My name is Maxine. I live in London, England. I'm 17 years old. I am friends with Liam Payne. Yeah, THE Liam Payne. The Liam Payne from the boy band One Direction. We've known each other since we were little. I've been there for him since the beginning of the X-Factor. So I can say we're pretty much like siblings. We fight like siblings, but we stick up for each other and care about each other. Anyway back to the point. When Liam got put together with the boys by Simon Cowell, the first person he introduced them to was me. That was about three years ago. We've became really close. Especially, Niall,Louis and I. Liam told me that Louis and Niall both like me. But, I don't believe him. To be honest, I like Niall. I really like him. I always have. I used to like Louis, but he now has a girlfriend, Eleanor. She's cool, one of my best friends, and I don't want to take Louis away from her. I mean to be honest, they look so good together! Anyway, Niall and Louis have been fighting so much lately. I think it's my fault, but Liam wont let me say that or even think it. Every time I mention it, Liam gets mad and has a little talk with me. Well, every time Niall, Louis and I hang out, they end up fighting! One time, it got so bad that they started punching each other! The boys' body guard, Paul, had to break it up! They weren't aloud to even go near each other for a week! So, I blame it on myself.

Now, it's 2013. The boys on currently on tour. They just finished the U.K part of the tour and they are coming back to London for a break. Soon, they will leave for their European part of the tour. I'll miss them, just like I did when they were traveling around the U.K. Though, I still texted and video chatted them, it wasn't the same. Now, they're back. Well, Liam, Louis and Niall are. Harry traveled to LA, who knows why. And Zayn went to Paris with his girlfriend, Perrie. Everyone is going to meet Zayn in Paris on April 29. It was nice to have my three best friends back with me. But, we only get three days together. Then, the they are leaving for Paris and I either have the choice of going back to school or going to Africa with my parents. I really don't want to do either, but I have to. Well, let's get on to the story. One Way or Another starts now.