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Percy and Annabeth are walking to the exit of Olympus, no one is around. Takes place in The Lightning Thief (ending).

Percy's POV

Annabeth and I are walking to the exit of Olympus, it's silent, but not the awkward silence. More like the I-am-so-tired silence.

We are in this room, that's empty and down another hall is the exit. Suddenly there's this bright flash and two people appear...

"Um... Annabeth, what's going on?" I whisper to her.

"It's not a god. Um let's wait till the flash dies down to see who it is." Annabeth muttered.

"Okay." I said.

The flash died down and we saw two people holding each other like they were about to get mauled. It was a girl with blonde hair like Annabeth's and she seemed to be really hurt. Another was a guy with black hair who was also hurt, they seemed to be together. Both of them had their eyes shut. The black-haired one opened his eyes, and they are just like mine. He glances up and sees that their is no danger, and stands up.

He says, "It's okay Wise Girl, no monsters." and offers a hand to help her up.

Wise Girl? I think. That's what I call Annabeth...

Annabeth and I are at a loss for words.

The girl stood up with the support of the man and he held her. Her ankle seemed to be broken. Her eyes were gray, like Annabeth's. Weird.

"Hello." said the man. His voice was plain, and hollow.

"Who are you?" demands Annabeth.

The man sighs... "My name is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, one of the seven. I would give you a full title but... I'm tired."

My mouth hangs open. "I'm Percy Jackson. Imposter!" I yell.

Annabeth hits me. "Don't you see! It's you from the future!"

"Oh..." I said.

"We're in the past?" asks Older Me to the girl.

"I guess so. Is that me?" she asks, pointing to Annabeth.

"Yeah I think so." he says. "Your name?"

"Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena." she said.

"There's your answer Annabeth." Older me said.

"You're me?!" questions Annabeth.

"Percy what's going on?" says Older Annabeth.

"I don't know... are we on Olympus?" Older me asks.

I nod my head.

"We need to contact the gods." He stated.

"Why do you guys look like crap?" I said, not holding my thoughts.

Annabeth hits me again, but then she said "Yeah, what's wrong? Why are we so beat up?"

"Long story... when the gods come we can explain." He spoke.

"Hey look there's a button here. It says "Meeting"." I pushed it.

All the gods flashed in their seats with confused expressions, staring at us.

"Oops." I mutter.

"Why are we here?!" scolded Zeus.

Older me walks up while holding Annabeth. "I am Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, one of the seven."

"I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, one of the seven" she said, almost like being one of the seven was a death sentence.

I had a feeling it was.

Athena and Poseidon were staring at them.

"We are from the future." reported Older me.

There were some gasps. My dad said the question I wanted to know an answer for,

"Why are you guys so beat up?"

Older Annabeth stifled a choking sound.

(From this point forward, Young Percy is Perce, Young Annabeth is Annie, Older Annabeth is Annabeth, and Older Percy is Percy. The more you know!)

No one's POV

"We were in Tartarus." stated Percy simply.

There were a lot of reactions.

Athena shrieked, "You let my daughter in Tartarus!" She went to probably punch him, but Hermes held her back.

Annabeth tightened when Athena blamed Percy, Percy gave her a reassuring kiss on the forehead. Annie and Perce blushed.

Poseidon looked close to fainting. He said "How?!"

"It's my fault..." said Annabeth, close to tears.

Everyone went silent... Athena looked guilty and appalled. She quaked "How is it..."

"I got the Mark of Athena..." she continued.

Athena cringed. She gave Annabeth the Mark of Athena? She doesn't have doubts, but knowing she would make such a risk on my favorite daughter made her unsettled.

Annie looked up with wide-eyes. She heard about the Mark. She dreaded that it would come to her, not that she doubted herself, but others have died on that quest... painful deaths.

"I succeeded." She said. "I made Arachne weave her own trap; cracks opened up that led to Tartarus... Arachne fell. The statue is safe on a ship we had when Percy came just a the right time for me. I started to fall too... some of the thread for the trap was around my ankle! Percy was holding on to me so that I wouldn't fall... my friends were calling for us, and trying to get the others to help. We couldn't cut the string... Percy and I fell in tartarus together, he said he wouldn't leave me again." Annabeth was at tears at that point, and she started crying on Percy's shoulder.

Percy was rubbing her back and muttered "It's okay."

All the Olympians were silent... Aphrodite spoke up, "You fell into Tartarus for her!" She was crying "So sweet..."

Annie said, "Seaweed Brain went to Tartarus for me?! Why?"

Perce looked at her and said, "Yeah... why would I do that?" and smirked at Annie. Annie hit him on the shoulder.

"Ow..." he mumbled.

"I guess you could say it's my fatal flaw, personal loyalty. But she is my girlfriend. I wouldn't leave her. Not again."

"Again?" said Apollo, before the youngsters could react to what Percy had just said.

"Hera -he glared at Hera- took my memory away and sent me to Camp Jupiter. To unite the camps. It hasn't worked so far... at least I think. All my memory was gone except for my name, and um... Annabeth." He smiled at Annabeth and she smiled back.

Aphrodite squealed.

Annabeth fell and Apollo said "I need to heal these guys!"

Apollo healed Annabeth and Percy, back to an acceptable state.

Annabeth could finally stand by herself, she said thank you to Apollo.

"We need to rest." stated Percy.

Zeus escorted them to two rooms, one for girls and one for the boys.

Annabeth and Annie went into their room, as did Percy and Perce.

While Annabeth and Annie were in their room, Annie said,

"You're dating him?"

"Yeah." she said, wistfully.

"Blech!" she said, but on the inside she was a little happy. She had a bit of a crush on him.

"Let's sleep." Annabeth said smiling.

Percy and Perce were in their room and Percy said,

"How was your first quest?"

"You mean there's more? Ugh..." Perce complained.

Percy laughed, "Yeah, unfortunately."

"Light's out." said Percy, and Perce felt a pang of sadness. He hated being alone at camp saying "Light's out" to himself. If only he got a sibling... but that would never happen. (A/N: Lol, Tyson though.)

In the middle of the night.

Annabeth's POV

I woke up in a cold sweat at the middle of the night. I had a dream that me and Percy were being chased by monsters... something that happened a lot in Tartarus. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to find Percy. I found him by running into him.

"Percy!" I yell-whispered.

"Annabeth, why are you awake?" He asked.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Me either." He smiled.

We sat down at the base of a big collum.

My head was on his shoulder, and his on my head. We laid there until we dozed off and went to sleep.

Annie's POV

I woke up, only to remember that we are still on Olympus. I get changed and find that Annabeth isn't in bed.

Oh great, I think.

I went out of my room and got out, then I saw Annabeth and Percy with a couple gods staring at them.

Hermes took a picture while Aphrodite was literally about to scream on the spot.

Once she did, Percy woke up with anger and fear in his eyes, trying to find his target.

He yelled, "Get away from her!"

Everyone stood shocked.

His eyes widened in realization and and said, "I'm sorry... I thought you were monsters... I-I"

Annabeth got up with a start, and said "Percy are you okay?!" "I heard you scream!"

I was only beginning to realize how much Tartarus has changed them...

"I'm alright Wise Girl." He pulled Older me in for a hug.

She broke away and found a crying Aphrodite and Hermes walking away muttering something like... "My picture is ruined..."

Perce ran up and said, "What did I miss?"

I stared at him and was about to answer when Older me said, "Nothing much."

Was this a normal occurrence?