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Chapter 17: Epic Boss Battle

(Brittany's pov)

"You think a few children can help you, against this?!" Pitch motioned to the tidal wave of night mares in front of us.

North lifted his sword up, but it was suddenly too heavy for him to lift. He was close to falling. Jack, me and Tooth, ended up helping him stay up. I looked over to Jaime, worry was written all over his face. "They're just bad dreams Jamie." Jack said, hoping it would calm the boy.

"We'll protect ya mate." Bunny not helping.

"Awwww, you'll protect them. But who will protect you?!" when Pitch said that I realized something. Jack and I were the strongest here for the moment.

"*gasp* Oh my gosh who she?" I couldn't tell who said that. Pippa, maybe?

"I will" Jamie stepped up at the same time as the mystery voice. Next thing you know, all of the kids are stepping up to help the guardians, saying that they'll protect them. Monty was the last as he said, "I'll try"

"Still think that there's no such thing As the bogeyman?" Pitch declared, sending the wave towards us. I knew we would be fine, but I couldn't help the felling of fear crawling near.

"I do believe in you, I'm just not afraid of you!" Just when Jamie finished that sentence, the night mareish wave touched his hand, turning all of the night mare sand golden.

"whoa" was the word everyone breathed. It looked so cool. With all of the awesome, cool, fantastic and all the other positive adjectives, dreams going around the 3 weak guardians got their powers back. Tooth was able to fly again, and while she was taking a fast flight around the place, North got his color back and he was able to pick up his swords again.

"Aw, ya!" yelled Monty. I have to admit, north looked pretty boss with his swords.

With all this excitement I was ecstatic. My wand is now fully charged, which I just found out that it only dies (as if it has a battery) when I have no happiness around me, which includes me not being happy either. But that's when I use my non-wand powers to bring back the happiness.

"No! Get them! Do your jobs!" Pitch then sent a new wave of night mares at us. Jack wasn't looking, because he was battling his own night mares. But I saw one heading straight for him.

"Jack! Watch out!" I blasted the night mare a millisecond before it hit Jack. The flash bang caused Jack's staff to fly out of his hand and whack me in the face. I ended up landing on my butt.


"Brittany, are you ok?"

"Your staff is rude. I save you from a night mare and I get hit in the face. That seems fair."

"You seem to be missing something." He holds his hand and, wal la, he has my wand.

"Thanks" I winked at him then ran off to fight some more night mares. From the corner of my eye I see North slam some snow globes on the pavement. The yetis come out of the globes to help us destroy the night mares. The kids' faces were dumbfounded. Another moment I wish I had a camera.

I see some night mares by a car and just when I'm about to fire, they pull Bunny from under the car. 'Bunny's not cute anymore' He's back to normal. "G'day mate" Bunny pulls out his boomerangs and like the ninja he is, he kicks then in the face and throws his boomerangs. By the time he lands, he catches them, like a boss.

"Really?!" I mean come on, I want to participate.

Bunny then opened up a tunnel, and low and behold, out come the stone guards.

I fell this negative feeling coming from my left. Wand ready to fire, I turn and I see like 20 night mares coming straight for me.

I now have this urge, to destroy that negative feeling, again. Probably because I'm the guardian of happiness and laughter, though I'm happy right now.

I'm so tired of Pitch, I want this to end. I blasted the night mares and this huge ray of every color imaginable, shot at them. I felt a little light headed, but that was straight up awesome. My full power rocks!

The night mares exploded on impact. The particles looked like confetti, once again of every single color out there in the world.

Felling the negativeness coming from behind me, I turn around. To only be swallowed by darkness. The last thing I see, was Pitch staring at me 'creeper', while Jack ran at him and shot some frost.

So here I am , falling for what seems like forever, (in reality it's just a few seconds). Then I feel something grab hold of my wrist and pull me out of this never ending dark abyss.

I shut my eyes, due to the sudden brightness in front of me and the pain of my arm being twisted behind my back.

"Let her go!" I open my eyes, and the guardians, plus Jack, are in front of me. Jack looking the most p'ed off.

"If I can't have her, no one can!" Pitch had me in a head lock, cutting of my oxygen.

Deciding that I'm going to waste to breath, I said "Dude….I have… a…..boyfriend." I heard Pitch move his dress /robe thing. I looked up again and I saw the guardian's eyes widen. Why? Probably because he's trying to kill me. I couldn't pay attention to what Pitch was doing, I was too busy struggling for air.

"NOO!" Jack then shot frost at Pitches other wrist. I felt a sharp pain, slicing through my shoulder at a curved angle.

Pitch let go of me to control the spreading frost on his arm. Suddenly, I hear the clatter of metal on the street. I was sitting on the street trying to regain my breath, when Jack's staff gets me, and brings me to him.

I finally get to look behind me, to see Pitch getting the last of the frost off of him. My brown eyes land on a shiny piece of metal next to him. Staring at it, I see it was a…. OH MY GOD!

I look to Jack, who just stares at me with outmost care. I was finally able to speak, but it hurt, it felt like I swallowed rusty nails. "He…..he –cough- had a…a KNIFE!?" The shoulder of my hoodie was by my elbow, hopefully it didn't get cut.

Jack picked me up and held me close, his arm around my waist. I was so light headed, I put my arms around his neck to keep me from falling. "You're going to be okay, Brittany."

"Of course I'm going to be ok. I'm with you now." I didn't know what happened, with the knife thing. But I'm going to live; all he did was cut off my oxygen, right?

Jack then looked at Pitch and said "It's over Pitch there's no place to hide." Darn right but I'm on the verge of falling asleep and falling to the ground. The guy who owned that name laughed evily as he disappeared into the shadows.

I finally was able to regain my footing, when Bunny yelled "Jack, Sheila, look out!" He threw his boomerang and I just turned around to see the boomerang bounce off of the grim reaper thing, Pitch made.

Right when the thingy was about to hit us, I pushed Jack off of me and out of the way.

Sadly, I was still light headed, so I ended up falling. "NOOOOOO!" screamed everybody except Pitch. He's such a jerk at times.

It was about a foot from hitting me, when suddenly a golden whip came from nowhere and caught Pitches wrist that held the, blah, whatever it is.

The whip dragged him about 50 yards away, to some golden blob. SANDY'S BACK! Time for a little celebration in my head. (Place music here)

Sandy's form came out from the blob and he dragged Pitch closer to him. Then he waved his finger as to say, no-no. Next he punched him in the face, while he tipped a sand made hat to the kids.

Apparently, he decided that Pitch had enough time in the air and he pulled on the whip sending Pitch to face plant on the ground, knocking him out.

Everyone was happy to see him, "Mate, aren't you a sight for sore eyes" Exclaimed Bunny.

I looked over to Pitch and he was dreaming of butterfly's. I read his mind to make sure it was butterfly's and here's what I heard 'I'm a pretty ballerina princess who rides on unicorns to protect the valley of Sugar Ville'

I thought 'Oh my God' , I did not expect that. I laughed out loud and everyone stared at me.

'oops' "What's so funny?" Asked Tooth.

"Did I forget to mention that I can read minds?" Everyone stared at me in shock. Except Jack, obviously he already knew.

Sandy made an exclamation point over his head. "What is it sandy?" I asked, seriously, what's the problem.

Sandy then pointed to my left shoulder. Curious, I looked at it, I almost threw up. It was gushing with blood, and some black substance. Sandy rushed over and took the black substance out, turns out, that it was black sand. Probably from the knife.

The light headedness came back. While I was standing. I put my arms out, hoping that it'll balance me out. Jack ran to my side, the pain increased. And I screamed. Jack put his hand on my shoulder, and I helped as an ice pack. I was so tired.

"So tired." I managed to mumble.

"Go to sleep, snowflake. You need the rest." I nodded and fell asleep. By the time, I wake up, we both have some explaining to do. One, as to how and how long I've been able to read minds. And two as to what happened in the ally.

Until then, I want my sleep.