I'm waking up; I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow. Welcome to the new age.

"You are to return to your duties"

The moment Man in the Moon spoke, Tooth's knotted stomach felt as though it might rise up to her throat. The voice—what once provided her with endless comfort now pricked her heart with needles of sorrow and contempt. She has never been the one for hatred, no matter what Tsar Lunar does, whether he failed to preserve a life or made a queer decision, though now it seems that love had blinded her fully and all that was left of her was rage.

"He is telling us to return to our duties. Now?" Her voice was sharp and indignant, though it came as soft as a whisper of disbelief. She braced herself against the wall, trying to process her thoughts, as if the words had struck her like a tremendous blow and left her out of breath. "Why would you do that?"

Even though the question wasn't addressed to him, it was North who answered, hesitating for a moment to weigh the words carefully in his mind, as if he were talking to a child who knew nothing of the bitterness of the world. "He believes it's for the best," he said grimly, though a part of him did not believe his own words.

Tooth only shook her head, hoping she could shake away the tears forming in her eyes as well, but to no avail. The tears she had tried so hard to hold back had finally fallen, glistening like sparks as they caught the moonlight. The world she thought she knew, thought she belonged to shattered, as her mind raced with thoughts and voices and unbidden memories, it made her want to shriek.

She had never abandoned her duties before, she was always been fretting about how her fairies were doing on their own the moment she came to Burgess and yet the last few days with Jack made her forget who she was and not once has she thought about her duties.

Anger and hatred that was never meant for her eyes rimmed her slit pupils red. She looked over at Sandy, who was looking slightly more yellow than he was supposed to, then over at Bunny who had tufts of fur growing longer than his form then she ran her hand through her hair, only to realize it was beginning to gather into a crown of feathers once more. "I thought you were protecting children….why would you…"she strained to say through the tears, her fingers digging painfully in her palms to the point she was sure it was bleeding. She suddenly remembered Pippa, looking as though she had no more purpose in this world. She would giver he life to see her smile again, she would trade a heartbeat to be able to bring Jack back.

Man in the Moon made no answer, not even a few words of comfort. Sometimes Tooth wondered what kind of being Manny really was; sometimes she did not want to know at all. She was not some child who would easily do what was told. She was never anyone's to command in the first place. "I trusted you!" she growled through gritted teeth, though she couldn't help but flinch at the harshness of her own words. Again she was only answered by a still silence as the moon crystal slowly dimmed and slid back into it's slate.

That's enough of this Tooth thought as she stared at the spot where the crystal had disappeared to. Then without another word, she stormed out through the door and took off as soon as she felt her own wings again. Instead of returning to her duties, she headed back to that accursed lake in the Burgess Park, where the only pleasant memories she could cling had begun.

The moment he struggled back into wakefulness again, he couldn't tell if his eyes were open or not, for the darkness still remained either way. For an instant, he hovered in a state of complete confusion, wondering who he was, where he was or why he was even there in the first place. He tried to move, he tried to flex a muscle or simply tried to pry his own eyes open but his veins felt as though they had turned into led, refusing to move no matter what. If his wits hadn't remained in tact, he would have easily thought he was encased in ice—or maybe he was encased in ice…..

His mind struggled to recollect, though that task proved to be impossible with an excruciatingly unbearable headache that made his brain feel like it was pulsing hard against his skull. It was frightfully murky around him. No matter how far he delved, there was only darkness, endless inky black darkness, he swore his eyes would have burned. No life stirred around him and every sound seemed to come in a form of thick and throbbing echoes, as if he was suspended in the ocean floor.

Oceanwaters…the lake!

Bits of memories came crashing down and he attempted to make sense of it all. He remembered something about a lake, staring down at the faults forming in the ice. He saw faces, blank and featureless, like a sketch that hasn't been filled in. He heard voices at the back of his mind, voices of people he tried so hard to recognize but could not and then he heard a scream, a high pitched scream that belonged to, he guessed, a little girl. There were words to her scream, but they were muffled by whatever was around him. It rang again and again, until the word had finally reverberated clearly in his mind.


He gasped, or at least he tried to gasp, only to realize his chest was burning with hollow emptiness, as if someone had drilled a hole in his heart and left it bleeding. Then it suddenly dawned on him. He could hear the sound of thudding directly above him, he could hear the harsh echoes all around him but he could not hear the sound of his own heartbeat, for he had none at all.

Alive without breath, how could that be possible?

With the name momentarily forgotten, he was thrown in a state of complete alarm. He tried to draw breath, only to feel water filling his lungs. Then the memories flooded back, suffusing the darkness of his vision like how a drop of ink mars a white canvas.

He saw cracks in the ice. He remembered plunging into the depths of the black water and meeting death with open arms, then there was nothing more. But how was he here then? Awake without even a beating heart.

He couldn't shake off the sense of dementia as he tried to make sense of it all. His muscles still refused to shift as if his veins were coursing with sleet, though strangely he did not feel the cold at all.

With much effort, he managed to pry his eyes open only to find himself staring at the fault lines in the ice, far beneath the pits of the lake where the watery moonlight pierced through the black waters.

Then there it was, his chest throbbed with the first beat of his heart, although it felt more painful than he remembered, slamming against his bones like it was trying to break out of his system. He had his eyes fixed on the moon the whole time. It was shining so clear with a silvery glow; it made him feel more serene although the light did little to calm the adrenaline that had begun to take over his senses.

"Calm, my child"

Then there was a voice, so eerily and unworldly. His eyes searched for the source but there was nothing above him, not even silhouettes of footprints. It would have been the most damnable idea to imply but he swore it was the moon that spoke.

"You have fulfilled your duty in your old life and now it's time to start anew"

What do you mean? He wanted to ask but before he had the chance put that into thought, he was suddenly being pulled towards the surface with an unseen force.

The lapping waves tore free as his figure rose through the ice, drawing his first breath. The air was chilly with the scent of pines and damp grass and the wind felt like searing flames that whipped across his numb cheeks.

He stood gingerly on his feet, eyeing his palms that were made so cold and pale by the silvery light. Then he looked up at the moon questioningly, his mind unable to fathom what was really happening. This is a dream he thought to himself absently, flexing his fingers as he relished the feeling of moving. I'm dead.

"Welcome Jack Frost" the hidden voice spoke again and then said nothing more, leaving the silence complete with only the sound of chirruping crickets and the sound of water beneath him.

Jackson Overland

The memories coalesced. He remembered a little girl calling the name together with another girl, who looked slightly older, about his age; he guessed doing the same as well. He also saw himself, brown hair and maple eyes but as he looked into the reflection on the surface of the ice, he saw someone entirely different. Silver hair and sapphire eyes peered at him.

He reared back suddenly, kicking away a wooden stick as he did. As the wood rolled away, frost sparked to life, resurfacing the cracks in the ice.

Jack couldn't hold back his curiosity. He edged towards the strange looking stick and gingerly reached out his fingers towards it. The moment his hand met with the wood, the frost coiled around the gritted jags, causing a floral pattern to spread beneath him.

He picked up the crooked staff and weighed it carefully in his hands. It was until the flashes of memories came back and a single thought suddenly struck him. Pippa!

He spun around and began to glide to wherever he remembered his home was situated, only to find himself face to face with the most peculiar creature his ever seen.

Bloody hell he is dead.

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