by A.j.

A warm hand ran up her side and curled possesively around her midriff. The large
apendage splayed across the gentle swell of her stomach, bringing a very special
kind of warmth with it.

A smile graced her lips and she turned to face the person cuddling her. She looked
up into John's eyes and her smile brightened even more. Gently, she reached up
and carressed his cheek, being very careful of the angry slash that had been recently
inflicted by Alonzo. That evil Terrian thing had weirded her out way too much.

With her index finger, she tried to sooth the garish mark. She didn't like it, it made him
look too harsh. Even though John was a strong man, this cut gave him a cruelty that just
wasn't him.

"Alonzo's very sorry about this, you know." She ran her finger down the mark once

A merry twinkle entered his eyes. "I don't really care what _Alonzo_ thinks or says
at *this* moment in time. I have my mind on more... pressing matters." His hand
moved lower, causing Devon to draw in a deep breath.

"I... can.._don't stop_ tell.." She managed to gasp.

'Dear lord, this is wonderful,' she managed to think to herself around his gentle probes.
She tilted her head back and closed her eyes tightly. She just let herself feel.

"Don't stop.."

"I don't plan to... Devon."

There was something in his voice Devon couldn't quite place. A memory started
to pound at her brain. Something unpleasant was trying to work it's way to the surface.

"John... hold on, something's wrong." She tried to push at his chest but he wouldn't
budge. She pushed a little harder, but he wouldn't stop.

"John, stop."

"No, Devon..."

And it hit her. His voice, the way he said her name... The Elder's caves...

Devon brought her head up sharply and looked into what she expected to be John's
big blue eyes.

And then she started to scream.

They were gold.