The Target

Pairing: Vlad x Danny

Warnings: Homosexual relationships. Danny is around 18. Violence. Foul language.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is a product of Nickelodeon. All characters in this story are imaginary.

Summary: Vlad is a successful hit man, but his next assignment might not be as easy as he expected.

Idea inspired by: gothiethefairy on tumblr

Originally Written: April 2013-September 2013


Vlad tugged at the red bow tie that he always wore as he entered his castle in Wisconsin. He felt exhausted after arriving home from his trip to Europe for his last assignment. It was a simple job, and he managed to pull it off without being caught. Of course. That was the whole reason he was a billionaire: he was the most successful hit man in the business. But that wasn't surprising since he had a secret that no one else shared. He was half ghost. He could easily slip into the homes of his targets and take them out without being seen. Literally. Invisibility, he smirked, was quite the useful skill to have, along with being able to actually walk through walls.

His employers were unaware of that fact. Very few knew about his half ghost status, and those that did were ghosts, who learned about him during his trips through the Ghost Zone. He used some of the ghosts that he encountered on occasion. There was a group of vultures that picked up his payment and next target information from the drop off point. He could do it himself without worry of being caught, because he knew he was on a wanted list by this point, with his invisibility. He could even go in his ghost form which would keep them from discovering that the man they were looking for was Vlad Masters. But he wouldn't want to give the people around him a fright by appearing as a ghost. He only utilized the vultures to give himself a bit more free time. With all the jobs that he did, it was nice to get a moment of peace to sip tea and read a book.

When he reached his study, a familiar white envelop waited for him on the table next to his cozy chair by the fire. He sighed tiredly as he walked over to the chair and dropped into it. His eyes closed for a brief moment, taking his time before reaching over to pick up the envelop. Who would it be this time? Some diplomat from another country? He didn't wish to travel out of the country again after he only just got back. Some CEO in a company? That seemed rather mundane, but there were plenty of people seeking to take over a company by eliminating the man in charge. He lost count of how many of his assignments involved that type of situation, but he was fairly certain it was at the top of the list.






Vlad counted out in his head, taking slow deep breaths as he let his mind drift in nothingness for that time. Then he opened his dark blue eyes and turned his gaze upon the envelop. He could always put off the assignment. A day wouldn't hurt anything. But there would always be another assignment at the ready after he finished this one. He frowned, realizing there really wasn't much else in his life beyond the constant jobs of assassinating other people. He never questioned it, why these people had to die for the greed of another. That wasn't his job. He was hardly a good person. He had sins piled high to the sky.

He stared at the plain white envelop that held no identifying markers to it. No names were printed upon it, no acknowledgement of whom it was for or from. Vlad slid his finger through the top of the envelop, deftly slicing it open. Turning it upside down, the information packet slipped out into his waiting hand. He tossed the envelop into the fire before glancing down at the photograph of the unlucky bastard that would be his next target.

His mind went blank immediately when his eyes landed upon the picture attached to the front of the details to the job. Blue eyes stared back at him with that ridiculously goofy grin on the man's face. The man lost the mullet that he used to have in college, the bottom of his hair turning white from age. Despite all the years that passed, the man hadn't changed all that much in terms of looks since the last time they saw each other.

"Well, Jack," Vlad said as he leaned back in his chair. "What mess have you gotten yourself into?"