Author's Notes: EB has been discontinued. The reasons are as follows:

I can't juggle between two projects at a time(my original project and this one); zeroing out from one writing style to the next takes too much time, and, in the process, I lose anything I have learned with one particular style. So, if I juggle between EB and my own project, there's a loss counted for the both of them. And the latter is eventually meant to become a commercial project.

These are the whys of it. As to how I feel... I feel that I should be honest with my intentions. I struggled with this decision for a month - whether I should let my own project take precedence over EB, permanently. The decision I came is as seen. Why? It's harder to write a story that has a style that I feel isn't truly my own. And it feels exhausting, having to switch between two projects monthly.

In the end, I'm no magician. I can't keep two balls up in the air at the same time.

Yet, I love EB, and I love FEA beyond any other game I've ever played. I know that the twists and turns that had yet to come would have served their purpose well; however, at the same time, we live in a real world. That world demands that we are able to keep ourselves afloat, economically. I recently moved to my own flat. That should reveal something about my obligations to myself. XD

And, also, my own project is a bet towards future, so that I can eventually do the kind work that I love. That I can do writing, for the medias that have held my imagination for all these years. It doesn't mean that I don't hate leaving EB to dust, but it means that I'm ready to step forward. Honestly, I thought I wouldn't be able to do that in one or two years yet. My full intention was to finish EB. Now, I realize I cannot do that anymore.

When I realized that, I felt really saddened. But, at the same time, I realized that I cannot be dishonest about my intentions, in regards to this work.

So, EB is cancelled. It's not on hiatus, I won't ever return to it. That's how it has to be. I don't want to keep up a vain hope in your minds.

I won't disappear from Fanfiction dot net, for all that it matters to you(to some of you, it does - and I know the name of those people). I will continue writing, just... it's my own story, this time. One that hopefully, one day, can eke out my living, for a certain period of time.

Then I'll write another story. And another.

...And another.

...Thank you so much for all these months of following my journey to become a better writer. My heartfelt, deepest thanks go to you people.


PS: My Tumblr handle might change a bit in the next two days, so if you want more progress updates on my own project, you can do get those there. Writing a visual novel script is a curious experience, I'll say as much. XD