And now comes the moment you've all been waiting for-sex!
There's leg humping in this. Because I said so, that's why.

Teru swallowed. God was so beautiful; it would be so difficult to describe it in mere words and actions. But God had asked this of him, and he would do anything his God asked. Teru continued to stroke his chest, staring into his eyes with both determination to please and reverence in reaction to his God's beauty.

"God, your chest is so flawless yet so cold, just like that of a marble statue. Your clothes hide it, but you have a sort of hourglass figure. Not enough to be considered too skinny, but it just adds to your perfection."

His hands moved to his nipples, gently circling them with his fingertips, as Light tried to suppress the shivers that wanted to make their way through his frame at the contact.

"Your small nipples are so pink, so perfect and so pure. I know that you're a vengeful God and can kill at your whim, but you still look so innocent and so beautiful. I want nothing more than the honour of protecting you from the evils of this world, to worship and care for you for the rest of my days. Please, it's true that you're extremely handsome, but that's not the only reason I love you. I love you because you are my God, the saviour who will lead this world to justice. I love you because you understand that evil must be confronted, and that to leave evil to fester will destroy the world. I would be more than happy to live as a slave to your wants and needs, being kicked like a rabid dog, as I deserve no more. But you have shared your power with me, given me a place in your life, let me help you on your quest to save this world and offer me an intimate moment with you. I swear, I will not waste any of the gifts you have given me. I will please you, no matter what it takes."

With that, Teru stopped talking and started acting. He started with small pecks on Light's neck, but after earning a small moan for his troubles, Teru found that Light was sensitive there and lavished more attention on it. He gave open mouthed kisses to Light's neck, occasionally giving small licks as well, trying to repeat the actions that Light seemed to enjoy the most. However, soon enough, Light's need for dominance kicked in, and he grabbed Teru's face, twisting it towards him to grab his mouth in an open-mouthed kiss. Light shoved his tongue in Teru's mouth, earning a high-pitched moan from his disciple, who shivered as a result of the attention. Light bit on Teru's lip, causing it to bleed slightly, though Teru didn't seem to mind, only responding with incoherent moans.

After a while, Light shoved Teru's face aside.

"Take off my jeans."

Teru was eager to comply, hands shaking as he bent down and started taking off Light's jeans. After that was done, Teru looked up at Light obediently, waiting for orders.

"And my underwear."

Teru did so, and was enthralled at the sight of his God's erect cock. He looked up at his God pleadingly, who understood what he wanted, and nodded his consent.

Immediately, Teru took half of Light's cock down his throat, earning a lustful moan from above him. He fought his gag reflex, trying to take in as much as possible to please his God, even when it started to hurt. His God had such a large cock, but Teru was determined to please, ignoring the bulge in his own pants.

Just before Light was about to cum, Light pulled Teru away by his hair. Teru looked up at him, frightened that he had not pleased Light.

"Take off your clothes. All of them."

Teru hurried to do as he was asked, immediately stripping himself. Light noticed how hard his disciple was, and decided to reward him further.

"You have permission to hump my leg."

Teru almost came at the proposal. He bent down again; wrapping his arms around Light's left leg, which was long and smooth. He was so grateful for the offering, but he felt that his God appreciated his actions more than his words. So he started humping it softly, loving the stimulation that shot through his cock but not daring to go any faster or harder in case he bruised his God's perfect skin.

Teru didn't last long, spending himself all over his God's leg. He finished Light off, sucking his cock until he came down his throat, then swallowing every drop.

Light let out a soft yawn, and Teru remembered how exhausted he was.

"Are you tried, my God? You can sleep in my bed, if you wish."

Light was genuinely pleased with his disciple and their experience together meant that he started to see him as more than just a slave to do his bidding. So, after a pause, he said "They'll be enough room in the bed for both of us. We can sleep together."

Teru's eyes threatened to fill with grateful tears again, so all he could manage was a weak "Thank you, God."

When Light fell asleep, Teru forced himself to stay awake a little bit longer, so he could memorise how peaceful he looked while he rested, before allowing himself to drift off into the world of dreams.

Everybody likes a fluffy ending. :3