Spiders, ghosts and a small red bond

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"His eyes close as his face came closer to hers. He lean in, she could feel his breath against
her nose. Her eyes were still on him when his lips met hers…"

Annabeth Chase stopped typing. The document before her consisted of exactly 24 982 words. She sighed and closed her laptop. The room became darker when the light from the laptop screen subdued and she closed her eyes.

"Shit," she muttered. She would never finish a story. She, age sixteen, a girl who never had been in a relationship and whose lips never had been kissed, how could she write a novel? She wondered exactly how many half-finished stories she had written. Writing romance without ever had experienced it was her biggest difficulty.

Summer in Manhattan is much more boring than it sounds like. It was warm and damp and filled with tourists who wore ugly shoes. Annabeth pulled her curls into a ponytail and pushed the down-button on the elevator. She would have preferred spending the day inside having quality time with her laptop, but no such luck. She had promised Grover, her outdoor freak friend, to spend the day with him.

The elevators doors opened, and as she stepped in, she noticed a spider in the corner of the elevator. She shrieked and stepped backwards, so fast she fell.

"Damn spider!" The carpet beneath her was dirty, so she brushed herself off when she stood up. Just then she saw a boy before her. A boy with messy black hair who managed to look concerned while a smirk spread across his face.

"What happened Annabeth?" His eyebrow's was all scrunched together, worried wrinkles appearing in his forehead.

"A spider." She said and nodded towards the elevator. The boy grinned at her.

"Oh shut up Percy! At least I'm not the star-swimmer with a fear of drowning!" His face shifted slightly, but before he could say anything Annabeth smiled and sprinted down the corridor shouting:

"Last man down has a head full of kelp!" She had already started on the stairs when she heard him say: "Oh shut up Annabeth, I am so winning!"

Percy came down to the lobby some seconds after Annabeth. Their faces were red and drops of sweat lay on their foreheads. She grinned at him. Some of her curls had glued themselves to her face and her breath was fast and unsteady.

"You cheated!" Percy's voice sounded like a spoiled child's, but he was grinning.

"All is fair in love and running competitions!"

"I'm pretty sure you got that one wrong!"

Percy Jackson had moved into her apartment building when he was eleven. Annabeth had lived there most of her life, with a few unhappy breaks. Her best friend, Thalia Grace, and her little brother Jason, lived on the tenth floor. Annabeth and Percy in lived in fifth. Thalia had always been Annabeth's best friend, even for the two years age difference. This summer would be their last before Thalia left for college. She was the best friend you could wish for, loyal and brave and kickass. With her spiky black hair, rivet jacket and big black boots.

Grover, a short boy with slightly ginger hair, came walking towards them.

"Hello Percy and Annabeth!" Grover was at their age, but he looked much younger.

"Hi Grover," Annabeth hugged him.

"Yuck! You're so sweaty! Did you guys run a marathon or something?" He walked some steps backwards. Percy laughed.

"Yeah, down the stairs."

"Are you too good for the elevator?"

"Oh well it was mostly because of the big monster, Annabeth was sure it would kill us. But I'm pretty sure it only wanted to give us a donut."

The tree crossed one of the bridges in Central Park, each of them holding an ice-cream. They looked like an heroic trio. And they had fought a few monsters in their time. They smiled, but if you looked closely you could spot the sad memories in their eyes. They were teenagers with scarred hearts. Growing up is a constant fight with monsters you cannot kill.

They had grown up together, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Thalia and Percy. It felt so strange that both Thalia and Luke would leave in the fall, and in only two years Annabeth would do the same. They would leave their street, their childhood, behind. It was as if parts of them had grown into the asphalt they walked upon. As if parts of their souls had started growing inside the trees. They would haunt this place. Their ghosts would keep running and laughing and fighting long after they left.

"Good night Annabeth!" Percy and Annabeth had taken the elevator up to their floor, and Annabeth smiled at him and retuned the words.

"Good night." He turned around and she could see his muscles in his legs move as he walked. She started walking towards the door the led to her apartment. But Percy called her name and she turned around.

"Annabeth, are you okay?" His eyes looked directly into hers. Without thinking Annabeth folded her arms across her stomach, as if raising her guard.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You look so tired."

"Well it's just my writing that's all. I can't continue, I can't write a kiss."

"Just use some of your own experience!"

"Come on Percy, I would consider you my friend. Don't you think I would tell you if I had a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend for that matter?" Percy took a few small steps towards her, minimizing the distance between them. "You don't have to have a boyfriend to kiss someone Annabeth."

"Well I just haven't kissed anyone!" She snapped, her eyes looking strict into Percy's.

"Do you have any idea what it's like to try to write something, you can't write? All the brilliant writers had experience with love. They all knew some kind of love, the horrible heart-breaking type, the happy-ever-after type or maybe soul-mates-that-just-can't-get- it-to-work type. I just need a damn boyfriend!" She turned and started walking.

"I'm pathetic." She muttered silently and reached for the door. Her hand lay upon the door handle, but another hand stopped her from pushing it down. Percy's hands were robust and his nails were broad, and they held a firm grip on her own delicate ones.

"Annabeth," he embraced her. Her curls rested on his shoulder and their hands clutched one another tight. If you had been able to see it from above you would've seen his black and her blonde hair mix and create a stunning contrast. You would've taken a photo and hung it up on your wall, because these teenagers looked good together. Their hands went well in the others; their eyes complimented each other. If their lips had met, it would have been clear that they too would fit. These two were tied together with a small red bond, which made their bodies fit together and their voices toned so they would make a lovely duet. Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson belonged to one another. They just didn't know it jet.

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