immediately after a short drive.

Jack walked in the doors of Trinity unnoticed, just like everyday, and he wanted to keep it that way. He didn't like attention; he wasn't exactly a sociable person either. Due to his physical appearance, some girls tend to stare at him, and Jack wouldn't even do as much as wink, he wouldn't flirt with them like all the quarter backs do, he wouldn't even turn to face them.

He stopped in front of his locker, which was right beside the principal's office, the room that separates the elementary department and the high school department. He gave his sister a hug, "Have a fun day," he said and Pippa trotted down the hall.

Jack jammed open his locker, causing dozens of books to fall out, along with whatever junk that's contained inside. "Great, just great, now I have to clean this stupid mess up."

The door to the office swung open, "Good morning Jack!" North greeted wearing his usual red coat and a mug of hot cocoa.

"Morning," Jack returned the greeting with a slight smile and scooted down to pick up his books.

"I see your doing very well." North said sarcastically, "I hope I won't see you in detention today." He strode down the hallways.

North, the most loved principal possibly in the whole universe. He could go from room to room spreading joy and cheer to everyone. Though some kids have a theory that he was Santa Clause over night. Then again, his name was Nicholas. Nah Jack pushed the thought aside, he didn't believe in childhood fantasies any more.

North was different; he'd been working as Trinity's principal for a year now, replacing the old cranky Mr. Hastings who always yelled at children running in the halls.

Though North, he was different in another way, he was a jolly man, with a heart of gold, he cares for children deeply, he loves them as his own.

And he never gives any punishments whenever he was sent to the principal's office, they would just have a little idle chat, then he was free to go.

Strange thing is, North knew a lot of people, he knew the names of good children all around, yet he still remembers his name, Jack, who practically wanted to remain unnoticed, possibly because of the countless times he was sent to the office for his tricks and pranks, and also because his locker was right beside the office.

At times he would question why he was assigned to that locker. It happened after North moved in on the job, why him? Why not pick a top rated student.

But all his questions weren't gonna be answered.

The door swung open again, and Pitch Black paced out with his long sinister coat and his hands behind his back, he was the vice principal of Trinity, probably the scariest employee too.

He swept past Jack as always. Jack hated him, it wasn't so fortunate if Pitch was around and he was sent to detention, he would eventually find himself scrubbing toilets with a tooth brush.

Jack slammed the locker closed, he got the books he needed, now to start the morning with Science class.

"Hey Sandy!" he greeted the teacher as he passed by. When it comes to respect, it was a big issue for the hellion, he called teachers by their first name, some of them get used to it others still send him to detention.

Sandy was a history teacher, Jack's favorite, he didn't mind if he was called by his first name, and he was the only person that NEVER sent Jack to detention.

He's been teaching in Trinity for a year though he is mute, he still teaches well through writing and notes.

"Good morning Jack!" the girl who sat by the window greeted him happily.

"Mornin'" Jack muttered grabbing a chair right behind her.

She was Toothiana, she transferred to trinity a year ago and coincidentally was in ALL of Jack's classes. She sat beside him every time, and Jack eventually found himself magnet to her, no matter how much he wanted to be left alone, he enjoyed her company, especially when she starts chattering endlessly.

Tooth turned around, "you know we have a Science homework due today?"

And Jack finally realized he forgot to do it. "Oh no…" he picked up his bag and fumbled through the messy piles of paper.

"You left it on your seat yesterday, I did it for you." Tooth added smiling brightly at him.

"What?" Jack was dumbfounded, "Why? Um…I mean thanks? But you really didn't have too; I'm used to getting in trouble."

"No, it's okay!" Tooth stated quickly, "I was bored, and I had nothing to do."

"Thanks so much." Jack felt deep gratitude, no one but his sister has done anything nice for him.

Tooth was different, she wasn't like any other girl in school. Tooth made him feel soft, but the sensation was sweet, it came from deep down the bottom of his heart, it must be….

He pushed the thought aside, and spent the nest hour pondering, until the school bell finally rang after what seemed to be years.

Jack abruptly stood up gathering all his stuff that was scattered all around.

Tooth was waiting for him to arrange his bag before trailing after him as he went out the door.

"So Jack," she started awkwardly, Jack had his hands shoved into his pockets, his hood was over his head and he was staring at the ground, not paying attention, but Tooth continued anyway. "So, it's March, and you know the prom student council is organizing for the end of the school year?"

"Yep" Jack said nonchalantly.

"Well are you going?" she waited for his answer.

He shrugged, "depends on what my sister wants me to do at that time."

"Oh" Tooth said quickly, "Then see you there." She walked away stiffly. Jack was insensitive, she knew that from the beginning, but he did have an unending love for his sister, she just wished he could be easier to deal with sometimes.

Jack just stayed where he was, telling himself how big of an idiot he was.

The final bell rang at last, school was finally over. Jack buried himself in homework as soon as he got home. He didn't want Tooth to do it all for him again, it was embarrassing.

It was past 8, Trinity high school was emptied. The halls were quiet enough to hear a pin drop. The place was pitch black, except for I room, which was North's office.

Tooth sat in front of North, slumped on his desk while drumming her fingers on the wood. Sandy settled on one of the chairs placed by the door. North was pacing back and fourth, "so, anything new?"

Tooth sat up straighter, "nothings new really."

North didn't say anything anymore filling the room with awkward silence.

"I don't get it," Tooth finally spoke up again. "Why do we have to take form of humans?"

"Well, man in moon sent us here to keep an eye on Jackson Overland, and he believes the only way to do that is to 'fit in' with humans." North explained. "Why? What iz wrong?"

Tooth sighed, "it's just that there's a lot of homework humans do, and Jack…he's kinda hard to talk to sometimes."

"Jack iz great boy, what iz problem?" the man asked.

"Well, for the past weeks he's forgot all his school duties and I've done them all for him."

"Well, why did you do homework? Who told you to?" North pointed out.

"Because I want to?" she flushed, "and I don't want him getting into trouble," her face reddened even more.

"Hah, well that explains it," the bearded man settled on the chair behind his desk.

"But, by keep an eye on Jack, do we really have to be humans and be with him ALL the time?" Tooth implored.

"He won't be able to see us, and it's not just Jack we are observing." North paused.

"Who else are we observing?" Tooth tilted her head cluelessly.

North looked around, "it's Pitch, he iz up to something very bad, we are here to find out what he iz up to, it iz not every day you see the boogyman apply for vice principal. And he iz on to us, he even tried to install security cameras, but with me as principal, he isn't so fortunate."

"By the way, how did you get the job?"

"Sandy and his power of dreamsand!" North boomed laughter and Sandy gave a thumbs up and laughed himself.

Tooth giggled and suddenly realized something, "hey North, where's Bunny?"

"Give him break, it's hard being the boy's pet."

The words seemed like magic as Bunny slipped himself inside the crack opening of the door, wet and soggy.

"Iz it raining?" the bearded man stated, amused.

"Very funny, but it's not, Jack's sister tried to give me a bath!" Bunny waved his tiny paws in the air. "When will the moon ever change us back!?"

"Who knows when, but I really miss being human." Tooth looked at her featherless arms fondly.

"It's easy for you guys to say, you're not tiny and vulnerable." Bunny muttered, pouting, he even tried to cross his tiny paws. "Besides, why are we even looking after Jack, that kid does nothing but mess around!"

"Like I said before, the boy has something very special inside him, and I feel it! In my belly!"

"Yeah, so it's always about your belly," the rabbit looked out the window. "Why turn me into a tiny bunny?"

"Well what else to you expect to turn into? A turtle?" North stated jovially.

Bunny sighed, "Whatever is the reason that kid is so special, I hope it's worth our time."

So that's it for chapter 1, not much right? XD there are some things I would love to clarify.

About Pippa, is that really Jack's sister's real name? I thought that was the name of one of Jamie's friends, but since I see a lot of you calling her Pippa, well, why not XD it suits her.

I bet you guys are wondering why I didn't make Bunny a human like all the other AUs. You see, I can't exactly imagine Bunny as a six foot tall human; it scares me a little, so why not make him tiny and adorable? :3 he can't be a six foot tall pet Bunny either, that's impossible, but I wish it was possible, I wanna pet Bunny!

Regarding the whole concept of this story, it would be following the movie's pace, but in a different way, since Jack is a modern high school student and not a person from the colonial times, and to find out more, just keep reading.

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