A ray of sunshine in the darkness

AN: This is a rewrite of my story Ray of sunshine into the shadows. I am leaving that story up so people can read both and can see the changes I've made with my story and tell me which they prefer and even which one is better.

Thanks for reading my story and please tell me how I can improve or what you like about my story.

Disclaimer: I do not the characters of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does. The characters you don't recognise Addison, Logan and Arthur are my creations.

AN: This is an AR (Alternate reality). In this story Alice and Jasper are Volturi members. After Alice found Jasper, instead of joining the Cullen's, they went to Volterra and were invited to join the guard. Alice saw Jasper would never be able to become a vegetarian and that Aro would consider their powers a prize in his guard.

My original character, Arthur is an English accented vampire, changed during the Victorian Era and a Volturi guard with the power to read minds. (I know, just like Edward. Edward does not appear in this story so I thought having a character with the mind reading power would be useful.)

Chapter One

Addison Cooper was spending a relaxing Friday night with her boyfriend, Logan Reynolds. His parents were away for the weekend, a frequent occurrence as they were constantly away on business trips.

They were watching a DVD, The Bourne Supremacy and snacking on salted popcorn when Logan turned to Addison and pulled her into a deep kiss. He placed his hand on her thigh, his fingers slowly skating across the skin of her leg.

His hand rubbed her thigh before gripping her hip and pulled her so she was pressed firmly against him. Addison broke the kiss and pulled away.

Logan slapped her so quick, she was stunned and found herself being pulled into a another kiss, his grip tightening on her hip.

Addison struggled in his embrace and pushed him away with all the strength she could muster. "ADDISON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Logan yelled. She flinched at his shouting.

"I'm not in the mood, Logan. I'm tired. Can't we just watch the movie?" "Well, I want to make out and you're my girlfriend. You do as I say. Now, kiss me or I swear I'll spank you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week."

Even though his threat scared her, Addison for once, felt a surge of confidence and moved to stand up. Logan grabbed her arm. "Where do you think you're going?" Addison said airily "home", the words out of her mouth before she realised what she'd said.

Afraid of what Logan would do, she waited for his reaction. Logan looked shocked at her talking back but then he grew angry.

"Why, I think someone has forgotten her position. I think someone needs to be shown what happens when she steps out of line."

Addison jumped off the sofa and ran. She ran for the front door but Logan came out of a side door and managed to get in front of her and cut off her escape route.

She skidded on the wooden floor to miss him and took the stairs as fast as she could. She could hear him right behind her. He shouted "Addison, you'd better come here." When she didn't stop he shouted "I command you to come HERE!"

She managed to make it to his bedroom and was just about to close the door when Logan grabbed the edge of the door and pushed it open.

Addison backed herself into a corner, fearful of what he would do to her. Logan advanced on her, smirking. "You thought you could get away from me, didn't you Addison? Well I'm afraid you can never get away from me. You belong to me."

He grabbed Addison forcefully by the wrist. "Logan, please. You're hurting me," Addison gasped. Logan laughed. "AJ, you think you're hurting now. Just wait until I'm done with you."

Logan jerked Addison by the wrist so forcefully she was thrown across the room, hitting the nearby wardrobe. She lay on the floor, whimpering in pain.

"All I wanted was for us to have a nice night together and make out but you had to have other ideas. I hope you're happy." With that Logan kicked her hard in the ribs. In his rage he proceeded to hit her everywhere he could reach.

Over and over he kicked and punched her stomach, ribs, arms and legs. He was careful not to hit her on the face as that would be hard to explain.

Addison wanted to scream from the painful assault on her body but she did not want to give him the satisfaction. He would hit her for longer if she screamed.

Addison could feel the darkness swirling around her and she knew she was going to black out from the pain radiating through her body. She heard him mutter "Why can't you just do what I ask, Addison? You are such a troublesome bitch. But one day you'll obey my every command." With that Addison fell into unconsciousness.

In the darkness outside neither Logan nor Addison noticed the dark figure sitting in a nearby tree, watching Logan's house, witnessing the attack.

The figure dialled a number on a phone and bringing it to their ear said "Inform him I'm coming back. There's been a development."

AN: In the next chapter I will be writing about the power that Addison would have if she became a vampire. I was thinking something empathic like jasper but something mental. My original idea was the power to project her will on someone else but not 100% sure. If anyone could help me with suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.