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Legend – people's thoughts

Ichigo was fidgeting in the car seat. He was extremely excited that he had been allowed to go to work with Grimmjow. The other day he had taken him to get some clothes and Grimmjow also decided to get him a collar.

-The day before-

"It so people can see where you belong." Grimmjow told him.

Ichigo stared at Grimmjow then back to the collar. Ichigo took the collar from him. It was a greenish-blue colour and about an inch in width. In the middle of it, there was a tag that had his name on the front and Grimmjow's address. Ichigo looked questionably at Grimmjow.

"I don't think I can wear this…" Ichigo said

Grimmjow sighed "Why not?"

Ichigo shoved the collar back to him. "Because collars are for dogs. Do I look like dog to you?" Ichigo hissed.

Grimmjow was a little taken back at the tone in Ichigo's voice. Ichigo was surprizing him. Although that wasn't the case on Ichigo's side. He didn't mean to sound so angry. Still he didn't want to be objectified. He flinched when he saw Grimmjow's hand move up. Ichigo ducked his head.

"Please don't hurt me." Ichigo thought. "I didn't mean it…" His thoughts stopped when he felt Grimmjow's hand on his head.

"I-I'm sorry." Ichigo mumbled as Grimmjow petted him.

"I'm sorry too." Grimmjow replied "I just thought that his would make you feel closer to me. If you don't want to wear it that's fine."

Ichigo's ears folded to the side as his cheeks turned red. He took the collar from Grimmjow's hand.

"Fine, I'll wear the stupid thing." Ichigo said quietly. "You have to help me put it on."

"The guilt trick always works." Grimmjow smiled inwardly.

-Back to current day-

Ichigo was wearing the collar now along with a white zip up hoodie, with a light green t-shirt underneath. He also wore a pair of blue jean capris that hung just below his tail, so he wore a black and blue leather belt to keep the capris at his waist. On his feet were red and blue checkered Airwalks and white ankle socks.

Grimmjow was driving his silver Subaru BRZ which he named Pantera. He had two other cars, but he drove Pantera more than the others. Ichigo looked eagerly out the window as Grimmjow turned into the parking garage.

"Alright…Now you have to stay beside me at all times." Grimmjow said sternly. Ichigo nodded quickly and took Grimmjow's hand. He climbed out of the car and kept close to Grimmjow. As they walked into the building, already people were staring at Ichigo. Ichigo felt the stares he was getting and wanted to hide. Ichigo grasped the back of Grimmjow's jacket nervously.

"Maybe, this wasn't such a good idea…" Ichigo said inwardly. Grimmjow stopped suddenly as Ichigo bumped into him.

"Ow…what's wrong?" Ichigo asked rubbing his nose. Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's hand tighter. He hissed at the pain. Grimmjow heard him and lightened it again. Ichigo had never seen Grimmjow so on edge. He looked to see what Grimmjow was looking at. Though he really couldn't tell with so many people around. Grimmjow felt Ichigo pull on him.

"What are you looking at that has you so irritated?" Ichigo asked concerned. Grimmjow looked to him. He didn't need to say anything before someone broke the silence.

"So this is your little kitty cat." Shiro said for behind Ichigo. Ichigo jumped back and hissed at him then hid behind Grimmjow. Grimmjow smirked at the fact that Ichigo hissed at Shiro.

"Aww, look at that…his feisty but a little shy." Shiro laughed. Grimmjow glared at Shiro and shoved him a little.

"You are not fucking touching him." Grimmjow growled. "Do you understand me? Not. A. Fucking. Hair." He told him adding emphasis on each word.

Shiro just continued to smirk. "What's the big deal? I just want to say 'hi'"

Grimmjow huffed. "Fine. Ichigo Shiro, Shiro Ichigo. Now that we got that settled, how about you go away now." Grimmjow said shooing Shiro. Before Shiro could say another word, there was another voice behind Ichigo.

"So this is Ichigo." Aizen said. Ichigo jumped again "God Damn it! What is it with you people and scaring the shit me!" Ichigo hissed and yelled. The whole studio went silent. Ichigo face went red as his ears flopped down. Then the whispering started. Now he really wanted to hide. Grimmjow was a little taken back as well because had never heard Ichigo swear or yell for that matter.

Shiro laughed "Someone's in trouble now!" Ichigo lifted his head up quickly and exchanged looks between the three people. Ichigo took Grimmjow's hand to calm himself. By this time Shiro also disappeared.

"I'm sorry…" Ichigo told Aizen.

Aizen shook his head slightly. "It's alright, there isn't any harm done. Although I would like to see you in my office. I would like to talk to you about something." Grimmjow tightened his hand around Ichigo's again. Ichigo flinched. Grimmjow was about to say something when Ichigo started first.

"I can't right now, I promised Grimmjow to stay next to him." Ichigo apologized. Grimmjow was glad that Ichigo spoke before him. He would have said something so much worse to Aizen that would have probably had gotten him fired for it.

"I see…" Aizen stated. "When Grimmjow is finished, both will come to my office."

Ichigo could tell that Grimmjow was still not happy about that. He wanted to know more about the tension between the two of them. Grimmjow began to pull Ichigo with him so he could get to work. Ichigo looked back to Aizen to see him waving.

"He doesn't seem all that bad…" Ichigo thought. "Maybe I should talk to Grimmjow about it."

Grimmjow introduced Ichigo to the set workers and sat him down on the other side of the stage.

"Stay put." Were the only words Grimmjow said to Ichigo. Ichigo didn't like this side of Grimmjow. The side that made it seem he was angry at him. He didn't like the feeling that he Grimmjow was giving off. Before Grimmjow walked away Ichigo grasped his hand.

"D-did I do s-something wrong…?" Ichigo asked him. His ears were flatted to his ears at the sides of his head. He looked to the floor and held onto Grimmjow's hand with both hands. "I-if I did s-something to make you upset with me…" Ichigo was trembling now. He could feel his eye watering, but it stopped when Grimmjow took Ichigo's hands in his own.

"I'm not mad at you Ichi…I just need to get to work." Grimmjow could feel the photographer's death glares he was sending him. Ichigo looked to the camera man and apologized without words. Grimmjow lifted Ichigo's hands to his mouth while he was still distracted.

"Don't worry" he said as he kissed one to make Ichigo look to him "you'll be fine" and kissed the other. Ichigo blushed as he the crew member's eyes on him. Grimmjow smiled and kissed the top of his head then walked off.

-2 and 1/2 hours later-

Ichigo was relaxing when he heard a voice.

"HE'S SO CUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEE!" a women's voice could be heard thought the whole studio. Everyone knew who it was and still continued to work. Ichigo on the other hand didn't know how at react to the excitable green haired women running after him. Ichigo stood up from the chair and picked it up to distance him from the danger. He hissed when she came to a stop.

"Aww, don't be scared. I just want to hug you." She said.

"Who are you?! I don't like it when strange people come touch me!" Ichigo hissed at her. He was still holding up the chair to her. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Ichigo growled and pulled it away. He was about to snap at the person, only to find out that it was Grimmjow. Ichigo froze for a second then put the chair back down.

Ichigo said nothing, as Grimmjow tried to calm him down.

"What do you want Nel?" He asked impatiently. "Should you be working?" he told her sarcastically.

She folded her arms. "Well you're no fun…" she pouted. "Shiro told me you brought your 'little kitty' to with you today."

As they continued to argue, Ichigo stood there confused and a little jealous. "Who is this lady to Grimmjow?" Ichigo thought "They seem close." Ichigo looked to Nel. "She is really pretty. What if Grimmjow falls for her charms?!" That last thought worried Ichigo. Ichigo pulled Grimmjow's arm and hugged it.

Nel giggled at the action. "Seems like someone's a little jealous." Grimmjow looked down to Ichigo who was clinging to him with a hint of fear and anger. Grimmjow sighed and scratched his head.

"Nel don't tease him like that. Ichigo this is Nel. She's my sister." Grimmjow explained. Ichigo ears perked up at the word of "sister". Now all his other thought seemed stupid. Ichigo loosened his grip on Grimmjow's arm. Grimmjow scratched behind one of Ichigo ears and walked back over to the set.

"People make that assumption often." Nel sighed

Ichigo looked at her questionably "What…?"

She put her hands on her hips. "The pubic used to think we were dating. I can't blame them because we look good together. I think it's gross because he's my brother. Plus he's gay so…"

"Gay? You mean he's happy?" Ichigo asked cutting her off.

Nel laughed "Aww, you're so innocent." She smiled at him. "It means he like guys. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to women and girls." Ichigo sat back in the chair with a sign of relief on his face.

"Well, I have to go now. I hope we can talk again." Nel called walking away. Ichigo waved good-bye and continued to watch Grimmjow. He was so caught up in the fiasco with Nel that he really didn't pay attention to him. He couldn't pay attention earlier because he took a little power nap.

Grimmjow was now wearing a couple on "clip-on" earrings. On the left side was one small loop on the ear lope, the same was on the right side except for two extra piercings near the top of the ear. He was also wearing a sleeveless open button-up shirt. It was also a little see threw to show off more of his chest. His jeans were light blue and with a generous amount of tears and rips in them. He was also bare foot.

"He looks so…" Ichigo didn't know the word humans use, but Grimmjow looked really good. Then the warm feeling started again.

"Shit, not again. And here of all places." Ichigo panicked. His chest tightened and he couldn't breathe properly. Ichigo gripped he shirt.

"I thought I was over this spell already." Ichigo thought. Ichigo shifted his eyes back to Grimmjow. "It seems like every time I look at him, this fever act's up." His ears folded to the back of his head when another wave it him.

"It s-seems to be g-getting stronger." Ichigo felt himself start drifting over to Grimmjow. "I can't stop myself-" Ichigo reached I hand out to Grimmjow. "Master…help me…"

On stage Grimmjow hadn't noticed Ichigo was moving toward him. He just did as he was told. Pose and look at the camera a little, then sometimes not at all. Grimmjow was looking to the left as Ichigo was coming from the right. The camera still flashing and all attention was on Grimmjow else noticed that Ichigo was on the set now. When Ichigo grabbed onto Grimmjow that when everything stopped.

"HOLD EVERYTHING!" The director yelled. "WHAT IS HE DOING ON MY SET!" he yelled again walking onto the stage. Ichigo didn't know what to do. He just stood there gripping Grimmjow's shirt.

Grimmjow huffed "Ichigo, let go." He said sternly. Ichigo ducked his head down. He tail drooped to the floor. Grimmjow hadn't spoken to him like that. Ichigo could feel his eyes start to water.

"Now, he's angry at me…" He couldn't stop the tear that escaped. "I-I'm sorry" Ichigo cried quietly, rubbing his eyes to try and stop more from leaving his face. Ichigo turned and headed off the set. Grimmjow went to reach for him, but stopped as had a job to do as well.

"I can't baby him all the damn time." Grimmjow thought retreating his hand. He did mean to upset his pet. "Fuck…"

The rest of the day he Grimmjow couldn't stop thinking about his neko. At one time his could see the figure trembling. Afterward Ichigo seemed to have calmed himself at feel asleep in the chair.

"ALRIGHT WE'RE DONE!" The director called. "GRIMMJOW I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" he yelled.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "Is he gonna talk or yell?" Grimmjow looked over to where Ichigo was sleeping. He couldn't help the feeling of guilt. He did mean to make him cry. From the way Ichigo acts, he knows what happen with him and his other owners. Grimmjow sighed and went to see what the director wanted.

"…igo" Ichigo mumbled in his sleep. Someone was calling him. "Ichigo." Ichigo's ears twitched. "ICHIGO!" Ichigo shot right up.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Ichigo yelled covering his ears. "DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW SENITIVE A CAT'S EARS ARE?" he hollered turning to the person who woke him up. Gin was standing next to him with a tissue covering his nose. "Oh, it's you…" Ichigo mudered. "What do you want?" he grumbled

"Not very friendly are we?" Gin teased. "Anyway, Aizen would like to see you now. Where's Grimmjow?"

Ichigo looked around. "I don't know." Ichigo's ears folded to the back of his head. "Is he still upset with me?" Ichigo worried.

"Oh well, I'm sure he'll know where to find you. Now please follow me." Gin told him. Ichigo nodded and headed off to meet Aizen with Gin.

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