This was just a silly little something I've had floating around in my head for a while now :) Hope you enjoy.

The battle was raging around him as Sandy struck down fearling after fearling. A smile crossed his lips; Pitch was still too weak. They would be able to manage this, perhaps not easily, but comfortably at least. As if proving his thoughts true, the fearlings that surrounded him turned and galloped away. The small golden man relaxed his whips and turned to the others.

What he saw, though, wiped the smile from his face: Jack was now at the centre of a large, boiling mass of fearlings in the centre of the sky, the other guardians speeding towards him. Sandy's mind flashed back to a similar situation, and Jack rushing to help him. His round face set in determination and he whizzed towards the swirling storm, whips once again at the ready.

Suddenly his heart stopped. Pitch was drawing back a large arrow of black sand, aimed straight towards the winter child. Without hesitating, Sandy lashed out his whip and threw the Nightmare King from the sky, noticing Bunny grab hold of him out of the corner of his eye. He then started work on the broiling typhoon, beating a path to Jack. His rage was escaping now, escaping in a way that it hadn't in centuries. He made short work of Pitch's minions.

"Yeah, Sandy!" whooped Jack as the last fearling was struck down. They floated towards the ground, where North, Tooth and Bunny were waiting, large smiles on their face, covered in the black sand. The guardian of dreams gave the youngest immortal a once over before turning to spit on the ground.

"Bastards," he muttered angrily, before floating off. Everyone froze.

"Did... did he just..." Bunny tried to choke out. Pitch took the opportunity to start slipping away, but North absently grabbed him by his neck, eyes still fixed on where Sandy had been.

"Well," said Jack finally, breaking the awed silence. "There's something you don't hear every day."