Teru had just come from his job as a prosecutor to his apartment, even though it was late in the evening and he had left for work at 6am. The last two weeks had been like this, as being Kami's disciple was a time-consuming job, which meant that he had ignored his role as a prosecutor for some time, leaving him practically buried in paperwork. The urge to sleep came upon him when he glanced at his bed longingly, but he pushed it away as best as he could.

'Crime never sleeps', he thought to himself as he walked over to his desk and pulled out his beloved Death Note, a most sacred gift from his God. He gently stroked the cover, letting out a soft whimper at the thought that God's hands had held this book...Kami's perfect hands...

He shook himself from those thoughts, shame and guilt flooding him. 'If Kami knew how I felt about him, he would be disgusted.' A wave of panic hit him. 'Kami knows all, so surely Kami must know how I feel about him?' He felt like he might throw up at the thought. Teru believed that, while he was good looking for an average human, he was completely disgusting when compared to his perfect God, his Kami. Not just for lacking Kami's flawless attractiveness, but also for having a horrible temptation to touch his Kami, to love his Kami, to...kiss his Kami. He felt that his vileness was as clear to Kami as it was to himself, and therefore didn't dare ask for permission to worship his Kami's body, for fear of a rejection that would surely come. So, the thought that Kami knows how he feels, knows about his attraction for him and is silently judging or mocking him filled him with a self-hatred that made him feel physically sick.

But before he could think himself further into a pit of despair, he heard a soft beep in the direction of his door, indicating that someone was ringing his doorbell and wished to enter. Teru started to tremble with nervousness as he realised that only one person would visit him at this time of night. He quickly rushed over to the door to open it, not wanting to keep his Kami waiting, especially not in the cold of winter. He bowed his head as he opened the door, wanting to show his Kami the respect he deserves as well as hoping Kami wouldn't notice the nervous terror that his eyes would give away.

"Welcome, Kami." He stepped away from the door, head still bowed, so that Light could walk through. "Please, make yourself at home."