"Alright, Peebles. I've got the scariest story ever, so terrifying it may cause you to die on the spot of fright-er, not literally of course." Finn claimed to the thirteen year old candy princess.

"Oh really? That's quite a claim, Finn. Give it your best shot, but I bet it's gonna be the least scariest story I've ever heard!" Bonnie joked, edging a little closer to the blonde human.

The two teenagers were in the Cotton Candy Forest, a little ways from the Candy Kingdom. Finn had set up two logs for them, in his words 'For, uh, you know... a night time forest... get together! Yeah, that's it!'. Though, one of the wooden seats were vacant.

The sky was dark, the sun having set about a half hour ago. Stars illuminated tiny sections of space, though there weren't many present this night.

"You're on, Princess! Alright, so there was this owl-bear, and he got cursed by a wizard for being too darn ugly! Now he has a lust for killing, prowling forests in search of victims, and if he sees you..." He made a 'grrch' sound, putting his finger over his neck.

Bonnibel laughed, rolling her eyes. "Finn, you're too funny."

His face went red. "What? I thought it was scary..."

"You've fought monsters, saved the world from the Lich, done impossible things and yet... that was scary?" She pointed out, causing him to look away, embarrassed. She squeezed his arm, and went on. "Okay, my turn!"

Finn mumbled something, and she began.

"What if our life is just a story? Or a video game? And someone's pressing buttons, making us say these things, like they might be right now! Or maybe, your entire life is just a dream, or maybe this is the dream inside of a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream-,"

Finn groaned, rubbing his head. "Prubs, my mind just exploded."

"Great! I forgive you for telling a lame story."

A boy woke up somewhere, frowning. "What a weird dream..."