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Chapter 14

Dinner is quiet, the normal good natured chatter lost in the face of their stalkers. They all know Tesla is an avid news reporter that's stung Grimmjow on countless occasions. The man started getting nasty after the second time he was dumped for better prospects. There was talk about leaving them tied to the tree for a few days, yet they couldn't risk them dying here. As evil as the next magazine cover will be, they can't just murder the two. Well... not with Ichigo there. He's literally the only thing standing between the two living and dying.

The night is chilly and it rains, not too heavy. The drizzle is icy, though, and Ichigo tries to convince the group that they should shelter the prisoners. That didn't go over well, the group taking a quick vote. With them, majority rules.

"All against?" Grimmjow calls out.

Ichigo looks around, hoping for at least a few that see things his way. All hands are up to favor Grimmjow's vote, even Nelliel. Ichigo sighs and searches out his twin, catching sight of Stark's hand. It's not all the way up, barely off his stomach, but it's clearly agreeing with leaving them to the elements. Finally, he finds Shiro.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Ichigo whines. "Even you? I thought you were supposed to support me in all things I choose!"

"Well... I do, but... they deserve ta rot fer all they did!" Shiro mutters. "They hurt ya, an' I know that only means we should let ya deal wit 'em... but yer a softy. Ya would let 'em live in a fuckin' penthouse after gettin' shot and put in a fucking three month coma."

"That's a bit of an exaggeration," the younger reflection spits out. "I did break the asshole's wrist, after all."

Shiro shrugs helplessly, glancing at Gin for some support. The silver haired man complies, pointing out that even with Shiro's vote Ichigo doesn't have the majority. They're left to sit in the rain as the group retires for the night.

Ichigo is curled into Grimmjow as they get comfortable, his hands pressed against the other's broad chest. They're sharing a sleeping bag this time, the blue haired man sick of Ichigo getting up at all hours without noticing. He sighs and lies his head down, wrapping Ichigo in a constricting grasp. It's loose enough to not hurt, but tight enough to restrict movement. The orange head knows it'll loosen as he falls deeper into sleep.

"You won't get up again tonight, right?" Grimmjow checks.

"You know, it's not my fault the heat gets unbearable in this tent," Ichigo comments affronted. "I need fresh air and a bit of a cool breeze, okay? And besides, it's raining. I'm not about to step out into the rain."

"Good. I don't want to wake up without you again," he mutters. "I think I had a mini heart attack when you were gone and I couldn't find you."

"Grimmjow, I'll be fine. There are no more stalkers running about and I can still take care of myself," the younger man sighs. "You worry too much and it's unwarranted. If I can survive growing up with Shiro, I can survive the fucking zombie apocalypse."

"... Good point. But... just don't leave tonight."

Ichigo nods in agreement, snuggling closer and running his nose along Grimmjow's skin. A soft moan slips from the larger man's lips, both of them glancing over to those sharing their tent. They ignore the slip up, though a snort of humor rises from Shiro and a wide smile is on Gin's lips. The orange head chuckles and closes his eyes, listening to his lover's breathing until his own evens out in slumber.

The next morning the group wakes to the shining sun, the rain gone and the soil damp. Nelliel and Hallibel had left their pots out in the open, so the rainwater has been collected in them. Carefully, they refill any empty canteens with the fresh liquid while camp is being broken down. Ichigo and Shiro hand out some of the fish from last night, along with a few pieces of fruit. Ichigo insists they feed Tesla and Vega, yet once again majority refused. It wasn't like they didn't have enough food, the others were just too stubborn to allow them any comfort after what they did.

"Sorry, guys," Ichigo sighs. "They'll be watching me too closely for me to sneak you anything. They're really bad at holding grudges."

"I can't believe Grimmjow chose you over me," Tesla huffs. "You're not that great, just a failed author trying to keep his head above water. I'm the one that would thrive in the spotlight! I'm the one that deserves him!"

"... You know, I never knew what he saw in you," Ichigo remarks a bit bitterly. "You're heartless. The added appeal of a spotlight only makes him a brighter target to you. I warned Shiro you would cling like a gold digging whore. The reason he likes me more than you is because I have a heart, I care about others before myself, and that's the only thing that's keeping you two alive. So, if I were you, I'd show a little more gratefulness."

Tesla's mouth snaps shut at the dark edge to Ichigo's voice, those amber orbs alight with fury. He stands and steps away from the two, searching for Grimmjow. In an act full of spite, he pulls the man closer and locks their lips. Pleasantly surprised, the blue haired man wraps his arms around Ichigo. He pulls him close, leaving no room between them, and squeezes his ass with relish.

Shiro pulls Ichigo away from his best friend before the other can be coaxed into mounting him right there. It's time to get walking again. Hopefully the next time they close their eyes for sleep, it'll be within the lavish rooms of the resort.

It's quiet for the remainder of the walk, the group stopping only once to eat a quick lunch of stew. Afterward, they're back on their feet and heading for the large building at the end of the train tracks. When they finally step from the trees, they're all dirty and in need of showers. They're dragging their feet, exhaustion clear on their features. It's so bad, they don't even notice the cops waiting at the entrance. They speak to two richly dressed people, one man and one woman. Sebastian is with them, worry on his face until he catches sight of the group coming their way.

"Master Jagerjaques!" he cries out. "I was so very worried about you, sir. I thought for sure you would've taken the short cut!"

"I forgot about it," Grimmjow mumbles.

"I'm so sorry, but I seemed to have lost track of the stalker."

"There were two, they're right there," he sighs tiredly. "They kidnapped Ichigo while we were camping, he kicked their asses."

The police take custody of the two, bidding the group a restful night. Before they place them in the car, however, Ichigo has the mind to take a picture with his phone. He's never been one to write articles for magazines and stuff, but he'll make an exception this time. He already has the perfect title... 'Scorned lover turned vengeful stalker'. A small smirk touches his lips at the thought of all the embellishment he can put within the paragraphs.

He's led away by Grimmjow, the blue haired male keeping him close more to make himself feel better. They're stopped at the doors by the rich couple, most likely the owners of the establishment. The woman looks so much like Grimmjow, her cyan orbs bright with mischief and her long blue locks pulled back in a tight bun. The man has brown hair slicked back, his brown eyes studying those before him intensely. Whether for injury or not, Ichigo can't tell.

"Is everyone okay?" the man asks.

"Yeah, Aizen, we're peachy," Nnoitra sighs. "Just... completely exhausted."

"Not to worry, we'll spoil the hell out of all of you," the woman grins in a feral manner. "Not a muscle will go untended! Now, you lot get your asses inside and Sebastian will take you to your rooms."

"Thanks, mom," Grimmjow murmurs. "Dad."

Ichigo is stunned for a moment, yet Grimmjow pulls him along. Inside, the hall is enormous and dressed up in lush red carpets and plush white furniture. There's a chandelier hanging in the middle of it, huge and bright, and a check in desk straight ahead. Ichigo can see that their luggage was brought with the other group, yet his laptop is missing. He's too tired to even hyperventilate.

They find their rooms one after the next, and soon Ichigo is alone with Grimmjow. The bed is a king, the sheets black and the comforter red. There's a sitting area with a long couch and a huge flat screen, a sliding glass door that opens to a large balcony, and a hot tub set within the floor complete with steps leading up to it. The bachelor pad of a wealthy Hollywood star... it makes Ichigo sick.

He's led into the bathroom, a huge in-ground jacuzzi tub sitting in wait and filled with hot water. Grimmjow slowly disrobes his partner, leaving a trail of kisses along his shoulder and down his spine. Ichigo sighs in content, his muscles slowly relaxing at the touch. Once he's naked, Grimmjow throws off his own clothing and lightly pushes the other toward the tub. Ichigo steps into the hot water, a quiet groan leaving his lips, and sinks down into the bubble infested waters. His partner joins him, the orange head settling himself against Grimmjow's side.

"Sorry this wasn't the vacation you were hoping for," Grimmjow sighs. "But... at least we had some time to ourselves for a bit there. Not to mention, now that Tesla and Vega are in jail those pictures won't be getting out."

"That's a plus," Ichigo mumbles.

"Ichigo... This doesn't always happen, you know."

He knows the other is attempting to smooth things over, maybe make it so the words 'I love you' won't send Ichigo running. Unfortunately, the orange head doesn't want to hear it. He turns and captures Grimmjow's lips, unwilling to allow anymore talking. After days without intimate contact, the kissing turns heated quickly. Ichigo shifts and swings a leg over his lover's legs, straddling him before pressing their hips together. They both moan, breaking their kiss to search for a patch of skin.

Grimmjow sucks on Ichigo's neck, the orange head gyrating his hips against his lover's in pleasure. Their members are rock hard, the hot water doing nothing to help that, and soon Ichigo is reaching to stretch himself. The sight is arousing and the blue haired man moans loudly at the very thought of it. Once Ichigo feels he's loose enough, he gropes beneath the water for Grimmjow's massive cock. He aligns it with his entrance, sliding himself down on the thick shaft.

He doesn't wait long before he's bouncing in Grimmjow's lap, the tip of his sex striking Ichigo's prostate harshly. The water sloshes around them, the only other sound filling the room being their panting breaths and occasional moaning. Their release is sneaking up on them, pooling in their guts as the water splashes onto the floor.

"Oh, Grimm," Ichigo moans whorishly. "Ah! ah... hah... ah... G-Grimm... mm... so good..."

Strong hands tighten on Ichigo's hips at the noise, cyan eyes with pupils blown wide in lust opening to gaze at him. Grimmjow thrusts his hips up into Ichigo as he comes down, heightening his experience as a more firm strike hits his pleasure button. Ichigo screams in ecstasy, speeding up his bouncing as he fucks himself on that generous package. His fingers tug relentlessly on blue locks, the action getting rougher the longer he impales himself. Grimmjow pulls out of him, turning him around and almost slamming his face into the floor. Ichigo's hips are raised and Grimmjow slams his dick back into that velvety heat.


"Scream for me, Ichi," he purrs out.

His hips piston in and out of the orange head, the younger male clawing at the floor mindlessly. His hips are flush against the edge of the tub, his torso lain out along the wooden floor, and the force of Grimmjow's thrusts is going to bruise his hip bones. Incoherent pleas and mindless insults to spur the other on tumble from Ichigo's lips, his amber eyes black with lust and half lidded as he's taken. Grimmjow growls at the comments of his manhood, gripping the edge of the tub tightly as he hammers into Ichigo relentlessly. The other is shocked his bones haven't fractured by now.

One hand squeezes between the tub and Ichigo, grabbing his dick harshly and pumping with a couple thoughtless strokes that border painful. Ichigo screams at the sensation, his body tensing as he releases into the waters. Though he tightens around Grimmjow's girth, the other can't reach that end yet. One hand grips Ichigo's hair roughly, yanking him back as he takes another seat. He spreads Ichigo's legs wider, keeping a grip on one thigh as his other arms wraps around his waist. Using all the strength he has left, Grimmjow slams Ichigo down on his cock repeatedly. It's animalistic and Ichigo could swear he could come a second time. Grimmjow gives out a roar as he slams Ichigo down one more time, spilling his fluids into his tight channel as deeply as possible.

"Oh my god!" Ichigo moans out, elongated and thick with the tone of a two dollar whore. "Fuck! Grimm!"

Grimmjow grins in satisfaction against Ichigo's neck, letting his hold on his thigh drop. The other is completely lax in his lap, head draped back over his shoulder as he stares unseeing at the ceiling. His chest heaves with the loss of breath, his heart hammering in his chest as out of control as Grimmjow fucked him.

"Mine," Grimmjow growl out huskily. "And I'll never let you go."

"... I love you, too," Ichigo gasps out. "Stupid animal."

"You know you loved it, horny little bitch."

Ichigo moans softly at the comment, knowing they'll be going another round the minute they can both get it up. Grimmjow knows the same, the self-satisfied grin telling him that much, and nibbles on Ichigo's neck to help their libido along. Their night is filled with the creaking of the bed and sounds of pleasure that erupt from Ichigo's throat... screamed pleas for more and begging to be fucked harder. It's music to Grimmjow's ears.

They don't wake until the next afternoon, Ichigo refusing to get up and deal with the pain in his lower back. It takes a lot to con the orange head from the comfort of his bed; aspirin, a glass of water, promises of a blow job later, and the realization he'll be getting a soothing massage from the experts at the resort. Finally, he forces himself onto his feet and limps to the bathroom to change.

"I'm gonna fuck you so good tonight, you won't get out of bed for a week," Grimmjow purrs quietly in promise.

Ichigo has to bite his lip to keep from moaning again, glowering at the other as he walks ahead of him. Breakfast was served in their rooms, but they slept through it, so they grab an apple downstairs before they're taken to the masseuse.

The experience is divine, the orange head melting into his table as easily as he does Grimmjow's arms. Sebastian had taken his laptop to the room immediately after arriving, so there's no fear of lost work, and Shiro is probably hiding it this very minute so Ichigo can't indulge in his writing. That means he's all Grimmjow's for the remainder of the vacation. With a sigh, he peers over at the snoozing man. Perhaps this vacation wasn't a total loss after all. Even if they were derailed and trapped in the wilderness.

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