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Abandonment. That was the only thing he was good for. His previous owner just dropped the little kitten in an alleyway a week ago with nothing else to say. Ichigo was alone once again. Being a stray to begin with he had had many owners. He was just tired of being alone. Ichigo continued to lie in the box his "owner" had placed him in. He watched as people walked by. Some children came to pet him, it was a nice feeling until their parents scolded them for touching "a dirty thing". Other people noticed him and walked right passed him, and most pretended not to see Ichigo. Ichigo's heart was shredded into a million pieces. So once again he curled up into a ball and cried himself to sleep.

-Next Day-

It was raining, Grimmjow hated it. It put him in a bad mood though it was a light drizzle. Being a model, bad moods was never good. Bad moods equal frowns and frowns cause wrinkles. "Damn it!" he yelled getting frustrated with his driver for no reason. "Pull over here! I'll walk home from here!" The driver did as he was told and let him out. Not even 5 minutes passed when Grimmjow was swarmed by fans girls and blinded by cameras. Somehow he was able to push through the herd and made a run for it. Grimmjow ran into an alley to hide. Backing up against one of the buildings "Fuck…" he panted catching his breath. "There is nothing I hate more than screaming girls and paparazzi" Looking back to see if he lost them he heard a small "mew".

Woken up by a large crowd running by the alley way, Ichigo yawned and curious to what was going on. Seeing the last of people running passed him had him curious. Jumping out of his box and watching the crowd of people running off. Ichigo wondered what all the commotion was about. He looked in the other direction and against the wall was the most handsome man he ever seen. He didn't know much about humans considering he was a cat. The man wore a pair of worn-out dark wash jeans, a red t-shirt with a black splatter pattern on the front. It covered such wide shoulders "I would love to nap up there" Ichigo thought. He had a nice jaw line and a mass of blue hair on his head that was in a stylish mess. "Fuck…" Ichigo heard him say. "He has a nice voice too." Ichigo really wanted to get this persons attention. So he walked up to him sat at his feet and let out a "mew".

He watched as the man looked around to figure out where the noise came from. Calling for drastic measures, Ichigo started lightly clawing at his leg. Grimmjow looked down to find the orange cat. "Well now" he said kneeling down "Hey there little guy." He started petting Ichigo. Grimmjow had a soft spot for cats, but since his manager was allergic he could never keep one. Ichigo purred into his hand. Grimmjow picked him up. Ichigo put his paws on Grimmjow's face and started licking he's nose. "Trying to be cute eh" Grimmjow said "I wish I could take you with me…" he started. Ichigo started purring louder "please don't leave me" Ichigo thought "I want to go with you." "But I can't." Ichigo stopped licking. His heart broke once again hearing those words. As Grimmjow put him back in his box, Ichigo looked up at Grimmjow. His ears drooped, and Grimmjow could see Ichigo's eyes glazed over as if he was about to cry. "I'm sorry I can't take you with me." Grimmjow started walking away.

"Mew" Ichigo cried after the man, he just wanted a home so bad. He watched as the man left him. Even though he was half way down the block, Grimmjow could still hear the cries. Then they stopped suddenly. Grimmjow stopped to see what happened. He saw some kids by the box. Thinking that they were taking him in he sighed in relief, but then that changed when he saw one of the kids raise a hand and bring it back down. "Little bastards!" Grimmjow said to himself, walking towards the children. "HEY!" Grimmjow yelled at them. Knowing they were in trouble, they ran. When he got back to the alley, he saw the cat passed out. "Fucking kids…" Grimmjow picked up the cat; he noticed that there was a small cut above his eye. Grimmjow he also found that Ichigo felt a little lighter then he should. "Poor things' probably been out here god knows how long." Grimmjow took pity on the small animal in his arms. "Guess now I have no choice, I'll have to take care of you." Grimmjow said "Fuck, Gin's not gonna like this."

-At Grimmjow's place-

After treating the cat's wounds, Grimmjow placed him on the couch. Luckily his injuries weren't serious. Grimmjow sat next to him "He hasn't woken up at all" Grimmjow thought. "He must be really out of it." Grimmjow reach to pet the small cat. "He's not in good shape at all, he's so thin. What the fuck were his owners thinking." Ichigo made a small whine. Grimmjow pulled his hand away. "Guess I'll let him be for the night." Grimmjow stood up and headed to his room for the night.

"It's so warm." Ichigo thought. Ichigo was waking up as he noticed his surroundings. Getting up he felt a little weird. Either his mind was making him see things or he actually had hands. Ichigo inspected himself he sat up looking at the pair of human legs attached to his body, they were quite long. When Ichigo put his new found hands on head he noticed that he still had his ears. "Well if my ears are still here then my tail would be to." Ichigo stood up and looked behind him and he was right. His tail was swaying and twitching as in did when he was a cat. Ichigo then looked down. That's when he just noticed he was naked. "Oh crap!" Ichigo yelled covering himself. Being around humans, he noticed that most of them didn't like to be exposed. Ichigo looked around the living room for something to cover himself. There was nothing. Ichigo then noticed the aquarium in the room and his stomach growled. It had been almost a whole 2 weeks before he ate anything. Walking over he was disappointed to find that the tank was sealed. Ichigo peered through the glass at the fish taunting his hunger. He was too busy looking at the fish that he didn't notice the man behind him.

"Oh crap!" was all Grimmjow heard before waking up. He looked at his bedroom door "I'm I hearing things?" He thought. Then he heard some noises coming for the living room. "The cat maybe?" Grimmjow got up and headed towards the room.

When he got there he had to do a "Double Take" because there was no way that there was a nice piece of ass at the aquarium. Ichigo continued to tap on the glass eyeing the fish. Grimmjow chuckled at how cute it was "I won't allow you to eat those." Ichigo stopped what he was doing and looked behind him to find Grimmjow. Ichigo almost jumped right out of his skin. Mainly because Grimmjow was there and Ichigo was in the nude. "I'm sorry!" Ichigo blushed covering himself. "This is the man I saw earlier." Grimmjow laughed not minding that the boy was naked. "What for?" Grimmjow asked stepping closer. "F-for causing you trouble like this. This situation might seem a little awkward." Ichigo replied shyly.

Grimmjow was now in front of Ichigo. Ichigo was a little nervous because Grimmjow was only wearing a pair of pajama pants. Ichigo could see clearly how well the man was built. Grimmjow examined the boy. His body was a little thin but he was still healthy. He had brunt brown eyes and a small amount of freckles across the bridge of his nose. Speaking of his eyes Grimmjow noticed that there was a small bandage above his eyebrow. "Isn't that the one a put on the cat…?" Grimmjow thought. Grimmjow eyes traveled up to a head of orange hair, it was just so vibrant and pretty. That's when he saw Ichigo's ears. They were positioned to the sides of head so the tips were pointed to the left and right. Ichigo was almost dying of embarrassment. This person was just staring at him and not saying anything. "Do I look weird?" he thought. Ichigo wanted to step closer "This man's scent is just intoxicating." But he resisted the urge to do so. "This may sound stupid, but are you by any chance the cat I picked up?" He heard.

Ichigo didn't know what came over him. He was just so happy that he literally tackled Grimmjow and buried himself into his chest. Grimmjow landed on his ass with Ichigo in his chest. He smirked at the notion of the cute "little kitten." He put his hand to the back of Ichigo's head. "So do you have a name or am I going to give you one?" With Ichigo tightened his arms around Grimmjow "…igo" he muttered. Grimmjow lifted Ichigo's face from his chest. Tears were running down from his eyes. "M-my…name…i-is…Ichigo…" he sobbed. Grimmjow thought he was the adorable thing in the world. "Well then, my name is Grimmjow." He smiled.

Ichigo started nipping at Grimmjow's nose. "If he keeps this up, I'm not going to be able to hold myself back…" Grimmjow sighed. Ichigo then started licking where he had been biting. In one quick movement Ichigo was pushed back on to the cold floor. He looked up at Grimmjow and he felt a twinge of fear overcome him, but that all went away when he felt Grimmjow start leaving kisses up his jaw and down his neck. Ichigo didn't hear himself start purring at the sensation. Grimmjow moved up to Ichigo's ear "Ya like that?" he said seductively. Ichigo whined, he could feel himself getting hotter. He wasn't used to being in this form, so this felt "alien" to him. Though he liked the feeling.

Grimmjow took this opportunity to take Ichigo's lips to his own. Ichigo ears twitched up, he could feel Grimmjow's tongue in his mouth. Ichigo had no idea what he was supposed to do. Grimmjow pulled back. "Hey, are you okay? We can-" Grimmjow was interrupted by Ichigo when he tried to mimic Grimmjow's kiss from before. Pulling Grimmjow down back down to him, Ichigo opened his mouth again for Grimmjow.

It didn't take long for Grimmjow to dominate the kiss. He was a little more aggressive this time. Placing a hand on the back of Ichigo neck and trying to move up to deepen the kiss. Ichigo managed to wrap his arms around Grimmjow's neck. He then decided to wrap he tail around Grimmjow's thigh. Grimmjow left Ichigo's mouth to start leaving kisses along Ichigo neck. Ichigo started purring again. Grimmjow chuckled and took Ichigo's lips again. He then moved a hand and just brushed it over one of Ichigo's nipples. "Mmhhmmm" Ichigo moaned inside his mouth. He arched his back up to the touch. Ichigo loved that feeling; he didn't know why he just did. He grabbed Grimmjow hand and forced it back to his chest.

When Grimmjow pulled his hand away Ichigo whined a little. Grimmjow smirked "Don't worry kitten, I've got a better idea." Next thing Ichigo knew Grimmjow started licking, biting, and sucking on his nipple. "Haa…ah" Ichigo mewed releasing the grip his tail had on Grimmjow. It was like his tail had a mind of its own, because Grimmjow could feel it going for his waistband. He stopped it "I like to take things slow, I'm still trying to have my fun." Ichigo felt like he swallowed his tongue. Grimmjow's voice right now was killing him. "But I want…" Ichigo started then Grimmjow press his clothed erection to his. Ichigo gasped also because Grimmjow had a hold on his tail and attacked his neck again. "Mmhhh…" Ichigo opened his legs to increase the friction. He then started to move his hips the same way Grimmjow did. Grimmjow grunted "Fuck, this guy's gonna kill me." Ichigo was a little surprized that he was able to make a sound come out of Grimmjow this time. He started purring louder.

Grimmjow then slid a hand down to Ichigo's cock. "Ah…" Ichigo cried. His ears were folded back and he wrapped a leg around Grimmjow and held his forearm. Grimmjow kissed him to help Ichigo relax. It worked kind of because Ichigo was still trembling, but he wrapped his arms around Grimmjow wide shoulders. "Mmmmhhhhmmm….ah" was all Ichigo could say. Grimmjow started pumping faster. "Ah…haa, sssoo g-good!" Ichigo moaned. He started moving his hips in time with Grimmjow's hand. Ichigo started leaving kisses along Grimmjow's jaw. Ichigo could feel something tightening in his lower regions. "W-what's…ah…going o-on?" Grimmjow smirked and cupped Ichigo's balls together. "Mmmhhhaaaa! AAHH!" Ichigo cried and a white substance shot over his stomach and Grimmjow's hand.

"You are so fucking hot right now…" Grimmjow whispered into his ear. Ichigo mewed he just loved the man's voice. Ichigo was in a daze "Is this what humans do for love? I've heard my other masters make these sounds. But I've never known what they were doing." Ichigo thought. His thoughts were interrupted by Grimmjow placing kisses down his back. Ichigo hadn't noticed that he was flipped over. Looking back "W-when did…" Ichigo stopped. He was looking at a now naked Grimmjow. Ichigo blushed so hard and hid his face in the floor. Grimmjow laughed "What's wrong Ichi?" Pushing up so he was now on his hands and knees "I-I just never k-knew a humans body c-could look like that." Grimmjow leaned over him "You know, showing me such a defenceless position really just makes my want to take you dry." He said pressing his dick above Ichigo's ass. Ichigo was tempted to push back, but Grimmjow's finger was faster. "AAHH!" Ichigo cried as his arms went weak. Grimmjow's finger had really taken him dry.

"Oh g-god!" Ichigo hissed. The pain frightened him but the pleasure was making him hard again. Grimmjow tried kissing the back out his neck to sooth the pain. "It's alright Ichi; I'm going to hurt you." He said softly "You just need to relax." Ichigo tried his best to calm down, but as soon as he did Grimmjow added another finger. "AAAHHH!" Ichigo cried. But wasn't because of the pain. There was a feeling coming from inside him made him feel incredibly hot. Grimmjow smirked "Seems like I found it." Ichigo started to move his hips with Grimmjow's fingers. Ichigo mewed "mmmhhmm…w-what was thahht?" "Let's just call it your "sweet-spot"." Grimmjow answered and added the third finger. Ichigo threw his head up "Ahh…again…m-more please….I just…mmhh…n-need more." Ichigo begged leaning into Grimmjow's hand. Grimmjow hummed. "Do you really want it that bad?" He taunted. Ichigo looked back and Grimmjow, eye glazed over with lust and want "Please Master, I n-need your…ahhh… love and your cock inside me." Ichigo pleaded. Grimmjow bit Ichigo's shoulder. Ichigo's eyes fluttered. "You know, you're too sexy for your own good." Grimmjow said and wasted no time entering Ichigo.

Ichigo dug his nails into the floor. "AAAHHH! M-mahhster!" Ichigo moaned. Grimmjow held him tightly. "Shit, your fucking tight in here." Grimmjow grunted. Ichigo arched his back for a better angle and he began pushing back on Grimmjow. Still connected, Grimmjow flipped Ichigo to face him. He lifted his hips up to push even deeper. "Mmmhhh…t-there!" Ichigo moaned. "Master…please…faster." Grimmjow latched onto his neck again and did what he been asked. "AAAHHHH!" Ichigo screamed wrapping his tail around Grimmjow's waist pulling him deeper. "I think…mmhhh…that feeling's happening….ah-again!" Grimmjow kissed him "Kitten "that feeling" is called "cumming" and I'm almost there to." Grimmjow lifted one of Ichigo knees up and started thrusting harder. "Ahh…AH! G-grimm…JOW! AAAHHH! GRIMMJOW!" Ichigo cried and came once again. Grimmjow could feel Ichigo tightening around him. The sight Ichigo helped in get even closer. Ichigo's ears were folder back, tongue hanging out as he panted, hands above his head, eyes still glazed over, and his tail still wrapped around his waist. "Fuck…" Grimmjow grunted "you're so…fucking…hot." He said in between thrusts, and with that he came inside of Ichigo.

Ichigo whimpered at the feeling inside. Grimmjow kissed him lightly. "Are you gonna let go now?" Grimmjow chuckled pointing at Ichigo's tail. Still tried to come down from his sex high "I'm sorry…" and let go of Grimmjow. Grimmjow pulled out of him and sat up. Once he did that Ichigo clung to himself into his chest again. Grimmjow looked down at him puzzled. "What's wrong? Ya wanna go another round?" Ichigo shook his head. "That's not it…" Grimmjow hugged him "Then what the matter?" Ichigo up looked up at him "Are you going to throw me out now?" tears started forming. "Because that happens a lot with me." "So you've been in this form before?" Grimmjow asked. Ichigo's tears began to run down his cheeks "No, this is actually my first time in this state. It's just that…" Ichigo couldn't finish talking. It was just too painful for him. "It's just that all the owners I've had just threw me away." Ichigo sobbed Grimmjow kissed his forehead. "Now why would I do that? You are so adorable." Grimmjow told him. "Trust me. I will never throw you away, I promise." Ichigo leaped at him. He hugged Grimmjow tightly "Thank you" Ichigo sobbed happily. He had found a home and maybe something more.

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