In this chapter: I will be going over the sponsor system and the new rating system. Please read all the way through as this could decide how long your tribute lives.

Sponsor System

For the sponsor system the ways to earn points will be as follows:

Every time you review you get one point.

You get a point for each answer you get right to the questions I will start posting at the end of each chapter.

You get 1 point for submitting a tribute.

You get a point for following and favorite-ing.

So... pretty simple. All the points will be posted at the bottom of my profile/bio. I will post a chapter soon on what you can get for your points, but that will be right before the games start. :D

Okay! So now for the rating system!

The rating system is a system where you can rate the tributes. Pretty obvious. To do this, please send me a PM or leave in a review the characters' ratings. Rate it from 1 to 10, as 1 being the worst or 10 being the best. This will help me decide where in the story tributes will die and so on. Here is an example:

Jemima: 5

Micah: 8

Chloe: 7

Celtic: 9

And so on...

Expect a update soon! Thank you guys for reading all of this stuff I have to get covered before I go further into the games. Have a great day!

-Mere aka katnisspeetaforever12