It was at that point that Teru stopped breathing. 'God's...body? He cannot mean that in the way I think he does, surely, God is above such things, especially with someone as disgusting as me, I don't deserve such a gift...'

But Light was still stroking his hair, still showing him the love and attention that he desired but felt he didn't deserve, and Teru couldn't think of any other way that God could mean what he just said, and his mind was filled with so many wonderful images of God...

"Breathe, Teru."

Teru immediately started breathing again, thankful for God's care of him. Light has stopped stroking his hair and was looking down at him with a raised eyebrow, waiting for a response. So, Teru replied as eloquently and quickly as possible, so as not to annoy God.

"God...I'm so unworthy of such a gift, you don't have to lower yourself to that to please me. I admit that I am desperately in love with you, but I would never ask you to lie with me."

Light was beginning to become annoyed. He wanted to fuck Teru senseless, but the fool seemed to think that he was offering such a thing just for his disciple's sake. However, he didn't want to order Teru to have sex with him. He wanted Teru to see this as a gift from his God that he should treasure, and not a sign that Light has needs as much as him. So, instead of kicking him in the face like he wanted to, he started to think of a way to convince Teru. Seeing that Teru was looking down at the floor and still bowing before him, Light smirked as an idea hit him. He started to take off his jumper.

Teru heard the rustling of clothes from above, which confused him, but he didn't dare look into the eyes of his God unless given permission, so he waited.

"Teru. Look up."

Teru moved his head to look at God and was confronted with the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. Light had taken off his jumper and was looking down at him, smiling, with something that Teru hoped and prayed was lust shining in his eyes. The jumper had been discarded on the floor, but Teru couldn't think about picking it up and putting it on a hanger so it wouldn't crease. He couldn't think about anything. All the blood in his head had gone to another part of his body, which would have embarrassed him greatly if he could think.

"I don't want you to resist temptation, Teru. This is your gift. Enjoy it."

With that, Light outstretched a hand to Teru, who took it with one of his own trembling hands. Light pulled Teru up so they were standing at an equal height. Teru was so close to God, he could reach out to his chest and touch it. His hands trembling with the urge to touch, he couldn't control himself any longer. He reached out and started softly stroking his God's chest, not able to stop tears of gratefulness from flowing from his eyes.

"Thank you, God. You've already been so kind to me, given me so much. I'm so inferior to you, and therefore so grateful, so very grateful that you're allowing me to have such a gift. I know my thanks can never be enough in response to all you have given me, but I pray you'll accept it."

"Prove it, Teru. Prove you love me."