This was it. This was what life was all about. It wasn't money, or power, or even survival. It was the quiet moments that did it.

Sure, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from working long and hard to accomplish something and watching it come to fruition. A person felt an almost sexual rush after that. But it wasn't everything.

Joy, the highest of emotions comes through contentment. It's when you are sitting at home, not doing anything spectacular, maybe hanging out in your bathrobe, reading some inane piece of fluff. Then you suddenly look up and realise that everything is perfect. You see that the only thing wrong with your world at that moment is that you don't have a triple-mocha latte to see you into the next twenty minutes. Literally, you look around and there isn't *one* freaking thing wrong.

This was one of those moments for Devon Adair.

However, she wasn't sitting at home yenning slightly for that triple mocha. She was sitting on the hard ground, nestled in her husband's arms watching her son and step-daughter running around like mad people. She was safe, she was loved, and she was happy.

"I could die right now and the only thing I would regret would be leaving you."

This phrase was whispered softly to the large male cradling her. Slightly startled by his wife's sudden turn towards the morbid, he looked down at her questioningly. Seeing his puzzlement, she waved his concern off.

"I don't mean it literally. I just mean..."

She looked out on the horizon, trying to bring her thoughts closer.

"Have you ever stopped yourself in the middle of some little job and just listened? Just been for one moment completely still?" She turned back to those eyes that had become home. "Do you have any moments that you know are perfect?"

He smiled down at her.

"I do. Why?"

"Because I'm having one of those moments right now. I just wanted to let you know."

She curled back into his chest and smiled.

"I love you, you know."

"I do."