My first M rated fanfic. I don't know why I'm so proud of this, but I am.
Anyway, the idea for this fanfic comes from Kink Meme Death Note Round 1 Page 21:
'Light gets Mikami to admit the attraction he has to his God. Mikami is ashamed of the unacceptable feelings and apologizes profusely. Light tells Mikami he wants to reward him for being such an invaluable follower, but it's obvious the true purpose is just to satisfy himself.'
So, enjoy. :3

Light Yagami was angry. As God of the New World, he felt he should be given everything he wanted. This rule should be abided by, especially by the one who claimed he was so loyal to him- Teru Mikami. That was the man that Light thought of as he walked in the door to his bedroom, threw an apple carelessly in the direction of Ryuk, who caught it and starting munching on it without speaking a word and sat down on the bed.

He had noticed how Mikami looked at him on the rare occasions when they could meet without the Task Force behind his back, before they were destroyed. When they first spoke on the phone, he had thought that Teru's affection for him was merely because he saw him as a religious figure, a God, as Teru keeps calling him. But after their first meeting, little signs from him had shown Light that Teru's feelings were no longer purely religious.

When Light spoke, Teru stared at his face in reverence, clearly listening to every word he said. But now and then, his gaze would glance to his chest or his hands, and he would stare at them in obvious lust until he snapped back to reality, continuing to listen to Light but with a more guilty expression.

When he thought Light wasn't looking, he would look longingly at him for a few moments, barely repressing a sigh, before mentally shaking himself and carrying on with whatever trivial task he was doing.

At one point, Light had turned his back to him to walk out of Teru's apartment after deciding that his business there was done. He turned around to wish Teru a good evening before slipping out of the door, but when he turned around, he was confronted with the sight of Teru, his mouth hanging open slightly and breathing a bit more heavily than usual, staring at his ass. A few seconds later, Teru looked up to see a smirking Light. He had looked like he wanted to burst into tears.

Light did not like being denied the truth by his own disciple. However, Teru had failed in no other way, having given him everything he asked for and helping him with the destruction of the Task Force. So, sitting on his bed in the dark, a smirk came upon his face as he decided the best way to both reward his loyal pet and receive the truth from him, as well as rewarding himself. Light stood up and made his way out of the house and to the bus stop, waiting for the bus that would take him to Teru's apartment.