WOW: check in. Dean learns a salutary lesson about replacing old clothing.

Rated T for nudity. What, in a Dizzo story? Surely not!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I can dream though.


"Hey Sam, just check in already, I can't wait!"

"I'm comin'; it's only a hotel pool, man."

"Yeah, but it's got a slide, Sam; a SLIDE!"

*sigh* "I'm comin'."

"Okay, last one in's a bitch with girly hair."

"You're an infant Dean."

"Bite me."


"Woah Sam, this slide's awesome."


"Dean, keep it down, you're scaring the children."


"Heck dude, hyperactive, much?"

"See me go, Sammy? Like a torpedo; I'm the freakin' greatest!"

"Uh Dean ..."

"Crap … where's my shorts?"

"They just followed you outta the slide; dude, you might be the greatest, but your elastic sure isn't!"