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Severus was in the teachers library, browsing for new potions material when he looked at his watch, and realized that it was the thirty first of July.

He usually wasn't back at Hogwarts this early during the summer, but he had spent all holiday so far perfecting his potion making, so much so, that he was working non stop, and was sleeping even less than usual. He worked so much, that he was forced back to the school to find new recipes, and stock up on ingredients. This was the first time he'd been in Hogwarts on this particular date.

Rose's birthday.

It was Rose's birthday today. She was five. Or, she would have been five. He paused for a moment and imagined Rose now, if she was still alive. He knew she looked just like her mother and was just as beautiful as her. Even when she was a baby, she looked just like her mother.

Suddenly, Severus remembered where he was, and what was on a small podium in the centre of the room. It was the book in which the names of all witches and wizards in Britain are written when they are born. It had never occurred to Severus to take a look in the book to see if her name was still there. Perhaps, even, the child's name recorded in the book is erased when they pass away.
However, Severus decided to have a quick browse through the book that day, and what he found was going to change his life around.

He opened the book and flicked through pages to the year 1980. There was a few hundred names, but it didn't take long for him to find her: Rose Snape, with an address of Godric's Hollow. There was a line through the address, which didn't surprise Severus, his daughter didn't live there anymore, she didn't live anywhere.

But what did catch him off guard was this: below the scribbled out address, in small, neat print, was another address: 24 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.
The address was vaguely familiar to Severus, and putting little further thought into it, he realised that it was most unusual that Rose's name hadn't been erased, just the address; as if she hadn't died at all, just simply moved house. Was it possible? Severus contemplated the idea for but a second. Absolutely not, however much he wished it was. He had buried his wife and child in the ground, four years before.

Rose was dead and gone, and so was Lily. They both had been gone for nearly four whole years, and Severus would never see them again, however much he may have wanted to. He picked up the books he was taking and took the floo home, to spinners end, after a quick detour to the potions storage room.

Rose Evans, or 'Freak' to her aunt, uncle and cousin, was exactly six years old. She wished herself a happy birthday. She didn't expect presents or a party. She was orphaned, and lived with her aunt and uncle, who were what she could only describe as cruel. In fact, she was locked in a cupboard under the stairs of 24 Privet Drive, because she had done another one of her 'freakish' tricks and turned Dudley's new pet hamster pink. Her uncle had immediately pulled her by the ear into the cupboard, and then gone for a family day out with Petunia and Dudley.

Rose didn't mind being in the cupboard. She didnt mind being alone in the house, either. When she was alone, her uncle wasn't around, and she was scared of him.
She lay on her old mattress and pulled her thin blankets around her shoulders. She reached under the mattress to pull out the only photograph she had of her parents.
She knew it was them, because the lady looked just like her. She kissed the photograph of the smiling couple and closed her eyes. She didn't fall asleep, though. It took her hours to get to sleep at night.

No, Rose just lay there, eyes closed, and imagined. It was her favourite thing to do.
She imagined a whole other life for herself, a life where someone would come and save her from the Dursleys, and her parents were still alive and that she lived with them and had her own room. A life of love and happiness.
But Rose knew that it wasn't real, and that nothing but a miracle would give her these things. She enjoyed her imaginings, her few minutes a day in a world that was magical to her.

When Severus arrived into his own sitting room, a sense of exhaustion overwhelmed him. Well, it had been a while since he had a good rest. He threw himself back on the couch and tried to get some shut-eye. But as hard as he tried to get some sleep, he couldn't help but feel a thought nagging in his head. A thought he had had earlier on in the day: was his daughter still alive? No, Severus knew she was not. He also knew that it did him no good to think about her being alive when she wasn't. He could wish all he wanted, but she wasn't coming back. But then what was that unknown address? Alive, or dead, Severus' daughter was listed as living in that house. Even if it was a mistake, it couldn't hurt to visit the house and check, could it?
Severus quit trying to fall asleep, stood up, and thought about the address. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. He couldn't picture it, so he apparated by just thinking of the address.

The street, Privet Drive, was obviously suburban muggle habitat. There were rows of identical houses, with tidy front lawns, clean white picket fences and nice cars in the driveways.
Number four was just as mundane as the other houses on the street, but there was no car in the driveway - perhaps the owners of the house were out. To be on the safe side, Severus cast a disillusionment charm on himself before opening the front door. The house was just as immaculate on the inside as it was from the front. It was dead silent, and clearly there was nobody home.
He decided to investigate the house anyway, wondering why it would list this place as his daughter's address in the book. In the sitting room, there were many pictures of a rather fat and piggish-looking young boy, of maybe five. Likewise, the kitchen contained hoards of framed photos of the spoiled looking kid, and there was also a picture of the boy with his parents - one of whom Severus recognised immediately. It was Petunia, Lily's sister. She had been such an unpleasant girl that it didn't surprise Severus in the slightest that she had such an ugly family.

Still, he had no answer as to why he was in Petunia's house. The very fact he was in her house at all was bizarre.

He checked the other downstairs rooms - a dining room and a downstairs toilet (both containing more pictures of the fat little boy)
just out of curiousity, and on his way out of the house, he noticed a light shining from under the door of the cupboard under the stairs.
He thought it a most unusual place for somebody to leave a light on, but nothing could prepare him for the shock he got when he opened the door.

Lying under a thin blanket, fast asleep, curled up and sucking her thumb was a little girl.
Severus' first thought was to take the child out of the cupboard - Were Petunia and her husband mad?! Leaving little girl alone. She didn't look more than four years old.
He lifted her into his arms, the blanket still draped over her. She was very light, and had deep auburn hair, that was long and flowed nearly to her waist. Just how he remembered Lily's hair.
The girl stirred in her sleep, and rubbed her eyes, which was when Severus first caught a glimpse of her face, pale and white, with a small button nose just like Lily's. She lay her head on his shoulder.

Severus asked himself it if could really be his daughter. She was beautiful, and looked just like Lily. But Rose was dead. He had been to her funeral, and visited her grave many times. Why would she be alive without him knowing? And why was she living here, of all places? And in these awful conditions?

She squirmed in his arms, finally realising that she wasn't in her own bed. Groggily, her eyes half-opened. She rubbed her sleepy eyes with the back of her hand.
Her eyes met Severus' and he saw that her eyes were his, so brown that it looked almost black. Just like Rose's eyes had been.
Severus had no idea what to say to the little girl who was now gazing at him, but he didn't have to, as it was she who spoke first.
"You look different." she sleepily said.
Severus was taken aback - she recognised him?
She blinked her black orbs at him. She yawned widely.

Severus tried to be as gently spoken as possible.
"Can you tell me your name?" He asked the girl.
She looked at him silently for a moment.

"Rose" she said timidly. Shock came over Severus. How could it be possible?
The little girl looked solemnly at him. She had an air of sadness over her.

Severus was about to speak further to Rose when he heard the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. Petunia and her family were home.
Rose looked at him in terror.
Thinking on the spot, Severus apparated to the first place he could think of - his own house at Spinner's End. He had no idea why he did such a thing, it was practically kidnapping, but something in Severus gut told him to do it.

Apparating was still an unpleasant feeling for Severus, even after years of practice, so he couldn't imagine how awful it must have felt for the child in his arms to be involuntarily apparated along with him for the first time.

The two arrived in the small sitting room with a violent thud, Severus wobbling as he tried to keep his balance with the small weight in his arms. The experience of apparating had definitely shaken the girl, who fainted and then flopped out of Severus' arms, before he quickly grabbed her and placed her gently on the couch.

Severus gently shook the girl by the shoulder. She opened her eyes

"Am I...am I dead?"

Severus addressed her "No, you're alive. How did you recognize me?"

"Picture..." she said groggily as she reached into her pocket and handed him a photograph. "...my mummy and dadd..." She passed out sleeping again.

Severus took the photograph from her and looked at it. It was indeed, a picture of himself and Lily. It had been taken around five years previously, when Lily was pregnant with Rose.
He looked at the little girl on the couch - she was the image of Lily, apart from the eyes, he noticed - she had his eyes. Just like Rose. For a five year old, she was small, but there was no denying that this was their child. He couldn't see any other explanation.

He knelt down to Rose's level, and looked into her eyes.
"Yes, Rose, I am your father. And I am definitely alive." He pushed some of the stray strands of deep red hair out of her eyes.
"Where have you been all these years?"

"I always dreamed you would come and save me." She said as tears filled her eyes.

Severus picked her up and kissed her head.
"Don't cry." He said. "I'm here. I'm not leaving."
"Uncle Vernon will be angry that I'm gone." She quietly said. "I ran away before and... And..." She started crying again.

"It's quite alright, I'll make sure they don't find out. How long have you lived with Petunia and her family for, Rose?" Severus asked her.

"It's the Dursleys. Since I was a baby." she said simply. "A long long time."

"Did they ever tell you why you lived with them?" Severus questioned her.

"I don't know." Rose said, snuggling into his chest "Because they thought you and my mummy we're dead. Somebody left me on the doorstep. Am I going back there?"

"No. I don't think so." He said. It didn't make any difference if the Dursleys were the nicest people in the world, Rose was his.

"And I'm going to live with you, in your house?" She asked.

Severus nodded.

Rose nodded. "And my mummy. Does she live here too?" She paused for a moment.
"Because you're alive, that means mummy is too, doesn't it?" She said quietly.

This thought hadn't crossed Severus' mind yet - could Lily be alive too? There was no way to be sure yet.
"I'm sorry, Rose, but she isn't. She died when you were just a baby"
Rose looked disappointed. But she had gained one parent, and that was more than she could ever dream of.

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